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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Apr. 10-16, 2012

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Apr. 9 - Evening - TEP: ZD8/b, 9Q/b (South Italy).

Apr. 10 - Nothing today.

Apr. 11 - Afternoon - ES: CT. Evening - TEP: Z2/b, 9Q/b.

Apr. 12 - Afternoon - TEP: Z2/b, ZS6 + J28AA (South Italy). Evening - TEP: Z2/b, 9Q/b, ZS6 + 6V7SIX, C5YK (Mostly in South Italy).

Apr. 13 - Nothing today.

Apr. 14 - Morning - ES: 5B (South Italy).

Apr. 15 - Nothing today.


DX News about: 3B8, CT, HH, KP4, SM, SV9, UT, V3, VK9X, VP9, XE, XU, YN.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX.

TNX to all!


3B8 - Mauritius Is. - 12.04.12


Mart, DL6UUA is now 3B8MM from Mauritius Is. He is active in HF + 6m band cw/ssb.


CT - Portugal - 16.04.12

The National Communications Authority of Portugal (ICP-ANACOM) welcomes the proposal of 2 amateur radio colleagues, José Carlos (CT1DHM) and João Costa (CT1FBF), in order to amend the upper range limit of 50.5 MHz on the 6 metres band, from next April 26th 2012; the date of the complete switch-off of the analogue TV broadcasting transmissions to digital terrestrial television.
The new limits of the band allocation for Portugal will be from 50 MHz to 52 MHz.
Such opening, regarding the new upper limit for Portuguese ham radio 6 metres band, was possible thanks to the end of the old analogue signal TV broadcasting transmissions, on the lower VHF band (channels 2 to 4) after that date.

[Chris Deacon, G4IFX via 50 Mhz dx news]


HH - Haiti - 16.04.12

Tiho, 9A7GAE, is on a Red Cross mission in Léogâne, and is expected to receive his Haitian license by the time you read this. He will be active as HH2/9A7GAE on 80/40/20/17/10/6 meters using as CP6 antenna. Activity will be limited to his free time (this is not a DX- pedition). He will operate on SSB and later on the Digital modes. His equipment arrived from the USA, but now he has a problem of finding any tower sections, cables, connectors...etc.
QSL card via his home callsign, LoTW later.


JA - Japan - 16.04.12

JA6YBR beacon back to service. After equipment maintenance for one month, JA6YBR/b, one of 50MHz beacons in JA has been back to service at 04:50z/13:50JST on Thursday, April 12, 2012.
Frequency : 50.017MHz, and RF output power : 50/10/1/0,1W are the same as before. Please put this frequency into the memory in your tranceiver for detecting condition opening to JA.
We prepare our beacon's website at http://www.ja6ybr.org/beacon/new/index.htm for further information.

KP4 - Puerto Rico - 13.04.12

Jeff, VA3QSL, will be active holiday style from KP4 (IOTA NA-099) Puerto Rico (USi PR006S, WLOTA 2802), including two days on the island of Vieques (USi PR-007S, WLOTA 4042), between 22 April and 4 May, 2012. QRV as KP4/VA3QSL near the IOTA frequencies on 40, 20 and 6 metres, using SSB and CW.
Jeff hopes to activate some lighthouses too. He will be using 100 Watts max with a dipole and hamsticks. QSL via home call, direct (with SASE/SAE + sufficient postage) or Bureau.


SM - Sweden - 13.04.12

Richard, SM2TOS, and some other radio amateurs, using the callsign SE2EE, will make an expedition to the Lancaster bomber, which crashed at Porjus (WW Loc. JP97UA) in Sweden on 29 October 1944. The "Easy Elsie" Avro Lanchaster bomber Mk1 NF920 was one of 37 Lancaster bombers on mission to sink the German battleship Tirpitz in Norway 1944. The provisional date for the expedition will be 16-17 June, 2012. QSL via SM2TOS. You can find more information and pictures from the last expedition to the Lancaster bomber "Easy Elsie", if you look at SE2EE on QRZ.com. You can also find the website at:

SV9 - Crete - 13.04.12


Seppo OH1VR will be active as SV9/OH1VR from Crete between April 21-28, 2012.


UT - Ukrainre - 13.04.12

Special event station EM350S will be active from 01 May to 30 June 2012 to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Ivano-Frankivsk city [1662-2012] (Grid Loc. KN28), Ukraine. QRV on all HF bands and 6 metre CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via UW8SM direct, Bureau, LoTW and eQSL.

V3 - Belize - 16.04.12

Mike, VE2XB, will once again be active as V31XB from Caye Caulker Island (NA-073) between May 11-31st. Activity will be on all HF bands, as well as 6m, using CW and SSB. He will be using his K3 into a Hexbeam. Mike states that he will be looking especially for JA stations to work this IOTA (as well as everyone else).
QSL via VE2XB using www.qrz.com addr).


VK9X - Christmas Is. - 10.04.12

Sadao, JA1PBV, is currently active as VK9XS from Christmas Island.
QRV on HF and 6m band mostly on CW.
QSL via H/c.


VP9 – Bermuda - 13.04.12

Seppo OH1VR and Egbert OH1ZAA plan activity from Bermuda between May 7-13, 2012.
QRV on HF + 6m QSL via H/cs

XE - Mexico - 13.04.12

On April 18, 2012 Grupo DXXE will celebrate the World Amateur Radio Day on the 87th Anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU. This year's theme for the World Amateur Radio Day is "Amateur Radio Satellites: Celebrating 50 Years in Space" in remembrance of the launching of OSCAR 1 on December 12, 1961 and the launch of OSCAR 2 on June 2, 1962.
For this reason Grupo DXXE will activate the special callsign 6H6IARU from 13-18 April, 2012 on all bands from 160 to 6 metres and of course amateur radio satellites from different Grid Locators throughout Mexico. QSL via N7RO, direct and LoTW.
QSOs with this station are valid for the IARU Region 2 award (www.iaru-r2.org/new-iaru-r2-award/), the various FMRE awards
(www.fmre.org.mx/diplomas/DIPLOMAS.htm) and the DXXE award (www.dxxe.org/der6-eng.html). Website: www.qrz.com/db/6H6IARU

XU - Cambidia - 13.04.12

Barry, ZL1DD, is currently active as XU7AEL from the Samkam Beach Hotel, Sihanoukville City (Kompong Som), Kingdom of Cambodia, until 21 April, 2012. QRV on 80-6 metre CW and SSB. QSL via home call (QRZ.com).


YN - Nicaragua - 13.04.12

Jeff, N6GQ, will be active as YN2AA from Grenada (WW Loc. EK71AU), Nicaragua, from 23-29 October, 2012. This will include a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (27-28 October).
QRV 160-6 metres, all modes. Jeff may even try some 6M JT65 EME. QSL via LoTW or direct to NN3W.

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