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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Mar. 27 - Apr. 2, 2012

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Mar. 26 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, Z21LV, Z22BB, many V5/DL in JG88). 

Mar. 27 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, FR/b, TR8CA, TJ3AY, V51PJ, 9J2BO, D4/b, ZD8/b + LU, PY (Mostly in south Italy).

Mar. 28 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2/b, TR8CA, 6V7SIX, 9J2BO + LU, PY (Mostly in south Italy). B/S: KP4 (IT9 area).

Mar. 29 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, FR/b, TR8CA, TR8KPJ, Z21LV, V51YJ. B/S: A92IO. Evening - TEP: V51.

Mar. 30 - Afternoon - TEP: TJ3AY, Z2/b, TR/b + PY (iT9 area). Evening - TEP: TR8KPJ, 9Q/b, S9/b.

Mar. 31  - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, FR/b, TR8CA, TR8KPJ, TJ3AY, S9/b, Z21BB, V51PJ, V51YJ, V51KC, 9J2RI, 6V7SIX + PY (South Italy). . Evening - TEP: ZS6, V5, TR8KPJ, 9Q/b.

Apr. 1  - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, TR8, Z21BB, V51, FR/b, S9/b, 9J2BO, C5YK, ZD8/b + 3B8DB (South Italy). Evening - ES: CT, EA, SV, LZ.


DX News about: 3DA0, 60, CY9, D6, ES, GJ, GM, I, K, SV, V6, YL, YV, ZL.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX.

TNX to all!


3DA0 Swaziland -30.03.12

3DAOFC Swaziland DX Expedition
ZS6A, Pierre, wrote:

"I will be joining the 3DA0FC DX expedition in Swaziland operating from Hawane resort. Grid locator KG53ms
Setup: Antenna 6M3 (or better), low loss feed line and running 400 watts.
Planning to be QRV from Friday 6 April to Monday 9 April. I will be beaming towards Europe during the afternoon and evening TEP periods using mainly SSB and CW.
I will monitor the International calling frequency 50.110 MHz (110.60 on CW).
During periods of no observed activity I will run a attended CQ beacon keyer, once every 60 seconds when viable.
Special request: I am not a high speed CW operator, the chances of success will be much improved if the calls are made at 18 WPM (or less), sending your call at least twice should also help.
Kind regards, Pierre ZS6A".

6O – Somaliland - 29.03.12

The Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce our next DXpedition, as 6O3A from Hargeisa, Somaliland (Somalia) to take place from November 6th-14th, 2012. The Intrepid-DX Group is the same group which brought you the recent ET3AA, ST0R and YI9PSE DXpeditions.

Our primary objective is to activate Somaliland with a goal of providing as many DXers as possible a “new one” with this rare DXCC entity and, as a secondary objective, to give as many band-slots as possible. We will focus on North America, KH6, ZL/VK during those periods when propagation is possible to those areas.
The team consists of twelve operators including: Co-Leader Paul Ewing-N6PSE, Co-Leader David Collingham K3LP, Dave Flack AH6HY, Jun Tanaka JH4RHF, Dmitri Zhikharev RA9USU, Darko Rusman E70A, Krassy Petkov K1LZ, Hrane Milosevic YT1AD, Bill Beyer N2WB, John Miller K6MM, Al Hernandez K3VN and Bob Grimmick N6OX.
Our QSL Manager is Joe-W3HNK. We will have OQRS, we will accept direct and bureau QSL cards. We plan to upload our logs to Club Log on a daily basis.
You can find out more about our plans at website http://www.intrepid-dx.com/6o3a/

ADD BY SIXITALIA: The team seems doesn't have any idea to be active on 6m also if the period promits very interesting opening to Asia and Europe via F2 and TEP also in a period of "low SFI" (around 100). We hope that the team will consider to leave one station and one operator (or a beacon) on 6m every day at list from 05 to 17z.

CY9. St. Paul Island (UPDATE) - 30.03.12

The logistical aspect of activating St Paul island is now very much ongoing and a work in progress. No wonder it’s been seven long years since this DXCC entity was last active when you consider the island has nothing resembling human day-to-day, taken for granted “luxuries”.
Now the group insurance and landing permit are formalised, we’re getting to work on the actual transmitting side of things. We know the east side of the island has a great take-off to EU and AF, whilst on the west there are excellent paths to NA, SA and AS. Initial thinking was to set up two camps at either side of the island, but this is proving a huge logistics problem, primarily because an overgrown and intertwined forest blocks all routes – since we are active for a relatively short period, assembling quickly at one location seems more likely. We will update nearer the time on chosen location.
We sincerely thank and acknowledge the numerous organisations, clubs and individual donors who realise the task ahead. You, too, can help us get CY9M on air by checking out the official website.
Thank you!

CY9M Team

web site on http://www.cy9m.com/


D6 - Comoros - 02.04.12

A team of Europeon operators will be active as D64K from Comoros Islands (IOTA AF-007) in August 2012.
Operators mentioned are Fabrizio/IW3SQY, Paolo/IV3DSH, Antonello/IT9YVO, Franco/IZ8GCE, Giorgio/IZ4AKS, Les/SP3DOI and Salvador C31CT/EA3QS. The team has already obtained all permissions, and the license has been sent to the DXCC Desk. It was mentioned that at the present time it is appropriate to maintain confidentiality about dates and locations for safety reasons given the delicate political situation on the island. The official D64K Web site will go online about a month before the DXpedition. Their license covers from 160 to 6 meters, so the guys will be active on all bands and modes, and they are even considering the possibility of working on 60m and 6m. The QSL Manager will be Paolo, IV3DSH. More details will be forthcoming. Watch the following for updates:


ES -Estonia - 30.03.12

Look for Eddie, ES2TT, to be active with the special event callsign ES2012ABCS for the American Beauty Car Show from 1-8 July, 2012. He will be QRV on 40-6 metre SSB, CW and PSK from his home QTH in Keila (WW Loc. KO29EH) and from the show place in Haapsalu, Estonia. QSL via ES2TT, direct or via the Bureau. [QRZ.com]


F - France - 30.03.12

Message from Andrea IZ2LSC: "I’m glad to announce that we will be active from the 21st to the 25th April 2012 with callsign TM1F, from Ratonneau Island EU-095.
Team members are: I2RFJ Ivano, IV3BSY Alberto, IZ2ESV Tony, and myself IZ2LSC Andrea. We will be QRV with 3 stations on HF 80-6 meters band in CW, Phone and DIGI modes.
QSL is via IK2DUW.
Additional info here on http://www.timpy.it/tm1f/

GJ - Guernesey Is. 30.03.12
The Telford and District Amateur Society (G3ZME, FISTS #15554) will  be visiting the Island of Guernsey (EU-114, WLOTA 0013, WAB WV27, WW Loc. IN89QK) between 22-27 June, 2012. Operators include David 2W0ZJA, Martyn G3UKV,
Dave G8VZT, Jim G8UGL, Paul M0PNN, Peter 2E0ZSU, Richard M1RKH and Mike G4NKC. They will be operating on HF 160-10m, VHF 50MHz 70MHz 144MHz, UHF 1.3GHz and SHF 2.3GHz 3.4GHz 5.7GHz 10GHz 24GHz. You may follow the DX Expedition on twitter -
2W0ZJA will be tweating updates, frequencies, etc.,
http://twitter.com/#!/@2W0ZJA . VHF talk back and ON4KST chat will also be used.
Locator Square of the camping site is IN89QK but members of the group may well move around the island looking for the best paths to UK EU etc. The team will also take part in the following contests over the weekends of 23-24th June 1.3GHz and 50MHz (CW) contests, UKug contests 24th June 5.7GHz, Cumulative 24th June 10GHz, Cumulative 24th June 24GHz, Cumulative 26th June SHF and the UKAC 2.3Ghz-24Ghz. They will be QRV at the peak to the es season so 50mhz will be a priority. QSL via G3ZME (Bureau) or via M0PNN (Direct). Further information can be found at: www.qrz.com/db/GP3ZME [rsgbiota.org via ICPO]


GM  - Scotland - 30.03.12
The Camb-Hams will once again activate the Isle of Mull (EU-008, IOSA NH15, SCOTIA CN10, WLOTA 2485, WW Loc. IO66VH), Inner Hebrides, as GS3PYE/p between 28 April and 5 May, 2012. Operators include Pete 2E0SQL, Geoff G0DDX, Bob G1SAA, Terry G3VFC, Martin G3ZAY, John G4BAO, Colin G4ERO, Neil G4HUN, Steve G8CRB, Dominic M0BLF, Phil M0DEG, Lawrence M0LCM, Mark M0MJH, Rob M0VFC, Steve M1ACB and Gavin M1BXF. They will be QRV on all HF bands from 160m to 10m covered with five stations on air simultaneously, all capable of running the legal power limit from five linear amplifiers. VHF: 6m, 4m and 2m with a great take-off to the UK and Europe, again all at legal limit. They will also be active on 10GHz (3cm) for a first-time activation of IO66 square. There will also be a 24 hour activation of Lunga, Treshnish Isles (EU-108, IOSA NH17, SCOTIA DI09) by operators Martin G3ZAY, Neil G4HUN, Dominic M0BLF, Mark M0MJH and Steve M1ACB, using the callsign GS6PYE/p, on 29-30 April, 2012. QSL by the Bureau to G3PYE, or direct via M0VFC. [rsgbiota.org via ICPO]


I - Italy - 27.03.12


IW0DAQ/b is again on air in the new qrg of 50,457 Mhz according the new IARU Region 1 Band Plan.

K - USA - 30.03.12

N8OFS/p QRV 2012-05-12 2300Z till 2012-05-13 0300Z from EN91or The Rules for the 2012 Spring VHF/UHF Sprints are online...
"I will once again be Broadcasting Live and Direct from the Big Caboose at the beloved AC&J Railroad for the 6M Sprint... This will be my First of Six trips to the Caboose for 2012... 50W from the Kenwood TS-60 to the "DOMINATOR"(tm) at 28.5ft, parked and locked on 52.525FM from EN91or..."


SV - Grece - 30.03.12

Fred, PA1FJ, will be active from the island of Samos (EU-049, GIOTA SAS-006, MIA MG-099, WLOTA 4163, Grid Loc. KM37) as SV8/PA1FJ/p between 11-15 May, 2012. QRV 40-10 metre SSB only. Will also try 6 metre SSB for E openings. QSL via home call by the Dutch QSL Bureau. [rsgbiota.org via ICPO]


V6 - Micronesia - 30.30.12

Sho, JA7HMZ and Akio, JA7ZP will be active as V63DX and V63ZP, respectively, from the island of Pohnpei (OC-010, Grid Loc. QJ96), eastern Caroline Islands, F.S.M., between 25-29 May, 2012. QRV on 40-6 metres, all modes. Sho will participate in the CQWW WPX CW Contest (26-27 May) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry, using the callsign V6A. QSL V63DX and V6A via JA7HMZ,
direct only. QSL V63ZP via JA7ZP, direct only.

YL - Latvia -30.03.12

Eddie, ES2TT, will be active with the special event callsign YL2012USCARS, for the American Cars Fan Meeting (Saulkrasti 2012), between 1-4 June, 2012. QRV on 40-6 metre SSB, CW and PSK. QSL via ES2TT, direct or via the Bureau. Information on Eddie's American Auto Club can be found at: www.uscars.lv/

YV - Venezuela - 02.04.12

A team of Venezuelan operators from the Grupo DX Caracas (GDXC) will be active as YX5P from the rare Patos Island (SA-048) between April 19-22nd. Activity will be on all bands and modes. This will be only the second time that a DXpedition will take place from this island due to its remoteness and difficult access. The first DXpedition (YY5P) was made by the GDXC 21 years ago which makes it the most requested and sought after IOTA in Venezuela.
QSL via DM4TI. Visit the GDXC Web page at:  http://www.gdxc.org


ZL – New Zealand - 29.03.12

John Chalkiarakis, VK3YP wrote:
"The Hellenic Amateur Radio of Association of Australia (HARAOA) is organising a DXpedition to ZL9 Campbell Island (OC-037) New Zealand between November 17th and November 30th 2012. ZL9 Campbell Island NZ is number 15 on the current DXCC most wanted list.
The ZL9HR DXpedition team will consist of a total of nine (9) team members including Tommy VK2IR (Team Leader) and John VK3YP (Team Co-Leader).
We are inviting any experienced operators who would like to attend the ZL9HR DXpedition to email Tommy Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot, abilitare Javascript per vederlo for more information.
ZL9HR website: www.zl9hr.com"

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