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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Mar. 13-19, 2012

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Mar. 12 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, 6V7SIX, ZS6, FR, Z2/b. B/S: A92IO, 5B4 + many EU.

Mar. 13 - Nothing today.

Mar. 14 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2/b (IT9 area).

Mar. 15 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2 (central and south Italy) - AU: PA (north Italy)

Mar. 16 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2/b, TJ (mostly in south Italy).

Mar. 17 - Afternoon - TEP: Z2/b (south Italy).

Mar. 18 - Afternoon - TEP: 6V + Z2/b, ZS6, V5 (south Italy).


DX News about: A2, HH, JX, VP5, XU.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX.

TNX to all!



A2 - Botswana - 16.03.12

Frosty K5LBU (A25CF), Keith VE7MID (A25KW), Don VE7DS (A25DS) and Joel N5JR (A25JR) will be active from the Safari Lodge, Lotsane Safari Ranch, Tuli Block, Botswana, from 18-27 March, 2012. (GPS: 22°40.671'S 28°11.172'E - WW Loc. KG47CH).
They will have 3 rigs and a log periodic plus wire antennas covering 160-6m. The whole group will work the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (24-25 March) using the callsign A25HQ. QSL A25DS via VE7DS. QSL both A25CF and A25HQ via K5LBU.


HH - Haiti - 17.03.12

I'm heading to the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti on June 18th with one of my twin daughters.  We will fly out of Phila or BWI (mission picks cheapest flight) to either Lauderdale or Miami.  Should arrive in Port au Prince on Sunday June 19th.  Will either take small plane or bus from Port au Prince to north coast.  Bus is new option-takes about 6-7 hours to get to the north coast from PaP. I'm thinking of doing this to get to see more of countryside (I must be nuts).  Will be leaving on June 29th; I will have to tear down no later than 28th of June.
Call will be HH4/W3CMP again.  Grid is FK39.  Will be asking Pat W5OZI to be pilot station.  I hope to pass him information daily.  Not sure what operating conditions at mission will be.  Mission visitors are bring computers, but I will try to find some internet access when I can.  I doubt there are any internet cafes in St. Louis du Nord.   Radio shack room has been taken over for counselors.  I'm hoping mast sections I left in 2007 are still there.  I know 6 mtr antenna I left down there is long gone.
I'm taking the FT-897 and Tokyo HyPower 200 watt brick since there is no access to 220v.  Will contact M2 to see what they can to for an antenna.  Hoping to have 6M5XHP or 6M7HV.  Will also take a 200 watt Tokyo HyPower watt 2 meter brick and 2 meter antenna for kicks. I'll try to work Jimmy, W6JKV on St. Barts and early morning M/S back to the United States on 2 meters.  If I get lucky maybe there will be some 2 meter E skip. 
Will monitor 6 meters as much as possible.
I am still trying to find out what power situation is at the mission. In the past mission generators were usually turned off from about 18:00-20:00UTC every day. Looking at 50.106 or 50.117MHz as frequencies, and 144.200MHz.
I will try to get on HF in evenings as time allows. In past that has been 20 or 60 meters. That's about it on HH.


73, Chris W3CMP


JX, Jan Mayen - 19.03.12

Svein, LA9JKA, will once again be active as JX9JKA from Jan Mayen (EU-022) between March 29th through approx. March 20th, 2013.
He plans to operate SSB and the digital modes on 160-6 meters. QSL via his home callsign direct only (see QRZ.com).


VP5 - Caicos Is. - 16.03.12

Once again Dave, W5CW, will be active from the VP5JM 'Hamlet' located on the island of Providenciales, North Caicos islands (NA-002) as VP5/W5CW between 20 March and 11 April, 2012. This will also include a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry in the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (24-25 March), using the callsign VP52V. Outside the contest Dave will be QRV on 160-6 metre CW and SSB. QSL via home call, direct only.


XU – Cambodia - 14.03.12

JA7LU and JA2VWG will be active from Cambodia between March 22-26, 2012 as XU7NPC and XU7DDD respectively.
Further activity is planned from Koh Rong Samloem Island AS-133 between March 26-28.
Look for both ops on 40-6m SSB and Digi.
QSL via H/cs.

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