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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Oct. 25-31, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Oct. 24 - Afternoon - ES: EA, CT. TEP: C50C, C5YK, 6V7Q, 5N7M, 3XY1D, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: 6V7Q, C5YK, C50C, ZS6, Z2/b.

Oct. 25 - Afternoon - TEP: S9/b, Z2/b.

Oct. 26 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, 6V7Q, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: 5N7M, C5YK.

Oct. 27 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, TU2T, Z21/b. Evening - TEP: ZS6, Z2/b, 9Q/b + 3B8DB (South Italy).

Oct. 28 - Afternoon - TEP: TU2T. Evening - TEP: TU2T, Z2/b, 9Q/b.

Oct. 29 - Afternoon - TEP: TU2T. Evening - TEP: TU2T + LU (South Italy).

Oct. 30 - Afternoon - TEP: TU2T. Evening - TEP: TU2T, Z2/b, ZS6/b, 9Q/b + CE, LU (South Italy).


DX News about: 8Q, A3, H4, VP2M.


8Q7 - Maldives - 10.27.11

Cesare, I0WDX, will be active as 8Q7CC from Furanafushi Island (IOTA AS-013, WLOTA 3911), North Male Atoll, Maldives, between 2-12th November 2011. Plans are to be QRV on 20-6 metres, including the WARC bands, mainly SSB, using an Icom IC-7000 into a Cushcraft R6000 vertical antenna. QSL via his home callsign.


9N - Nepal - 10.29.11

9N1AA QSL STATUS. Carl, N4AA, Editor of "QRZ DX", reports: "I am pleased to report that Satish is back on the air after a very long time of inactivity. I have agreed to resume acting as his QSL Manager. I now have his logs for the first few days of his operation in mid-October 2011. *PLEASE*.... I do not have ALL of his old logs. Many of those were lost when his computer was confiscated and are no longer available.
If you want me to check for any OLD contacts, E-mail me the data and I'll look, but it is doubtful that I can confirm many, if ANY, of those old contacts. *SAE with adequate postage is required for direct response."


Note add by Sixitalia: 9N1AA has been reported active aslo on 6m from many Asian ctrs.

A35YZ – Tonga - 10.29.11

Sigi DL7DF and crew (9 experienced ops) plan activity from Tonga as A35YZ between March 7 – 24, 2012.
They will be active with several stations on 160m to 6m – CW, SSB with one station exclusively dedicated to RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV.
Dedicate Webpage http://www.dl7df.com/
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]

H40 - Temotu - 10.27.11

German operators Peter/DG1FK and Sigi/DK9FN will once again return to Temotu Province for a third time and be active as H40FK (PSK/RTTY) and H40FN (CW), respectively. Activity will again be from Lata Motel on Nendo Island (OC-100) between February 7-20th, 2012.
Operations will probably be on 160-6 meters depending on the band conditions. QSL H40FN via HA8DD, and H40FK via DG1FK.
[Source: OPDX via MMMonVHF]


VP2M – Montserrat - 10.29.11

Beginning November 18 to December 6, 2011 look for DF7OGO, K3WT, NØAT, NØSTL and WØOR operating as VP2MGO, VP2MWT, VP2MTA, VP2MTL and VP2MOR respectively.
During the CQWW CW DX and ARRL 160 meter contests, the group will be signing VP2MWG. Before and after the contests, activity will be on CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-6m.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]

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