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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; July 12-18, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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July 11 - Morning - ES: SV, LZ. ESmh: 9K. Afternoon - ES:CT, EA. ESmh: K (central Italy).

July 12 - Afternoon - ES: CU, CT, EA, ZB. ESmh: EA8, KP4, CU, TZ. Evening - ES: CT, EA, SV. ESmh: KP4, 9Y, HI, K.

July 13 - Morning - ES: SV, G, HA, YU, F, EA, CT, JY/b. ESmh: CU. Afternoon - ES: Wide intereuropean opening. ESmh: K, KP4. Evening - ES: DL, SP, OH, SM, OH, LA, G, PA, UT. ESmh: EA8, FM.

July 14 - Morning - ES: SV, UT, LZ, 4X. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, SV, UT, CN, HA, ER, LZ, SP Evening - ES: EA, CT, SV, SV/A, 3A, F. ESmh: EA8, HI, KP4, FM, VP5/W5CW.

July 15 - Morning - ES: EA, CT, SV, UT, LZ, 4X, CN8, ZB. ESmh: A4, A6, A9, EA8. Afternoon - ES: SV, LZ, EA, CT, DL, UT, CN, HA, ER, LZ, SP, YU, 7X, F, G, 3A, 4O. ESmh: CU, VP5/W5CW, KP4, A4, A9, A6, XE, K. Evening - ES: EA, CT, SV, SV/A, 4O, UT, TA, G, LZ. ESmh: A6, EA8, HI, 9Y, KP4, VP5. VP5/W5CW.

July 16 - Morning - ES: EA, CT, UT, LZ, SV, 7X . ESmh: UK, A9, CU, K, VP5, KP4. Afternoon - ES: Wide INTEREUROPEAN opning in all directions. TA, 7X, 4X, 5B4. ESmh: CU, VP5, KP4, K, 9Y, C6, D4, HI, FM. TEP: 9Q/b. Evening - ES: EA, CT, SV, SV/A, 4O, UT, TA, G, F, ON, DL, E7, LZ, OH, SM, LA. ESmh: EA8, 9Y, KP4. Night - ESmh: 9Y,

July 17 - Morning - ES: UT, LZ, SV, TA, 5B5. Afternoon - ES: SV, SB, 4X, UT, LZ, YO, G, E7, OE, DL. ESmh: BY, JA. Evening - ES: UT, YO, SM, LA.


DX News about: CT3, CU, I, IS, JT, K, SM, ST0, SV5, PY, VE, T8, TA, VK9C.

CT3 - Madeira Is. - 07.16.11

Operators Thomas DL1QW, Modesto EC8AFM, Uwe DL8OBF, Bertrand DF3FS, Carsten DL5OCR, Helmut DF7ZS and others will be active holiday style as CT9/homecall on 25-29th October from Santana, island of Madeira (IOTA AF-014, DIP MA-001, WLOTA 0053 DPRN FF-101, WFF CTFF-030). The team will participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) as a Multi-2 entry using the callsign CR3L. QRV on all bands. QSL CR3L via DJ6QT. QSL others via their home calls.


CU - Azores Is. - 07.16.11
Operators Antonio CU8AS, Arlindo CT1EGW, Carlos CT1END, Joao Rafael CT1BOP, Luis CT1EEQ, Luis CT4NH and Hermann/HB9CRV will be active as CT7/homecall and CT7/homecall/p from Insua Island (IOTA EU-150, DIP MI-001, PIP NT-001, DCFP F-006, DCP CVC-046 and CVC-047, DMHP VC-017 and VC-061, DFP FM-101, DMP 1602, DDFP CMN-12, WW Loc. IN51NU). Activity will be on all HF bands and modes. They will also be active in the RSGB IOTA Contest (30-31 July) using the callsign CR6W. It is planned that some operators will stay some extra days on Insua Island and activate the lighthouse (ARLHS POR-028, WLOTA 2869). QSL CR6W via CS1GDX. QSL others via their home callsigns. Further information can be found at:
gpdx.netpower.pt/  and  www.to-mk.com/neu/
[SOURCE: Southgate ARC via ICPO]


I - Italy - 07.17.11


IZ7AUH wrote: "A group from the A.R.M.I Taranto & 599 DX TEAM will be active as IJ7DX from San Pietro Island EU-073 between 18-21 August, 2011.
Look for them on HF/6m SSB/CW/DIG.
QSL via IZ7LDC".

[SOURCE: dx-world.net]

IS - Sardina Is. - 07.16.11

Operators IS0ANU, Daniele IS0BGL, Carlo IS0JOO, Nicola IS0BMU, Franco IS0EUJ, Giorgio IZ3KVD, Vittorio I1BUP, Antonio I1ZB, Claudio IZ1DNJ, Danio I5OYY and Simone IK5RUN will be active as IM0P from San Pietro Island (IOTA EU-165, IIA CI-009, MIA MIS-031, WLOTA 2989, WAIS FM10, Grid Loc. JM49) between 22nd July and 2nd August 2011. This includes an Island DXpedition entry in the RSGB IOTA Contest (30-31 July). Plans are to be QRV on 160-6 metre SSB, CW and RTTY. Depending on weather and sea conditions they will also operate from a number of nearby islands: Isola del Corno (EU-165, IIA CI-001), Isola Piana (EU-165, IIA CI-007), Isola dei Ratti (EU-165, IIA CI-008), Isola di Calavinagra (EU-165, IIA CI-011), Isola di Stea (EU-165, IIA CI-016), Isola Genia (EU-165, IIA CI-019) and Isola Sant'Antioco (EU-024, IIA CI-010).QSL via IZ1DNJ.
[SOURCE: NG3K/425 DX News via ICPO]

JT - Mongolia - 07.18.11

Frank, DD0CW, is now active as JT1FDB from Ulaanbaatar until the first week of August. According to his QRZ.com Web page, he will be active as JT1FDB/7 most of the time from Bugat near Erdenet (Locator: ON19UB) about 400 km NW of Ulaanbaatar. He will be from Ulaanbaatar only during the first week and last week. Frank has per- mission to be active on all HF bands (160-6m) and VHF/UHF bands using all modes, but he prefers CW. Activity over the past weekend was on 15 and 6 meters. He will use a FT-100D with a GP and Dipole antennas.
QSL via DD0CW.
[SOURCE: OPDX #1019]


K - USA - 07.15.11

K7BV wrote: "I will be leaving July 12 early AM for a rather long but fast moving business trip=Grid Trip that will end about July 28. States covered will include AZ, CA, ID, KS, NE, NM, NV, SD, TX. There are some planned near full-day stops planned for girds I believe are still pretty rare including: DM94, DN24, 37, 38, 58 others to try and catch some Es.
Grids I will cover include:
EN 00,01,10,20 / EM 07,17,18,38 EM 29 / DM 13,14,15,23,25,26,33,37,38,39,43,44,45,49,54,55,65,66,74,75 / DM 84,85,86,94,95,96,97 / DN 24,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,40,41,46,47 / DN 48,49,55,56,57,58,65,75,85,91,92,93,94,95 ...
I am hoping to have  around 800W sometimes while mobile; more often 100W. Stops will generally be done with 800W to 3el.
I am working on a schedule right now and will get it out ASAP. Barry, KS7DX will be my Pilot. I will have cell phone and OnStar but no rolling Internet. When moving in early AM hours, I will be on 50.255 WSJT FSK441 mode 1st sequence.
During day hours, most likely a combo of FSK441 and a CQ CW beacon on 50155 until band opening indications appear. Please send comments special requests, etc. via private email off the reflector.
More info to follow...
[SOURCE: K7BV via Reflector in MMMonVHF]


K - U.S.A - 07.16.11

Operators Jeff W6UX, Rick AE6RS, Tom WA6WPG and Tim K6GEP will be active as homecall/p from Anacapa Island (IOTA NA-144, USi CA002S, WLOTA 1300, WW Loc. DM04HA), Ventura County, California from 29-31 July 2011. They will also participate in the RSGB contest using the callsign W6UX/p (QSL via K6GEP), a Multi-Op CW and SSB entry. Outside the contest 40-6m, including WARC, will be activated. QSL via home calls.
[SOURCE: iota-contest via ICPO]


PY - Brazil - 07.16.11

Orlando (PT2OP) and Fred (PY2XB) will carry on an operation from Parazinho Biologic Reserve in Bailique Archipel (SA-045) From August 17th thru August 24th 2011.
The team will operate on SSB/CW and  DIGITAL modes from 40m to 10m. They will use  IOTA and DX frequencies. The callsigns have been issued as PQ8OP (Orlando) and PQ8XB (Fred). Orlando will carry on mostly Phone and Digital traffic. Fred will do mostly CW and also DIGITAL.
They will also have 6m capabilities and will monitor the band for openings. The equipment will be  Icoms 706 and 7000 with an  400W THP amplifier. Antennas will be an SteppIR vertical (40-6m) and a Zepp (40-10m). Power will be off a Diesel generator. Eventually,  during generator off periods, batteries will be used.
The Parazinho Bilologic Reserve is an biologic sanctuary. Only an Environmental Ministery/State Secretary outpost is available in the site. The site is about
300km straight line far from French Guyana border.
Few meters from the outpost there is an automatic Lighthouse run by Brazilian Navy. So this operation will not only account for a rare IOTA but also for WLOTA awards (L-1123) and ALRHS (number awaiting confirmation).
QSO valid for Brazilian Islands Diplom DIB AP-03; Brazilian Lighthouses Diploma DFB AP-03 and South American Lighthouses Diplom DFA.
The team will arrive in Macapa, capital city of the state of Amapa, on August 14th. Then on the 16th it will sail to the Biologic Reserve. The boat ride takes 12 hours to Vila Progresso - a small fishermen community, plus 30 minutes in a motor boat to the reserve.  Boat ride schedule will depend on tides that can get amplitudes as high as 10meters.
The team will take food , water and essential goods as well a spare generator and fuel for the entire period. The team will return on the 25th to Macapa, depending on the tide levels.
To be confirmed, on the August 26th its planned an activation from São José de Macapa Fortress, the biggest historic brazilian fortress. Valid for DFH Historical Brazilian Fortress with code DFH AP-01.
PQ8OP cards will be handled by PT2OP and PQ8XB cards by PT7WA.
Stay tuned
Orlando.·.  PT2OP


SM - Sweden - 07.15.11


DH8WE in his qrz.com page wrote: "

Date of my trip/dxpedition has changed. On July 12.to-22. I'm going to Sweden to activied the field JO88# on 6m .I will be in JO88 for 10 days.
(equipment FT897 +5 ele Yagi +13m Tower) No digital ,only SSB es CW. From this QTH ----->I drive North to the Island of Haro/Herrö EU-084
I plan to activate the field JO98 #, but that's not sure.
The way JO98# is not easy.
Please observe the DX-Cluster, and the ON4KST chat from 15.July.
When no Prop. on 6m i will call on 14260 SSB or 7060 SSB. for IOTA.
(Hope to become a big opening ,but the time-window is vy small) 1-2 days JO98AX
I will definitely try to go to JO98# (try to go!)
Greetings Frank, DH8WE

[SOURCE: http://www.qrz.com/db/DH8WE]


ST0 - Southern Sudan - 07.14.11


On July 9th, the Republic of South Sudan was born upon their successful declaration of independence from Sudan. The Country of Sudan has congratulated and recognized the Republic of South Sudan.
Today, on July 14th, 2011, the United Nations admitted the Republic of South Sudan as the newest member state. This is a significant achievement for this new country and a significant milestone for amateur radio. It is expected that the ARRL will now add South Sudan to the DXCC list of entities.
The DX Friends and the Intrepid-DX Group continue to move forward with their plans to activate this new entity with a multi-national DXpedition team. With our visas in hand, the teams will soon be making their way towards Africa and ultimately to Juba, the new capitol of this new nation.
We will have five active stations, operating 24 hrs a day.
We will be in regular contact with our US, EU and JA Pilot Stations and we will pay close attention to propagation reports from them. We ask that you please make contact with the pilot stations only during the DXpedition and to please refrain from contacting the team members directly via email. We will announce our call sign once we are in Juba and ready to become active.

Thank you,

The Intrepid-DX Group and The DX Friends.



ST0 - Southern Sudan - 07.14.11


The Republic of South Sudan Is Now a DXCC Entity
At 10:18 AM (EDT) on Thursday, July 14, the UN General Assembly met to vote on whether or not to admit the Republic of South Sudan as its 193rd member state. The Republic of South Sudan was admitted by a vote of acclimation and is now a member of the United Nations. Immediately following the General Assembly meeting, the flag of the Republic of South Sudan flew for the first time in front of the UN, ceremoniously marking its membership in the UN. Now that the Republic of South Sudan is a member of the United Nations, the new country is now a DXCC entity by way of Section II, 1(a) of the DXCC rules. The DXCC Desk will begin immediately accepting QSOs for this new entity, with a start date of July 14, 2011.
According to DXCC Manager Bill Moore, NC1L, the Honor Roll numbers move from 340 to 341 for the Top of the Honor Roll, and for Honor Roll it becomes 332. “The deadline for the Honor Roll and annual listings is December 31, so you must submit the new entity to DXCC by then in order to retain your Honor Roll status,” Moore explained. “For Logbook of The World (LoTW), you may submit all your QSOs with the Republic of South Sudan stations anytime. There is no need to hold them out of your log or do anything differently from what you already have been doing. You do not need to assign country names or identifiers. After we issue certificates to the Republic of South Sudan license holders, LoTW will make matches and assign the correct entities automatically.”
As of July 14, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has not announced a prefix block for the Republic of South Sudan.
For programmers and others who require use of the DXCC entity code, the code assigned to Republic of South Sudan is 521.

[SOURCE: http://www.arrl.org/news/the-republic-of-south-sudan-is-now-a-dxcc-entity]


SV5 - Dodecanese - 07.18.11

Members of the SV9 DX Team with co-operation of SV5BYR will be active as J45K from Kasos Island (EU-001) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st). The first team with the equipment will be on the island Tuesday, July 26th. Operations will start next day on 160-6 meters, as well as 2 meters band during weekend. QSL via SV9DJO and LoTW.
[SOURCE: OPDX #1019]

T8 - Palau Is. - 07.16.11

Masumi JA3AVO/T88MB (CW), his wife Hiroko JH3PBL/T88MP (SSB) and their grandson Shota W7AED/T88SR (SSB) will be active as T8XO from Koror (OC-009), Palau on 22-24 July.  Activity  will be on 160-6 metres. QSL T8XO via JA3AVO.
[SOURCE: 425dxn #1054]


VE - Canada - 07.15.11

This weekend, VE3CRU, Bill be doing Saturday FN57 and FN67, Sunday FN56 and FN66 . Prime 6 freq 50.155, 144 is 144.222 also doing
grids in VE2, VE9 and VY2 going, some US returning.


TA - Turkey - 07.18.11

Members of the Trabzon Branch (TRAC) will activate their club station using the special callsign TC7EYOF between July 22-31st. This special activity is in celebration/promotion and during the "TRABZON 2011, 11th European Youth Olympic Festival" sports event. Look for activity to take place on the HF, 6m and 2m bands, using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via YM7KA, direct or by the Bureau. For more details, visit the TRAC Web page at:

[SOURCE: OPDX #1019]


VK9C - Cocos Keeling Is. - 07.16.11

Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG will be active as VK9CX from the from Cocos (Keeling) Islands (IOTA OC-003, WFF VKFF-57) between 19 October and 9 November 2011. Plans are to be QRV on 80-6 metres, mainly in RTTY, PSK and SSB. QSL via DL7AFS. Updates and online log search will be available at:







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