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Mauritius Is. - 3B8DB -  a local ham on 6m!


Tnx to a wide support of Sixitalia Group that have provided to him an ICOM 706 and some other individual italian hams as IZ5EME and IK5MEJ, that have provided a beam and pay the costs of spedition, Taher, 3B8DB, will be active, we hope during this week - on 6m from Mauritius Is.



UPDATE: March 15th 2011 - Taher had his first opening on 6m; He made abt. 50 Qso mostly in North Italy and N.E. as OE, DL, I3.


There are some pictures of Taher (sent to us by Nabella, 3B8BAA. You can see the 6m antenna durig the installation on the roof of Taher flat.



Click the link below to see the pictures.


3B8DB putting up his new 6m beam







His new IC706 donated by Sixitalia an some other italian friends (see up).




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