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ZS Beacons In South Africa - Report from Port Elizabeth


ZS1SIX -- 50,080 MHz FSK

This beacon is operating from Cape Town and is transmitting 10 Watts into a dipole at present. The beacon will be relocated to its permanent site later this month. So far it has not been heard yet in Port Elizabeth.

ZS2X -- 50,006 MHz FSK

The locator is KF26pd and is near Rocklands, about 30 km west from Port Elizabeth, and 380 metres a.s.l. The power has been reduced to 20 Watts to keep the operating temperature down on this mountain site. A two-element horizontally polarized Yagi is beaming the signal in the direction of "Gauteng". Excellent reports have been received from divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, i.e. from Cape Town to Scottburgh. 

ZS5SIX - 50,321 MHz FSK

This beacon is located in Pietermaritzburg and is running about 7 Watts into an omni directional antenna. It has been copied quite well in Port Elizabeth via Meteor Scatter and occasionally on Tropo Scatter. This beacon will be moved later to a better site at Greytown.

ZS6JON - 50,050 MHz CW

The ZS6JON beacon is transmitting from Krugersdorp and is beaming north for TEP with 80Watts into a two element Yagi. The radiation from the back of thebeam has provided us in Port Elizabeth with good meteor signals through out the day.

ZS6TWB - 50,044 MHz CW

The ZS6TWB beacon operates from Polokwame, unfortunately full stats are not available but is transmitting north for TEP. Meteor scatter signals have been copied very well from the back of its beam as recorded here in Port Elizabeth". Recently ZS6TWB/b alerted Cape Town amateurs about two Sporadic-E openings.


Mike Bosh ZS2FM on ZSVHF [via VK6OX]

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