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Extraordinary opening on the night of June 13th!

Getting back in the shack, 20 minutes past midnight local time,
just to shut down radio and PC, after an evening watching TV, due to
"silent" band, I hear a very weak signal on 50110 with strong qsb.
I call "QRZ" and the station O...3KQ pass me a 55.
I just think to the usual EU Station such as OZ or OY in the DX
portion and I aks his call for 3 times, till then, Jesper, quiet
annoyed says: "OX, OX this is Greenland". 


I am sceptical, the band is silent but in few seconds it gets
populated with lots of G and GM, (The power of Cluter!) while Jesper's
signal buil up to 59. It's not a new one and even a great QRB, but,
Sporadic-E at this latitude is really unusual as weel as the duration.
It's well known that other openings in the Atlantic have an average of
duration of 10-15 minutes, in the meanwhile...OX3KQ is still clear and
still audible for over an hour.
Obviously....it's not time to go sleeping and wait is largely rewarded
at 01.00 local time with Baffin Island, rigth in the mid of Inuit
territory! VY0HL's signal is definitely lower with a maximum of 55,
very steady and just a call is necessary.
Just in a shot I work a new reference, (IOTA NA-027), a new Square,
(FP53), but the more imprtant, a rare Zone, (#2) for WAZ award, never
worked before!
Signals disappear at 01.20 local and even if several TF stations are
on air, from Iceland anything will arrive anymore.
Conclusion is...Never go sleeping friends...

73s Silvio IW1AZJ



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