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My shack and my workshop is all the same so my work and hobby is never seperated.
During the early  mornings I am active on ms and tropo with ZS hams.
Am trying to work alain tr8 one day as well
Activity is scarce as most zs are not active at all on 6m.
The past long weekend I had a training session here at my qth where v51lz and v51pp attended to experience the actual 6m band.
They never were involved in any vhf activity before.
The band opened for a brief period to decode jt6m from ea3ll and also voice pressumed from frank iz8dwf.
But on the westcoast of africa unfortunately things only happens for very short periods compared to the east coast of africa where it tends to be open much longer to actually make a contact both ways.
I used to be also active at my qth in Zs1 area and have worked many stations from all continents on 6m.
People will remember V51 by the very familiar callsign V51e which went silent key a few years ago.
V51kc was active on 6m and I believe has all his equipment still ready.
At this stage I am the only one in V51 area that is really active on 6m but try my best to get more activity here, as nobody know beforehand where the opening will really be.
A V51 wspr beacon is running in windhoek at 1w output power. I have never record it here yet but it is a good indication if band does open
The analogue 6m beacon is still a mystery as nobody has any news yet. Listen for it anyway if it is in operation – no promises.
If the analogue beacon is not operational I would try and get it down south and install it on one of my hi-sites operating then from solar power.
We are planning a club station here at my qth for operation by any radio ham interested.
We are at this stage 5 hams in the southern western part of namibia. I am in contact with them once the band seems to become alive that they can monitor as well
Callsigns to listen for in the near future is
V51B – 706mk2g - oranjemund
V51LZ – ic7000 – rosh pinah
V51RJ – rosh pinah
V51PP – luderitz and walvisbay
V51KC - Okahandja
V51PJ – 706mk2g – 25km north of rosh pinah on farm spitskop
I have donated a dk7zb 6el 6m antenna to v51lz as he has an icom 7000 available and is about 25km from my qth
The others I am working on.
As far as higher power output nothing available at this stage but working on it as I want to let the guys do eme as well to keep the band active
Next week the 12th of april I will go down to my zs1 qth and bring all 2m and 70cm equipment up as well
And masts etc.
Crossborder problems are expected but anything is worthwile for 6m. 
73’s for now and I am always on the band and dx cluster making some noise hoping it gets out somewhere. Please feel free to listen for my callsign hi!
 Greetings from the sunny namib desert
De V51PJ
Hope to work all on 6m



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