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VE7BQH 6m Antenna Comparison Table

Over the last quarter century, antenna performance has improved dramatically. Thanks to the development of computer modeling software, antennas can now be designed  to provide excellent results. Many older antennas are still in use around the world that were built using less sophisticated techniques. A number of 6m  operators have  wondered if it is time to upgrade their antenna systems.

There is no question that each operator has different interests and constraints. Some want to arrange various antennas to "fill in the nulls" in ground gain patterns so they  can be assured of not missing signals coming in at certain angles. Others want to increase maximum signal strengths while still fitting the antenna in their garden. And  still others are interested in assembling an antenna system that will have enough free space gain to enable them to complete EME contacts while the antenna is elevated  (without any ground gain). With the differences in how antennas are marketed and what pecifications are published, it is no wonder that many hams have expressed confusion when they try to compare antennas to determine what would be the best choice for their particular situations.

More on Lance W7GJ website at http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/6mTable.htm

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