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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; June 24 - July 1, 2013



Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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June 24 - Morning - ES: (weak) UT, LZ, SV, SV5. ESmh/TEP: VK8AW, VK8MS. Afternoon - ES: UT, YO, LZ. ESmh: UN8GC, UN8GX, A45XR, 6V/b. Evening - ES: EA, CT.


June 25 - Morning - ES: EA, CT, G, PA. ESmh: 6V/b. Afternoon - ES: UT, YO, LZ. ESmh: 6V/b. Evening - ES: SV, SV5, UT, LZ, YO.


June 26 - Morning - ES: UT, LZ, ER, YO, SV, HA, TA,SP, F, 5B4, ZB. ESmh: Reported/Hrd 9X6XRO, DU7/PA0HIP. Afternoon - ES: G, EI, F, EA, ZB, CT, SV, SV9, HA, 4X. ESmh: KP4. Evening - ES: G, F, EA, CT. ESmh: VP2C/W9DR, FS/K9EL, KP4, 6V/b + V31IV (I5 area).


June 27 - Morning - ES: EA, CT, SV, JY. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, SV, SV5, UT, ER, SP, ER, YO, LZ, 4X, OH, LA, SM. Evening - ES: UT, LA, DL, SP, ,ES, OK, ER, YO, LZ,, OH, SV, E7, PA, OZ, G.


June 28 - Morning - ES: PA, EA, ZB, CT. Evening - ES: EA ESmh: EA8.


June 29 - Morning - ES: EA, PA, OZ, DL, LA, 5B, JY, YU, OZ, F, PA, OH, G, UT, F, EA9, LY, OK, SV, SV5. ESmh: TJ3SN, EX9T, A45XR . Afternoon - ES: UT, SV, LZ, EA, SP, YO, ES, OH, OM, OK, ER, SP, SV5, YO, OK, SP, G, SV, SV5, TA, LY, 5B, CT, F, EI, ES, OJ0. ESmh: UN3GX, EX9T, CU, A92GE, 4L1AN, A45XR Evening - ES: OH, OJ0, SM, LA, UT, OZ, ES, SM, TF.


June 30 - Morning - ES: SP, LA, SM, OH, ES, DL, OJ0, LY, YL, G, PA, UT, SP, EA, CT, ZB, CN8, OZ. ESmh: EX9T, CT3, K1, 2,3 4. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, HB9, LA, OH, SM, DL, F, OJ0, UT, EA9, ESmh:KP4, EA8. Evening - ES: F, G, EA, CT, OH, SM, LA, UT, YO ESmh: EA8.



To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, DXNL, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX, www.rudius.net.

TNX to all!




Mike , SV5BYR, frome Dodecannese is a very good CW operator and a VHF fellows.


3D2 - Fiji - 01.07.13

Operators Stan/LZ1GC and Rocky/3D2DD will be active from Fiji between September 20-26th - Callsigns 3D2GC (Stan) and 3D2CC (Rocky); from the "Club Fiji Resort", Nadi, Fiji Republic, Viti Levu Island (WW. Loc. RH82QF). Activity will be  on 160-6 meters using CW and SSB, with the following equipment: Kenwood TS-480 SAT + linear amplifier ACOM 1010/ACOM 1000. The antennas: EXP. GP 40-10m, 80/160 meters INV-L and GP. QSL 3D2GC via LZ1GC, direct or by the Bureau (see details on QRZ.com or the Web page below). QSL 3D2DD via info on QRZ.com. For more details and updates, see: http://3d2gc.com


A9 - Bahrain - 30.06.13

Dave, EI3IO, continues his activity as A92IO until mid-December on 80-4m (including 2 channels on 60m). He uses a K3, an Acom 1000 amplifier and several antennas. QSL via h/c. http://connogue.com/ei3io/html/a92io_as002.html



FP - St. Pierre & Miquelon - 30.06.13 (Reminder from 28.02.13)

Eric, KV1J, will once again be operating from the Island of Miquelon (NA-032, DIFO FP-002 WLOTA 1417, Grid GN17) as FP/KV1J between July 6-16th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31 (but primarily SSB and RTTY). He will generally be on the highest frequency band that is open, and he may try 6 meters if there is any indications of openings. Also, look for him on the satellites, weather permitting. Eric will also be in the IARU HF Contest (July 13-14th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Mixed-Mode/High-Power entry. QSL via KV1J, direct or by the Bureau and also LoTW. For more details and updates, check out his Web page at:

HH – Haiti - 30.06.13 (Reminder from 28.04.13)

Tom, KC0W (ex-ZD7X, XU7XXX) will be active from the extreme northern tip of Haiti as HH5/KC0W for 18 days in July 2013. He states; he wrote:
"This will be a CW only DXpedition on 80 – 6M using vertical antennas over salt water. The operating location has unobstructed take-offs to North America, Europe & Africa. Haiti has been under-represented on CW. More info before July."


JW - svalbard - 26.06.13

Spitzbergen Island - Winfried/DL2GW will put the club station JW5E to use from June 28 to July 1 as JW/DL2GW on 160-6m in all modes. QSL via h/c.


LA - Norway - 26.06.13

A group of operators from Germany (DK2BJ, DJ9IE, DL1DAW) and Norway (LA0BY, LA7WRA) will be participating in the VHF/UHF Contest on July 6-7 on several bands, and most likely from two different locators. The primary station will be in JO37NX, operating on 6 m, 2 m and 70 cm. The second station will be in JO38NA, operating on 2 m, 70 cm and perhaps 23 cm. The take-off should be quite good. Towards PA/F/G the horizon will probably be better from JO38 than JO37.
In the following days the activity will be on 6 m, 4 m and 2 m from JO37NX. We hope for some Sporadic-E at least on the lower bands, but will work also on MS on 2m. We shall also participate in the 70 cm NAC on July 9 (17-21 UTC) from either JO37 or JO38.

6 m: IC-746, 100W into 5-ele-yagi
4 m: K3/XVTR , 25W into 5-ele-yagi
2 m Station 1: K3/XVTR + PA, 300W into 9-ele-yagi
2 m Station 2: IC-821H + PA, 180W into 2 x 9-ele-yagi
70 cm: IC-821H + PA, 120W into 2 x 13-ele-yagi
23 cm, IC-202/XVTR, 15W into 23-ele-yagi

It is not yet decided which calls will be used, perhaps LA0BY/p from JO38 and LA/DL-call/p from JO37. We can be reached through ON4KST chat, E-mail to Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot, abilitare Javascript per vederlo or by SMS to +47-90114432.

Stefan, LA0BY



PJ2 - Curacao - 26.06.13

Curacao Island: Wim/ON6DX pays Curacao (WLOTA 0942; WW Grid FK52) a visit from June 28 until July 7. He plans a holiday style activity as PJ2/ON6DX on 40-6m, with a focus on 6m (SSB, CW, RTTY) and JA/Asia on 15-10m. QSL via LotW and ON6DX.



PY0F - Fernando de Noronha - 01.07.13

Leo, PP1CZ, will once again be active as PY0F/PP1CZ from Fernando de Noronha. Activity will be before, during and after the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 27-28th) as a Single-Op/ All-Band/Mixed-Mode entry. Operations will be mostly CW. Outside the contest, look for him on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. His equipment is an IC-7000 and/or possibly a Yaesu FL-2100Z into a G5RV and A4S antenna. QSL via his home callsign, direct, LoTW or by the Bureau (very slow).



SV - Greace - 30.03.13

Pista, HA8UT and his family will once again be active from Neoi Poroi (QRA KM19HX), Pieria region, Greece, this time as SW2UT between 16-26th July, 2013. He will operate mainly CW, with some SSB and RTTY, on the HF bands (on 80 to 10 metres) and on 6 metres. His rig is an IC-706KMIIG and will be using vertical antennas. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the HA bureau. The operators are: XYL Erzsi HA8TU, daughters Lisa HA8TT, Andi HG8SS and Andi's
husband Dezso HA8SS.


TU - Ivory Coast - 26.06.13

Dim, F5SWB (ex TL8DF, TT8DF, 9X5DF, TR8DF, 6W1SA) plans to be active as TU5DF from Abidjan from the end of June till October. QRV on 40-10m (6m), mainly in CW with some SSB and PSK31. Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog. QSL via h/c.



YB - Indonesia - 26.06.13

A big team will be active from Bras Mapia Is. IIOTA OC-276) from October 15th to October 21st 2013.
For 6m they will have a ic706 and a 4 el yagi.
more info at http://yb9y.com/

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