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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; June 18-24, 2013



Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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June 17 -  Morning - ES: UT,ER, G,EA, SP, F, OZ, DL, LY, ZB, TF, PA, ON, ER, YO. ESmh/SSSP: EX8MLE, BA4SI, BD8ASG, BV2DQ, CU. Afternoon - ES: G, PA, ON, DL, UT, SP, ER, YO, OZ, CT, EA, SM, OH, LA, OY, SV, SV5.   ESmh: CU, K1, 2, 3, 4, 5. VP2V/W9DR, PJ4NX, FS/K9EL, KP4, A45XR, 9Y4VU, . Evening - ES: EA, CT, G, UT, ER, YO, LZ, OH, SM, LA, LY, YL, ES. ESmh: VP2V/W9DR, FS/K9EL, KP4, PJ4NX, 9Y4VU, 9Y4D, FM5WD, FG5DP, K, VE (best dx area was North Italy).


June 18 -  ALL DAY - ES: Wide intereuropean opening so here you will found only some remarkable stations and intercontinental qsos 4X, OH0, HB0, Z3, I-I, 3A, C3, OY, 7X. Morning: ESmh: JA, BA4SI. Afternoon: ESmh: CU, K, KP4, VP2V/W9DR, VP2ETE, FS/K9EL, FM5WD, FG4NN, A92IO, A45XR, 4L1UN, JX/b. Evening - ESmh: CU, EA8,  VP2V/W9DR.

Strong opening also in 4m and 2m.


June 19 - Morning - ES: OH, SM, LA, YO, YU, HA, SP, G, F, OK, DL, UT, LZ, CT, EA. Afternoon/Evening - ES: G, DL, SP, UT, LZ, SL, SM, OH, LA, F, OZ, EI, PA, ON, SV, SV5, OY, EA, EA6, 7X, ES, YL. ESmh: UN3M, UN7GN, A45XR, A92IO, CU, FM, FG, KP4, VP2V/W9DR, VP2ETE, FS/K9EL, PJ4NX, HI8W. Strong opening also in 4m and 2m.


June 20 - Morning - ES: SP, DL, UT, OH, CT, EA, F, G, SV, SV5, LA, OY, G, SM, HA, F, DL. ESmh/SSSP: JA. Afternoon - ES: DL, SM, OH, LA, UT, OY, EI, G, CT, EA, 7X, OK, OM, HA, OE, F, OZ, LZ, ES, LY, YL. ESmh: UN7QX, UN3M, K0, 4L1UN, CU, KP4, PJ4NX, HI3TEJ, FG4NN. Evening - ES: EA, DL, UT, SM, YO, CT, SP. ESmh: UN3M.


June 21 - Morning - ES: UT, LZ, SP, DL, SM, OH, G,EA, 7X, F, 4X,. ESmh/SSSP: JA, BA4SI, EA8. Afternoon - ES: EA, G, PA, CT. Evening - ES: EA. ESmh: CT3, CU, 9Y4D.


June 22 - Morning - ES: CT, OZ, DL, SV, SV5, F, 7X. ESmh/SSSP: TJ3SN + (Reported) 9M6XRO, VK8AW, VK8MS. Afternoon - ES: EA, EA8, EA9, CT, G, F, G, PA, 9H, SV, 7X, LZ. ESmh: K, VE, ST2M, KP4. Evening - ES: EA, CT.


June 23 - Morning - ES: UT, SV, DL, G, F, YO, PA. ESmh/SSSP: UN3M. Afternoon - ES: G, SV, SV5, UT, DL, HB9, CT, OZ, EA, F. ESmh: KP4. Evening - ES: G, EA, EA9, CT, UT, SM, OE, DL, PA. ESmh: EA8, LU, 9Y4VU, 9Y5D + YV5NWG (South Itally).


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, DXNL, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX, www.rudius.net.

TNX to all!




Jose (Pepe), KP4EIT, probably the first qso with Puerto Rico for many of us...

9X - Rwanda - 23.06.13

DL2NUD and PE1L will be on Rwanda from June 26 to July 7 with some differents callsign  as 9X0EME, 9X0HP, 9X0L, 9X0MB.
Activity have as focurs Moonbounce but probably they will be active in spare time also in HF an 6m band. Website: www.emelogger.com/rwanda/default.asp
QSLs via PE1L.



CT3 - Madeira Is. 22.06.13

CT1BOP, CT1DIZ, CT1EEQ, CT1EGW, CT1EKD, CT1END, CT1IUA and CT4NH will participate in the IOTA Contest as CS5DX from Bugio Island (EU-040). QSL via bureau or direct to the qrz.com  address. Before the contest, possibly starting on 25 July, they will be active as homecall/p (QSL via home call). This  expedition commemorates the 20th anniversary of the first activation of Bugio Island, and a special award will be issued for making at least  three  QSOs  with CS5DX during the contest.



HL- South Korea - 18.06.13

A QSP from Kei, HL2UVH says, 6m Beacon HL1LUA, PM37MO band for test 6m propagation QRA : HL1LUA/B Loc: PM37MO (Seoul , South Korea) Mode : CW (A1/A1A) QRG: 50066 KHz ANT: 3ELE CQ (Beam to EU & NA) Transmimitting message : VVV VVV DE HL1LUA/B HL1LUA/B HL1LUA/B PM37MO SEOUL AR.


J7 - Dominica - 24.06.13

Rick, KK4GV, will once again be active as J79GV from Calibishie on the northeast side of the island of Dominica (NA-101) between June 29th and July 6th. He states, "The island is fairly un-commercialized and is mostly rainforest and volcanic mountains. It has the tallest mountain peaks in the Caribbean and is called the 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'." His activity will be holiday style and SSB only, using a Flex-3000 into dipoles. Look for some 6 meter operations. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau. He will upload log
to LoTW when he gets home.



KG4 - Guantanamo - 18.06.13


The dxspedition by KG4RX (K4RX), KG4TO (AC4TO) and KG4AS (N4SIA) was posponed, it will take place between June 29 from July 9th, 2013..
QSL via H/cs.


KH0 - Mariana Is. - 24.06.13

Kazu, JH8PHT, will be active as AH0KT on the HF bands and 6 meters from October 3 to 7th - (WW Loc QK25uf), using CW, SSB, the Digital modes and 10m AM & FM (29.600 MHz only). QSL via his home callsign.



PJ5 - St. Eustatius - 23.06.13

Frank, K3TRM wrote:   
"I will be returning to St. Eustatius, a Dutch West Indies island in the Caribbean, between June 23 - July 6, 2013. I will be active as PJ5/K3TRM on HF+6M SSB, CW and RTTY.
Despite the number of past operations, St. Eustatius remains in the Top 100 of several Most Wanted DXCC lists since becoming a new entity on October 10, 2010. Additionally, no other 6M operation has occurred at the summer E-skip peak since PJ6D in 2011. Therefore, my efforts will be focused on 6M, as well as the more difficult HF paths and higher bands." Dedicated web page: http://www.k3trm.com/pj5-2013.html


SV - Greece - 21.06.13

Fred, PA1FJ, will be active as SV8/PA1FJ/p from the island of Chios (EU-049, GIOTA NAS-002, MIA MG-025, WLOTA 4103) between 29th August and 9th September, 2013. Activity is planned for 40-6m SSB and CW, QRP, using FT-817 with Buddi Stick/HighEndfed. QSL is preferred via the Dutch QSL bureau (Box 330, NL-6800 AH Arnhem, The Netherlands).

SV - Greece - 22.06.13

Gabi, HA1YA will be active as SW8EA from  Thassos Island (EU-174) on 5-21 July. He will operate CW and SSB on the HF bands,  6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm. QSL via home call.



VE- Canada - 20.06.13

Mike, VE2XB, is on Dorset Island (NA-156) at the moment and operating from there as VY0BRR. He plans to visit other rare groups (NA-007, NA-196, NA-174, NA-006, and NA-130). QSL via h/c, direct only.  http://vy0brr.jimdo.com/


YV0 - Aves Is. 22.06.13

The 4M5DX Group is organizing a DXpedition to take place from Aves Island (NA-020) sometime between 1 November 2013 and 28  February 2014. Eleven operators from Venezuela, Argentina, Finland and Spain will be active as YW0A on 160-6 metres all  modes. QSL via EB7DX (OQRS for direct and bureau cards on Club Log) and LoTW.
Look at www.avesisland.info for further information and updates.


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