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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; May 21-27, 2013



Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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May 20 -  Morning - ES: UT, OK, G, SM, F, LY, DL, EI, HA, ER, SV. ESmh: VK8AW, VK8MS. Afternoon - ES: OK, LZ, G, F, SV, SV5, HA, DL, ES, Z3, 4X, JY, 5B, EA, EA9, CT, CN8. BS: EA6, I, SV, YU. TEP: 3DA0NJ, ZS6, Z21/b, FR5OO, FR1GZ, 3B8CF, ZD7VC, TJ3AY, 7Q7DFC, 9J75FOC. Evening - ES: EA, CT, CN8, OE, SM, UT, OH . ESmh: A45XR. TEP: D2EB, ZD7VC, ZD8/b + PY4 (South Italy).

Note: in the morning at 10-12z we had a very interesting opening with VK8 area (VK8MS/VK8AW) with a path of around 13500-14000 Km. Band, in I0 area, it was enough flat; no signals (or carrier) from any other stations in the direction of the VK'S signals were on.  There were  only weak UT/UA TV carriers at that time. We had only some LZ signals, but weak, time to time. The VK8's called for long time but the propagation was very "spotty", so a few stations were be able to work with  them. 1st italian that noted this path was IZ8DWF.


May 21 -  Morning - ES: UT, YO, SM, SP, G, EA, PA, EI. Afternoon - ES: G, EI, SM, F, OK, OM, DL, LX, EA, EA9, CT, CN8, ZB, SV, 3A, TK, I-I. ESmh: KP4, CT3. TEP: ZD7/b. Evening - ES: EA, EA9, CT, CN8, SM, F, G, OE, OZ, DL, OH. ESmh: KP4. TEP: ZD7VC, PY2, PY4, PY5, LU5FF, ZP5SNA (I4-I5 area) + ZD8/b (South Italy).


May 22 -  Morning - ES: EA, UT, DL, OH, SM, G, LZ. Afternoon - ES: UT, LZ, HA, YO, OZ, F, DL, PA, EA, CT, 4X, 5B.  TEP: 3B8CF. Evening - ES: G, SM, OH, LA, DL, SP, PA, YL, OM. ESmh: CT3. TEP: D2EB, ZD7/b.


May 23 -  Morning - ES: EA, LZ, G, F, SM, SV, CT. Afternoon - ES: UT, G, PA, ON, DL, SP, LY, 4X, OK, TK, T7, YO, ES, TA, EA, CT, CN8, EI, Z3, UT, SP, SM, SV, SV5, LZ, YL, LX, C3, HA, I-I.  TEP: 3B8CF (South Italy). Evening - ES: ON, YO, PA, G, F, EA, CT, OE, SV, SV5, I, OK, SV5, SV9. ESmh: CT3, CU, 9Y, FM, FG, KP4. TEP: D2EB, ZD7/b, ZD8/b + LU5FF (North Italy).


May 24 -  Morning - ES: 4U1ITU, LZ, DL, EA, EA6, ER, CT, YO, UT, SM. ESmh: A4, A9 + VK8 (South Italy). Afternoon - ES: EA, EA9, CT, OZ, LA, G, F, CN8. Evening - ES: EA, CT ER, LZ, G, F. TEP: D2EB, ZD7/b.


May 25 - Afternoon - ES: EA, CT. ESmh: EA8.


May 26 - Morning - ES: EA. Afternoon - ES: OZ, EA, CT Evening - ES:EA, CT.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, DXNL, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX, www.rudius.net.

TNX to all!




LA4LN, Tom, alwais on air from Norway when the band is open on 6 and 4m.


GJ - Jersey - 21.05.2013

Jersey: Kazu/M0CFW will hit the bands again as MJ0CFW from St. Brelade on Jersey (WLOTA 0818; WW Loc. IN89ve) 23rd till 27th as MJ0CFW and as MJ5Z for the WPX contest. QSLs direct via M0CFW, LotW.
Likewise from St. Brelade Philippe/ON4ACP, Erik/ON4ANN, Jose/ON4CAU, Erik/ON4CCV, Walter/ON8CW, Cedric/ON4CKM, Rudi/ON6MI, Marc/ON4CJY, and Patrick/ON4DCU will be QRV 24th until 30th of May as MJ/ON6NB. QRV on HF, 6m, and 2m in SSB, CW, and PSK, emphasis on the higher bands. An online log will be on ClubLog, QSL via ON4ANN,
LotW. http://users.telenet.be/on4ann/MJ/index.html



PY - Brasil - 24.05.13

Operators Jose PY5XH, Arthur PY5VC, Evan PU5SVE, Jose PY5JAP, Martins PU5UAI, Andre PY5EW and Fabio PY5FAB will be active on all bands and modes as PR5C between 25-30th October 2013 from Ilha do Mel (SA-047, DIB PR-01, WLOTA 1435), Parana State, Brazil. The team will also be active in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October). QSL via PU5SVE, direct or bureau.



V3 - Belize - 24.05.13

Jimmy, W6JKV, will be active again from June 20th to July 1st 2013 as V31IV on 80-6 metres from San Pedro (Grid Loc. EK67). QSL via home call.



V5 - Namibia - 24.05.13

Hardy, DF3GY and Hans, DF2UU will be active as V55V from the QTH of Martin V51W in Omaruru, Namibia (WW Loc. JG78XO), between 7-15th September 2013.
They plan to be QRV in the SSB Fieldday (7-8 September) and the WAE SSB Contest
(14-15 September). Outside the contest activity will be on 160-6 metre CW and SSB. QSL via DJ8VC, direct or bureau.


V7 - Marshall Is. - 24.05.2013

Mike, KJ6MZ expects to be QRV from Kwajalein Atoll, Ralik Chain (OC-028), Repuplic of the Marshall Islands as V73MZ starting June 2013 for a few months. He will update his QRZ.com page with more details soon (www.qrz.com/db/V73MZ). QSL via P.O. Box 22409, San Diego, CA 92192, USA.


ZD8 - Ascension Is.,

Oliver, W6NV, will once again be active as ZD8W from Ascension Island (AF-003) between November 19-21st. Activity will include the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 24-25th) with two other operators to make it an international team. Look for activity outside of the contest on the HF bands and 6 meters. QSL via W6NV.

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