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Saturday, 20 November 2010 08:10
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Giugno - June 2010 - Part 1

6V7W - Senegal

Silvia EA1AP, Juanjo EA1CJ, Alberto EA1SA and Raul EA5KA will be active from Senegal as 6V7W on 24-31 July. They will operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres with three  stations. QSL via EA5KA. Further information can be found at 6v7w.dxciting.com



SY8VHF - Othonoi Isl.

A team of SV1BJY Yannis, SV3CYM Yannis, SV3GKE Michael, will be active as SY8VHF from Greece, Othonoi island JM99QU, on 1-6 July 2010. They will be active only on VHF band 144MHz (and 6meter...) SSB + CW - QSL via Bureau


IK7/DK7DR - Holiday style

Andy, DK7DR, will be in Puglia as IK7/DK7DR during 20.06.- 09.07.2010. He will qrv from time to time on 2m ES/MS and 6m ES.

For 2m he will use a 8 element DK7ZB.

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Website]


IA5/IQ5LV - EU-028

ARI Vinci Club after a long wait has obtained the permit to go to Pianosa Isl. (IOTA EU-028 Loc. JN52BO).

They will be qrv as IA5/IQ5LV from 3 Sept till 5 Sept 2010 on HF/50/144/430 on all modes. 
QSL via IQ5LV (bureau or qrz.com)
[SOURCE: Direct mail from IZ5EBL]


V6 - OC-012

Sasi,JA1KJW, Hase,JK1EBA, Karl,JA3MCA, Kund,JA8VE, and Mat,JA1JQY, are
going to activate Yap Island (OC-012) from Jun 22-29. This is their 19th DXpedition to this island since 1993.

This time they have found a new hotel which should produce better signals on the air. Activities will take place in SSB, CW and RTTY on 6m-160m with five radios and a 500 watts power amplifier.
Their calls and QSL routes are V63JQ (via JA1KJW), V63AKA (JK1EBA), V63MCA (JA3MCA), V63VE (JF1OCQ) and V63JY (JA1JQY).

[SOURCE: DXNL Digest, Vol 7, Issue 22]


J48S - EU-072

Giannis, SV2FPU and others will  be  active  as  J48S  from  Guruni lighthouse on Skopelos Island (EU-072) on 19-26 June.

They plan  to operate  on  160-6  metres  CW,  SSB,  RTTY  and  PSK    (announced frequencies on qrz.com under J48S) with a large number of  antennas and a focus on Asia and the Americas. QSL  via  SV2FPU,  direct  or bureau.

[SOURCE:  425 DX News #997]


NH2T - Guam

Dave, N2NL is returning to Guam  (OC-026)  on  17  June,  and  will remain there for three years.  He  plans  to  be  active  on  160-6
metres as either KH2/N2NL and NH2T (in contest, starting  with  the RSGB IOTA event on 24-25 July).

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #997]


MS0INT - EU-118

Look for operators Oscar/EA1DR, George/EA2TA, Christian/EA3NT, Col/MM0NDX, Vincent/F4BKV and Bjorn/SM0MDG to activate Flannan Isles (an extremely difficult island to land on) between June 18-21st. Last activation was in 2002 (also in 1989 and 1995). Callsign will be MS0INT. Their main target will be working as many JA stations as possible and giving everyone a fair chance of working the EU-118 IOTA reference. Therefore, they aim to be active on 80-6 meters trying to get advantage on the best bands, with 2 simultaneous stations on the air (possibly 3 stations in daylight), one on CW and another on SSB. They state, "Since our stay on the island is limited, please remember that 1 QSO will be enough, no matter the band." QSL Manager will be M0URX. The team is still looking for sponsors.

For updates, visit their Web page at:


[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 963 June 14, 2010]


VP2MRT - Montserrat

Just a reminder that John, KB4CRT, will once again be active as VP2MRT from Gingerbread Hill, St. Peters Parish, Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475, WW Loc. FK86VS) between June 9-19th. Activity will be on 40-2 meters using CW, SSB, possibly PSK, and the June VHF Contest. He states that he will be running 100w, QRP 5w, HFpack 5w or 10w. QSL via KB4CRT, direct (w/SASE or DX 2GS). LoTW is "OK".

 [SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]


JW/JA8BMK - Svalbard

Toshi, JA8BMK, will be active as JW/JA8BMK from Svalbard Island (EU-026) between July 1-11th. Activity will be on 20-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]


Fripp Island - NA-110

Operators Dragan/K0AP and Vlado/N3CZ will be active from Fripp Island, South Carolina, as homecall/4 between July 3­10th. Activity will be holiday style on 80-6 meters using mainly CW and SSB, with a possibility of RTTY and PSK. QSL via their homecalls, by the Bureau or direct.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]



JH7IPR/1 - IOTA AS-043

Ichy, JH7IPR, will be active as JH7IPR/1 from Hachijo-Island beginning on June 26th. Watch 7021 kHz at 1100z on that date. His length of stay is not known. This is a fairly rare JCG. Activity will be on HF and 6 meters.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]


C5 - Gambia (update)

Operators Arliss/W7XU, his XYL Holly/N0QJM, Ed/W0SD and his XYL Edith/W0OE are headed to The Gambia between June 26th and July 5th, for the 6 meter sporadic E DXpedition season. The callsign requested for is C5E, which they will pick up when they arrive. Their primary focus will be 6 meters on 50.103 MHz. They will have a beacon on during all sporadic E hours listening for stations calling. When there is an opening, please call as directed. Their location will be at Cape Point and they are right on the ocean. There will be some HF SSB/CW operations planned for late night non-Sporadic E hours. There is also RTTY operations planned con- currently with the six meter operations on 17 and 20 meters. The Grid Square will be IK13ql. Ed states, "We do not need your grid square. We have lost many contacts in the past on six meters as signals have faded out before we get a report, so it is very wise to concentrate on sending 'JUST' our signal report rather than grid square!" QSL via W7XU.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]


IG9/IW2NEF - Lampedusa Isl.

Flavio, IW2NEF, will be active as IW2NEF/IG9 from Lampedusa Island (African Italy) between July 18-31st. Activity will be holiday style on 40-6 meters using 100w max power. He plans to participate in the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th). QSL via his home callsign, by the Bureau or direct.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 962 June 7, 2010]


VA2NU - Rare Grids

Between June 13th and 20th Vittorio Va2NU will be active as VA2NU from St. Laurence Gulf in FO60-70-80-90 grid squares.

He will be qrv with 100 Watt in a Moxon antenna on a Caravan-car.

[SOURCE: Direct Mail from Vittorio VA2NU]


5J0BV - San Andres (update)

Dennis, K7BV will be active again as 5J0BV from San Andres Island

(NA-033) on 10-21 June. Dennis will concentrate on 6 metres, but

he may also be QRV on the HF bands. QSL direct to K7BV. Further

information at www.qth.com/k7bv/caribe2010/

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #996]


GM0KZG/MM qrv wet Squares

GM0KZG/MM will be active from the Scottish Marine Patrol Ship "Norna" starting may 27th in an area NW of Scotland. He will be QRV on 6 m in SSB, running 100 W into a 3 ele yagi. His working frequency will be mostly 50.160 MHz between 05-07 gmt. He hope to be QRV again from the 27/28th May until about the 11/12th June from the Marine Patrol Vessel Norna on 6m again subject to QRL - right now he will ne IP50/IP60 area.

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]
FJ/DL1DA - Saint Barthelemy

Conny, DL1DA will be active as FJ/DL1DA from Saint Barthelemy on 8-20 June. He will operate mainly CW and RTTY on 40-6 metres. QSL via home call.

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #996]
VE7XF 50MHz cross country trip

VE7XF/mobile will be leaving on June 2 for a west-to-east coast-to-coast road trip, CQing all the way from CN89 (Vancouver) through 53 grids, arriving in FN76 (PEI) approximately June 10. The route will be via the Trans-Canada highway all the way. Some of the grids will be rare due to lack of activity in the wilderness, but only a few will be good for the FF challenge. Once in PEI, the call will be VY2AKX (best I could do since my '95 -'96 operation as VY2KX) until about July 13, then back on the road for a return trip to CN89 through the same grids. I'm going to try to get on for the CQ VHF contest from somewhere in Manitoba as VE4KX. I'll be calling on 50.125 when the band is quiet, moving to 50.140 when the band opens IC-706 to a KB6KQ halo on the road, and an IC-756 Pro3 to a 4el yagi when in a fixed mode in PEI. QSL all above to VE7XF (see QRZ.COM) with the usual SASE (US postage OK).

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]
HB0QQ on 6m EME

Pierre, HB9QQ will most probably be in HB0 from July the 16th to 18th and the LOC will be JN47TC (same qth I worked you 2000m asl) and I will be on 50.183 operating JT65A, 1st period. I hope signals will be strong enough to get into the internet in order to get on ON4KST. I will let you know as soon as I have cleared some more details.

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]

KH0 - Mariana Isl.

JA operators Kirk/WE8A and K8RLY will be active as WE8A/KH0 and K8RLY/KH0 from Northern Mariana Island between March 30th and April 2nd, 2011. Kirt will focus on 80-6 meters including the 30/17/12 m bands, using CW and SSB, while K8RLY will operate only SSB including the AM mode if requested. QSL ONLY direct to their JA addresses (QRZ.com)

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]


W4NH from EM85

W4NH will again be operating in the June contest from our usual location in EM85jm. We will be operating limited multi on the 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz bands running 1 KW+ and stacked beams on all 4 bands. We will have WSJT capability on 6 and 2 meters and would like to make schedules using that mode Sunday morning from around midnight to 8 AM. We would also like to hear from any rovers that will be in our area of the country. 73, Jim, W4KXY

[SOURCE: Jim, W4KXY, via VHF-Reflector via MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]
W3DHJ Rover plans

ARRL JUNE VHF Rover plans -- DM87,DM88,DM77,DM78 I don't suppose it's _too_ early to announce my rover plans for the ARRL JUNE VHF Contest. I'll be doing DM87, DM88, DM77, DM78 both days of the contest: Maps and guess-work schedules at:

http://jonz.net/W3DHJ/vhfrover_plans.html (50 and 144 MHz)

[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-06-03]


UY5HF/P # KN55

During a a good "ES"opening  Anatoly UY5HF inform Marco IZ5EME , that he 'll be operative in KN55  on 50 and 144 Mhz from 11 till 15 june 2010. Another good possibilty to have in the log a "RARE" new square.Hope in ES, look up.
As soon other info will be publish if available.
UT/IZ3GWJ - Ternopil

Crisna, IZ3GWJ says he will be active again as UT/IZ3GWJ from Ternopil, Ukraine on 7-19 June.
He plans to concentrate on 6 metres SSB.

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #995]C6 - Bahamas

C6 - Bahamas

Alan K5AB (C6AAB), Renee N5BW (C6AMR), Mark NA6M (C6AMS), Scott K2CK (C6ASH) and Carolyne W5ETY (C6ATY) will be active from Eleuthera, Bahamas (FL15) on 9-25 July. They expect to operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 160-6 metres with three stations.

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #995]
A25HQ - Botswana

Charles "Frosty" Frost, K5LBU, will lead another DXpedition to Africa. This time to Botswana between October 20th and November 4th. Operators mentioned are: Scasciafratti/I0ZY (A25ZY), Lor/IK1MDF (A25DF), Giannarelli/IZ5MMB (A25MB), Frosty/K5LBU (A25CF), Irish/K5ZOL and Lehman/KD5TAN (A25AN). They plan to have three stations on the air operating 160-6 meters, depending on conditions. The group will also be in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 30-31st) using the callsign A25HQ. Each operator, using their own callsign, will handle their own QSL cards by the Bureau or direct (QRZ.com address). QSL for A25HQ go via K5LBU. The logs will be uploaded via CLUBLOG daily (depending on the InterNet connection). The group is looking for sponsors.
For more details and update, visit their Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/a25-2010/index.html

[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #961]
VP2E Anguilla

Andrea, IK1PMR, and Claudia, PA3LEO, received my 4 ele modified Tonna antenne for use on Anguilla VP2E. Watch out for them between June 12 and 21. They are not experienced 6m DX-ers, but I explained the basics to them. They might be active from PJ7 during 2~4 days before they move to VP2E.

[SOURCE: CQ Six - 50 MHz DX Information]


3B8 - Mauritius

3B8CF, Jacky, tells The Daily DX that 6 meters is now authorized for Mauritius and he has purchased a new FT897. He's running 50 watts into a 3 element yagi and plans to build a bigger yagi in the near future. Listen for him to CQ on 50.110 in beacon mode. He listens for 10 seconds after each CQ.

[SOURCE: CQ Six - 50 MHz DX Information]


3C9B & 3C0C - Update

The updated 3C0C homepage states that Elmo,EA5BYP, and Javier,EA5KM, plan to activate Bioko Island (AF-010) as 3C9B from Jun 4-6 and then Annobon Island (AF-039) as 3C0C from Jun 8-20. They will work in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-10m with emphasis put on the lowbands and CW.

An online log will be available only after the DXpedition because they have no internet connections on the islands. For more information and their online log visit their website: http://www.3c0c-annobon.com
Their QSL manager is EA7FTR.

Please allow a runtime of about one year for bureau QSLs. Following frequencies were announced (in MHz):

       BAND      CW     SSB    RTTY
        6m   50.104  50.140  ---
        10m  28.024  28.475  28.082
        12m  24.892  24.940  24.922
        15m  21.024  21.275  21.082
        17m  18.071  18.140  18.102
        20m  14.024  14.195  14.082
        30m  10.115     ---  10.140
        40m   7.004   7.065/  7.038
        80m   3.524   3.780   3.582
        160m  1.832   1.850     --- CW: TX QRG for EU/NA (split up).
                                    CW: For AS/OC their TX QRG is 1.830 MHz  with split down.

[SOURCE: DXNL Digest, Vol 7, Issue 20]


T30XG - West Kiribati

Haru,JA1XGI/W8XGI, will show up as T30XG from Tarawa (OC-017) working in CW, SSB and digital modes on 40-6m from Jun 3-9. His QRGs will be:
        CW:   7.020, 10.115, 14.030, 18.085, 21.030, 28.030, 50.110 MHz,
        SSB:  14.185, 21.260, 28.450, 50.130 MHz,
        RTTY: 10.140, 14.090, 18.105, 21.090, 28.090 asd 50.115 MHz.
Haru will manage his QSLs himself via bureau or direct after his return home. More information can be found at http://island.geocities.jp/t30xg

[SOURCE: DXNL Digest, Vol 7, Issue 20]


PX8J - IOTA SA-041

SA-041. (Update/Callsign Change) Members of the Araucaria DX Group will activate the 2nd most wanted IOTA group (Maranhao State West Group) in South America as PX8J (not PW8J as first announced) between June 9-15th. This IOTA group consists of 23 islands, one of these islands is called "Ilha dos Lencois" and it is the location for this DXpedition. According to the group's Web page, 4 experienced DX operators will be on the air around the clock. Operators mentioned are: Ciro/PY7ZY (Team Leader), Fred/PY2XB, Jim/PY7XC and Andre/PY0FF. Lencois Island will be activated for the first time.

Likewise, a new DIB and a new Grid Square will be activated (GI78nq).

Activity will be on 80-10 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via PY7ZY, by the Bureau or direct. For more details, visit their Web page at:

ADDED NOTE: After returning from SA-041, the group will activate Sao Luis Island (SA-016) between June 16-18th. The callsign will be PX8L (not PW8L as first announced).

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 961 May 31, 2010]

SV5/IZ4JMA - Karpathos Is.

Max, IZ4JMA will be active as SV5/IZ4JMA from the island of Karpathos, Dodecanese (EU-001) on 6-20 June. He will operate holiday style on 80-6 metres all modes.

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #995]

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