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Thursday, 01 April 2010 18:28
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Aprile-April 2010





ST2AR is active on 6m !

We receive a message from Robert ST2AR/S53R that inform us that
he is now active also on 6m using a 5-el ECO yagi at about 26 meters.
He just installed the antenna and in the past few days did not hear
anyone yet. Will be on the band daily, especially over weekends
(Friday/Saturday in Sudan).
He is based in Khartoum, and the plan is to stay until summer
We all hope to work him soon via Esp multihop.
[SOURCE: Direct E-mail to Sixitalia.org]


SY8VHF - JM99 Square

A team of SV1BJY Yannis, SV3CYM Yannis, SV3GKE Michael, will be active as SY8VHF from Greece, Othonoi island JM99QU, on 1-6 July 2010. They will be active only on VHF band 144MHz (and 6meter...) SSB + CW - QSL via Bureau
[SOURCE:  MMMonVHF NewsLetter]





TL0A active again !

Jan, DJ8NK and Paul, F6EXV will be active from the Central African
Republic on 13-26 May. They will be guest operating  as  TL0A  from
Christian's QTH, and will concentrate on RTTY (Jan) and  CW  (Paul)
with two  stations.  Look  for  them  on  40-6  metres,  with  some
possible activity on 80 and 160 metres (but  it  is  "late  in  the
season for low bands, plus it is the rainy season in TL with  daily
storms", Paul says). They are  unlikely  to  have  Internet  access
from the station and  there  will  be  no  on-line  logsearch.  QSL
direct to  Christian  Saint-Arroman,  Chemin  de  Mousteguy,  64990
Urcuit, France (please note that neither Jan nor Paul will be  able
to confirm any contact). Chris, TL0A expects to leave  definitively
the Central African Republic in  July  and  probably  go  to  Niger
(5U5U) next September.
[SOURCE: 425 Dx News #990]


ZS8M - Marion Island

ZS1HF expected to reach Marion Island on 15 April. He will be there
on a 12-month work assignment, but it will take a few weeks before
he can get on the amateur radio bands. He will be active as ZS8M
during his spare time, and will operate SSB and digital modes on
160-10 m. plus 6 and 2 m. He has a website at
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #989]


9A - EU-110

A team of Italian operators will be active as 9A/homecall from St. Nikola Island, Croatia, between May 28th and June 2nd.

Operators mentioned are: Giovanni/I2OGV, Ivano/I2RFJ, Giuseppe/I2ZBX, Diego/IZ2AMV and Andrea/IZ2LSC. The team has chosen to activate this island because, according to the RSGB IOTA statistics, only 51% of ham participants to the program have received the accreditation for EU-110. Their goal is to contact as many operators as possible.
They will be active on the HF band (80-6m) using CW, SSB and RTTY, with 3 or 4 stations on the air. Their plans will try to keep 1 station active 24 hours. They will try to stay around IOTA frequencies.
QSL via the operators home callsign, by the Bureau or direct (send to the QRZ.com address). For direct cards, please include a SAE and sufficient return postage [Europe 1 USD, Outside Europe 2 USDs]. Please DO NOT send IRCs. QSL cards not compliant with this policy will be returned via Bureau. For more info and online logs, go  to: 
http://www.timpy.it/eu110 .
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 956 - April 19th 2010]


XL2I - Isle aux Coudres

Members of the NA-128 Contest Group will activate the special callsign XL2I from Isle-aux-Coudres (CISA QC-009, Grid FN47, ARLHS CAN 234), Quebec, to commemorate the 475th anniversary of the arrival of the explorer Jacques Cartier between July 23-25th. Look for many stations to be active at the same time. Activity will be on all bands 80-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY/PSK31. During the IOTA Contest, a station will be dedicated to the contest exclusively on SSB and CW. QSL via VE2CQ, direct or by the Bureau.
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 956 - April 19th 2010]

9Y/DL2DBE - Trinidad

Rolf,9Y/DL2DBE, is active from San Fernando on Trinidad (SA-011). He is working on 30m-6m during his
evening hours until the end of April. QSLs via DJ5BWD, bureau ok.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-04-16]


OZ - Lango Island

After their very successful trip in 2009, operators Harry/PA1H
and Nico/PA7PA will once again be active as OZ/homecall from Lango
Island (FY-025 Danish Island Award), Denmark, between May 15-24th.
Activity will be on 80-10 meters, including the 30/17/12 meter bands
Lango Island belongs to the Langeland Island group, but it is off
Langeland, and there is only 1 house on the island, so it is a
unique location situated in "The Lindelse Nor". Lat.,
Long. QTH Locator: JO54IV. Harry informs OPDX that
"This time we will activate also 30 meters band and use more
digi-modes. When propagation allows, we will also activate 2 and
6 meter bands." QSL via their home callsign, by the bureau or direct
(QRZ.com addresses).
[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #955]


GM0KZG/MM 6m activity

GM0KZG/mm will be active from the Scottish Marine Patrol Ship "Norna" starting April 18, in an area NW of Scotland.
He will be QRV on 6 m in SSB, running 100 W into a 3 ele yagi.
His working frequency will be mostly 50.160 MHz between 05-07 gmt in the morning and in the afternoon/evening (QRL permitting).
2 metre operation is not anticipated in the short term, possibly in the later half of this year.
[SOURCE: Peter, PA3BIY, on behalf of the Team of MMMonVHF]


EME from Alaska

KL7/KB7Q Gene will take the 6 meter gear and try some EME from BP40da during his stay at ALASKA, May 15th to August 15th - LATEST NEWS from Gene, KB7Q, dated 2010-04-13: I will be able to add May 18 - May 22 to my 6 meter EME operating from Alaska. A web site has been created with lots of specific information.
[SOURCE: Gene, KB7Q, direct to MMMonVHF]


GS3PYE/p qrv from IO67NT

After a very successful Dx’peditions in 2008 to the Island of Mull
and in 2009 to the Island of Harris the Camb-Hams have decided
return to Harris for another DX’Pedition for 2010. First off this
is going to be a 2 week dx’pedition and this year we are going to
concentrate on the bands which we found worked well from that
location in 2009. We have decided on operating 2 voice stations on
HF from the start, one HF data mode station, 6m and 4m SSB/data
(JT6m) and 2m, 70cm and 23cm satellites. We will have limited
tropo capability on 2m, 70cm and 23cm but will try and work anyone
interested. There will be some portable operation around the islands
(possible interest to WAB chasers) but for the first time we have
limited SOTA activity. A few operators are planning to operate
from the Monach Islands EU-111 for a few nights, this is weather
permitting but only has 33% claimed by IOTA participants. The call-
sign for the trip will be the CRG (Cambridgeshire Repeater Group)
callsign G3PYE, as the activation is in Scotland the prefix becomes
GM3PYE/P but we mainly use GS3PYE/P. We will be active from the
1st May till May 14th +- setup and teardown. If you would like to
make a sked with us, for any band or mode (voice or data) please
email skeds"at"camb-hams.com
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-04-16]


3D2 Fiji on 6m EME DXpedition

2010 6m EME DXpedition by W7GJ to Fiji 3D2 (Locator RH92cq)
Howdy! I wanted to provide sufficient formal advance notice for
anyone interested in contacting 3D2 on 6m. I expect to be QRV from
there from September 27 through October 7 GMT. This time period
spans the optimum days of the month for 6m EME. More information is
now available at:
http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/Fiji2010.htm GL
[SOURCE: tnx to Lance, W7GJ direct to MMMonVHF an Magic Band EME]


Memorial Contest CT1WW

The “Memorial CT1WW” contest, organized by Tertúlia Radioamadorística Douriense, will take
place between 14h00 UTC of Saturday April 24 and 14h00 UTC of Sunday April 25 2010.


KH9 Wake on EME !

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Colin KH9/WA2YUN to 6m EME! He and W1JJ completed today on 50.192 during Colin's moonrise in Wake Island. It was Colins first 6m contact with his new station, and Mick's DXCC #192. The Degradation was 3.5 dB and the Kp index was between 2 and 3. The best JT65A sequence decoded by W1JJ was -25 dB; I don't know how well Colin received him. I copied only several sequences of RRR from Colin after he completed with Mick; the strongest sequence I received was -28 dB.
Colin is using a 5 element yagi (Cushcraft with the W5WVO mods) at 62'
fed with LMR400 and about 400w output (I think). He is using a K3 with a solid state HF/6 linear amplifier. He is horizon only, and is located in RK39hh. His antenna has a clear view of the ocean in all directions, although there is a stretch of flat land to the east of the antenna, with some low buildings underneath it in that direction. It seems like he does have a ground gain lobe right at the hozizon, then another lobe from 3 to 7 degrees and another around 12 to 13 degrees elevation.
Congratulations to both of them! GL and VY 73, Lance W7GJ
[SOURCE: Moon-Net Reflector]


From V51PJ

Okay where do we start if we start yesterday then all I can say the band did open for a very short while towards frank iz8dwf. He heard my cw but conditions were not good – sounds very familiar to our 6m enthusiast  - for a qso.
What I have at my qth at JG82ie in the namib desert situated in the southern western part of namibia.
I have at this stage my icom 706mk2g connected to a 9 element m2 yagi.
Height is only 6m at this stage but planning to put it higher.
I have also 2m and 70 cm but still low power.I am interested in eme and my first eme contact went very well.
The rest a total nothing which is maybe the way it goes hi!
My shack and my workshop is all the same so my work and hobby is never seperated.
During the early  mornings I am active on ms and tropo with ZS hams.
Am trying to work alain tr8 one day as well
Activity is scarce as most zs are not active at all on 6m.
The past long weekend I had a training session here at my qth where v51lz and v51pp attended to experience the actual 6m band.
They never were involved in any vhf activity before.
The band opened for a brief period to decode jt6m from ea3ll and also voice pressumed from frank iz8dwf.
But on the westcoast of africa unfortunately things only happens for very short periods compared to the east coast of africa where it tends to be open much longer to actually make a contact both ways.
I used to be also active at my qth in Zs1 area and have worked many stations from all continents on 6m.
People will remember V51 by the very familiar callsign V51e which went silent key a few years ago.
V51kc was active on 6m and I believe has all his equipment still ready.
At this stage I am the only one in V51 area that is really active on 6m but try my best to get more activity here, as nobody know beforehand where the opening will really be.
A V51 wspr beacon is running in windhoek at 1w output power. I have never record it here yet but it is a good indication if band does open
The analogue 6m beacon is still a mystery as nobody has any news yet. Listen for it anyway if it is in operation – no promises.
If the analogue beacon is not operational I would try and get it down south and install it on one of my hi-sites operating then from solar power.
We are planning a club station here at my qth for operation by any radio ham interested.
We are at this stage 5 hams in the southern western part of namibia. I am in contact with them once the band seems to become alive that they can monitor as well
Callsigns to listen for in the near future is
V51B – 706mk2g - oranjemund
V51LZ – ic7000 – rosh pinah
V51RJ – rosh pinah
V51PP – luderitz and walvisbay
V51KC - Okahandja
V51PJ – 706mk2g – 25km north of rosh pinah on farm spitskop
I have donated a dk7zb 6el 6m antenna to v51lz as he has an icom 7000 available and is about 25km from my qth
The others I am working on.
As far as higher power output nothing available at this stage but working on it as I want to let the guys do eme as well to keep the band active
Next week the 12th of april I will go down to my zs1 qth and bring all 2m and 70cm equipment up as well
And masts etc.
Crossborder problems are expected but anything is worthwile for 6m.
73’s for now and I am always on the band and dx cluster making some noise hoping it gets out somewhere. Please feel free to listen for my callsign hi!
 Greetings from the sunny namib desert
De V51PJ

[SOURCE: Direct E-mail to Sixitalia.org]

From S21RC

Amateur radio activity in Bangladesh is very limited. Most of the hams are bound within their VHF teretory due to lack of HF eqipment and high govt. tax.
For the last few years I have been active on various bands and modes as following:
40m, 20m, 15m, 10m SSB/RTTY/SSTV
Only few HAMs here has radio capable of 6m and to my knowledge nobody been active on 6 for the last many years from S2. In the past foreign Dxpedition might activated 6 but I have no data for it. Last year after getting request from several HAMs from Europe I started thinking of 6m activation, and made a 4 element DK7ZB design 6m beam (unfortunately my RIG gets broken that time, so no activity then), This year I am again ready for 6m. My setup is following for 6m:
DK7ZB 4 element beam
I also have plan to EME on 6m within next few months.
Hope to catch you on 6 soon. Thanks.
Fazlay Rabby (S21RC) www.s21rc.net

[SOURCE: Direct E-mail to Sixitalia.org]


From 3B8MM

Just QRX for 6m. Still on preparation for better antenna. Right on time it a wavelenght V-dipole
incl 80W into EU driection.
Just QRX bcs 6m is since some days re-opened for amateur radio in 3B8. Last legal transmission
was in 2002 with my ex-callsign 3B8/DL6UAA.
BTW, if I am not QRV busy on HF I run the "beacon" on 50.110.
So QRX I am here 3 weeks. after this time I invirte local HAMs to operate on 50MHz. Regards Mart 3B8MM/DL6UAA.

[SOURCE: Direct E-mail to Sixitalia.org]


JT - Mongolia

Alex, UA9YAB (JT0YAB) and Vasilij, RW9YW  (JT0YW)  will  be  active from Mongolia between 3-8 June.  They  will  be  operating from a car using a "minimum complete set  of  equipment",  with  an emphasis on 6 metres. The main reason for this trip is  to  find  a   suitable location for a second operation that  will  focus  on  160 and 80 metres in October-November. QSl via home calls.
[SOURCE: 425DX News #988]

3W6C - Vietnam

3W6C is the callsign of a multi national group formed around the team
leader Hans-Peter,HB9BXE, sowie Jan,DJ8NK, Hans,HB9BHW, Rene,HB9BQI,
Christine,HB9BQW, Paul,HB9DST/AA1MI, Thomas,HB9BSH, Friedhelm,HB9JBI,
Matthias,HB9JCI, Hans-Jurg,HB9DKZ, Peter,HB9PJT, Rolf,HB9TVR,Bob,K4UEE,
Eddy,XV1X, Bac,XV2A, Quang,XV2B, Michal,XV9DX, and Torsten,XV9TH.
Their plans are to make 60.000 QSOs from Con Co (AS-185, WLOTA 2557)
from Apr 10-18 running with four stations on following frequencies:
CW: 1831, 3502, 7002, 10115, 14002, 18072, 21002, 24902,28002,50102 kHz
SSB: 3810, 7070, 14220, 18140, 21220, 24940, 28420, 50120 kHz
RTTY: 7035, 10118, 14080, 18100, 21080, 24920, 28080 kHz.
They will also put up a beacon 50.038 kHz and promise operation via
the satellites AO-07, AO-51, HO-68, SO-50 and SO-67. QSLs via HB9BXE.
More information including an online log can be found at:


YN2GY - Nicaragua

Eric, K9GY, will once again be active as YN2GY from Octavio's, YN2N, QTH in Grenada, during the 2010 CQ WPX CW Contest (May 29-30th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. He will be there between May 27-31st. Outside of the contest, look for CW activity on 30/17/12 meters. Also look for him on 6 meters. QSL via LoTW or to his home callsign, direct or by the bureau.
[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #939]


BW1/K8QKY - Taiwan

Steve, K8QKY will be active from the island of Taiwan (Grid square PL04) as BW1/K8QKY from 14-19th April 2010.
QRV 160-6 metres, CW only. QSL via home call.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-02-05]


HB0 - Lichtenstein

A German team will be QRV at 50 / 144 / 432 Mhz 3.-4. Juli 16.00 to 16.00 UTC from Augstenberg 2359 Meter asl. WWL: JN47TC the call is yet to be determined.
The team so far consists of, DJ5KK, DG7TG, DG3TD, DL1XAQ, DF2NU, DG3XA.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-04-01]


TM5EL - Sein Island (EU-068)

A group of seven operators (namely F4BCG, F4FCS, F5RAB, F6AXN,
F6DPD, F6DXE and F8AEJ) will be active as TM5EL from Sein Island
(EU-068) on 7-14 April. They will operate SSB, CW and digital
modes on the HF bands, 6 and 2 metres, 70 and 23cm. QSL via F6KHI,
direct or bureau. Further information an on-line logs can be found
at ed28.ref-union.org
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #987]


VP8DMH - Latest News

Hello! I just heard from Mike VP8DMH and he wanted to let us know
that he has received his 6M8GJ antenna and ACOM 1000 all OK. In
the coming weeks, as work schedule permits, he will be assembling
the antenna and amplifier with his K3 and be QRV for JT65A
contacts when the moon is near his horizon. Of course, there
will be a big announcement when he is actually QRV, but I wanted
to pass this preliminary information along now in case others
were as anxious as I am about this exciting new station coming
on the air ;-) -
[SOURCE: tnx to Lance, W7GJ at Magic Band EME]


A92IO get 6m access !

Effective immediately Amateur Radio operators from Bahrain (A9)
have been granted permission to operate on the 6 meter band, says
A92IO, Dave. A9 operators are authorized for exclusive use from
50.000 to 50.500 and from 50.500 to 52.000 as a shared band.
[SOURCE: The Daily DX]

First ever 50 MHz QSO in the Kingdom of Bahrain was made yesterday
30 March 2010 at 17:30 UTC between A92GR (Mohamed) and A92IO (Dave)
[SOURCE: Dave, EI3IO via UKSMG Announcement ]

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