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Raccolta delle News edite nel Mese di Novembre 2009.
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Faroes OY Baecon
According to Ivan OZ7IS, the Faroe beacon on 6 meter is now up running again.
Call have been changed to OY6BEC to match the call of the other beacons at the site. The beacon still uses 50.035 MHz, reports/spot at the cluster would be appreciated to map its coverage.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

KP2 - U.S. Virgin Island
John K3CT and John K3TEJ will be active on all bands/modes as
KP2/homecall from Christiansted (WW Loc. FK77PR), island of
St. Croix (WLOTA LH-2477) U.S. Virgin Islands (IOTA NA-106)
from 24 November to 1 December, including a Multi-? entry in
the CQWW DX CW Contest (28-29 November) as KP2M. There is the
possibility of some 6 metre activity outside the contest,
using 1 KW and a KLM 11 element yagi. QSL KP2M via AI4U, direct
or bureau. QSL other calls via their home call.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

New Freq. in LA.
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New secondary allocations for Norwegian radio amateurs
A of November 6th 2009 the updated amateur radio licensing regulations in Norway went into force.
The main news are the following new allocations made available to all Norwegian radio amateurs (in addition to the 135,7 - 137,8 kHz and the 7,1 -
7,2 MHz bands):
493 - 510 kHz on secondary basis, 100 W, A1A (CW) only.
5260 - 5410 kHz on secondary basis, all modes (6 kHz max bandwidth) 24740-24890 kHz on secondary basis, 1kW (6 kHz max bandwidth)
70,0625-70,0875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,1375-70,1875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,2625-70,3125 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,3625-70,3875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,4125-70,4625 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
and some minor adjustments at SHF and EHF.

K2V - Special Call.
Special Event Christmas Festival Month of December From Saint Croix Island. Sharon K7WZB and Garry K9WZB will be operating from Saint Croix Island December 2-14, 2009 as K2V.. Operating all bands 160-6 meters. Will be monitoring 6 meters most of the time for opening to US and Europe. Operating SSB, RTTY, CW and PSK 31 all bands.

C9 Mozambique on eme.
Im going to C9 for a week in December 4th to the 11th, conditions that week will be realy good for EME. Im taking 6m with for EME, but want to take one other Band with. On 2m I can take 2 x 2m9ssb or 1 x 2m12 and 150W. On 70cm I can take 4 x 2m12EME and 75W. On 23cm I have 70W but no yagi yet. I don't have HI power on any of the bands so what band will yield most success and fun ? my guess is 2m Comments awaited, Derek Gravett ZS5Y ex ZS6DDG and V51/ZS5Y.

V3 - Belize
Pete, K8PT, will be active as V31PT between November 24th and December 6th. No other details were provided. However, in past operations by Pete, activity usually is 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and some PSK-31. QSL via his home callsign. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #927)

VP5 - Turks amd Caicos.
Roger/W7VV, Ralph/VE7XF and others will operate from VP5JM's QTH on Providenciales from November 15th to December 3rd, including a M? entry in the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th) probably using a special callsign (TBA). Outside the contest look for the group to be signing VP5/homecall on all bands / modes 160-6 meters. QSL via home calls.

LA/oz1bnn - JP40 Sqaure.
MS trip to LA one more time.
This time we will be QRV on 50 MHz, 70 MHz (if available) and 144 MHz from JP40KS. December 11 th. - December 15 th.
50 MHz, Call: LA/OZ1BNN, Station: FT-847 + GS35b, Antenna: 7 el.
70 MHz, Call: LA/OZ2M, Station: FT-847, Antenna: 7 el.
144 MHz, Call: LA/PA5DD, Station: IC-275 + GS35b, Antenna: 15 el.
MS-QRG: 144,393 MHz, first participating in BCC
Operation supervised by Karin.
From the OZ2M website on at tip from OZ1BNN.
[SOURCE: OZ50MHz Web-site]

DK2ZF/MM - JO98 Square.
Rolf, DK2ZF, just informed he is ready from JO98 on 6m and 2m for the next 3-4 days! All News and Details: Please do help to spread around...
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF web-site]

E4X - Palestine 2010 !!!
From Antonio Gonzalez EA5RM :
After a long way and counting with my team members support , past October 2009 I travelled to Ramallah , Palestine , and thanks to the National Palestine Authority officials from Telecomunication Ministry I obtained E4X license. E4 will be (hopefully) qrv on 6m in 2010!
Make ur vote here
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

Leonids 2009
NASA Science News for November 10, 2009 The 2009 Leonid meteor shower peaks on Nov. 17th with a sprinkling of meteors over North America and a possible outburst over Asia. STORY at:
As well MMMonVHF have several sources and info at their
REMEMBER: The 2nd stream crossing straddles the hour 2100-2200 UT ant November 17th - SO THESE MAY BE JUST IN ADVANCE OF THE TIME WHEN LEONIDS OVER HORIZONT IN EUROPE!!!
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

KS7S/P Grid Square Operations
KS7S Portable 6m/2m Grid Operations - November 10-24, 2009
I will be making another trip to Cheyenne, WY beginning on Tuesday
November 10. My intent is to travel north roughly up the AZ/NM
and UT/CO borders into western WY, then east to Cheyenne. I will
spend Tuesday night in Holbrook, AZ (DM44), Wednesday night in
Montrose, CO (DM68) and Thursday night in Vernal, UT (DN50). I
will try and run some grids in these areas in the early mornings,
and possibly in the evenings (time permitting). Primary target
grids at this point are DM44, DM58/68 and DN50/60/51/61 area.
[SOURCE : MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

J6 St. Lucia.
Look for John, W5JON to be active as J68JA from Marigot Bay, island of St. Lucia, Grid FK93 on 2-11 March, 2010. QRV 160 to 6 meters (also 60m), including a Single-Op entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (6-7 March). His equipment will consisst of an ICOM IC-7000, KL-400 Amp (350 watts); Antennas: Alpha Delta DX-LB and DX-EE Dipoles, and 3 Element yagi on 6m. As in the past, XYL Cathy (W5HAM) will be very busy pool side. QSL via home call.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-13]

FG Guadalupe
Serge, F6AUS, will continue be active as FG/F6AUS until March 2010. Look for him to be in the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th) as TO4D. He plans to be active on 160-6 meters. Over the past weekend Serge was on 80/40/30 meters CW. QSL via his home callsign.
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 935 - Nov 23rd 2009]

5P15COP - Iota EU029
Look for special event station 5P15COP from Zealand Island (EU-029) to be active between December 7-18th. Activity is taking place during the big United Nations "Copenhagen Climate Change Conference" http://www.cop15.dkOperators would like to "invite all radio amateurs worldwide to show their concern and care about the environment and climate, by contacting this special event station." Operations will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via OZ5BAL, direct or by the Bureau. For more details about the project, QSL card and awards available, please visit: http://at
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 935 - Nov 23rd 2009

News From VU.
Prasad, VU2PTT informed that Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN, who is the President of ARSI - the IARU recognized national organization of India, is reporting he spoke with the "Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC), India's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Department of Telecommunications, and they have confirmed that the extra bandwidth (on 40m) has been officially released to VU radio amateurs based on the petitions given by ARSI on April 15, 2009, soon after the band was to be released as per agreement in WRC2003. VU hams can now officially use that extra bandwidth. Gopal also mentioned, "They have also confirmed that the other requests made by ARSI regarding 10 MHz and 50 MHz are also under consideration, so please wait for further news."
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin 935 - Nov 23rd 2009]

VK9NA VHF/UHF Microwave Dxpedition
VK9NA VHF/UHF/Microwave DXpedition
Jan 1st-14th 2010

With just over 6 weeks till we fly out from Melbourne, preparation is pretty frantic. We need to make all our antenna easily transportable, and to check all gear is correctly operational, so this has been our focus thus far. We intend to do two practice set ups before we have to start packing the gear for shipping. Look for us on the upcoming VHF Spring Field Day. There are a number of groups of VK operators who have contacted us and advised that in January they will be operating portable along the East Coast of Australia to maximise there chances of working us. Also several ZL operators have emailed indicating they will be making special trips to the North Island, in an effort to work us on the maximum number of bands. The DXpedition has created interest in the USA, and although we think they are beyond our reach, we will be beaming into the Pacific on 6 metres and 2 metres and are hopeful of working A35 and E51. Digital modes will be an integral part of our operation, and we are set up to run WSJT on all bands. We will ensure we are active on the Meteor Scatter net , and will also be happy to consider skeds at other times. We are thankful of the support we have received so far from individuals and organisations, and are reminded we will only be able to make contacts with the support of operators at the other end of the path. We look forward to working all of you when we are on Norfolk Island.

70 CM 70W 23 ELEM YAGI
23 CM 90W 1.2 MTR DISH
13 CM 20W 1.2 MTR DISH
9 CM 20W 1.2 MTR DISH
6 CM 15W 1.2 MTR DISH
3 CM 5W 1.2 MTR DISH

Yaesu FT897D & FT817ND
SSB, FSK441, JT65A,B&C & CW
VK3XPD Alan VK4UH Kevin VK3KH Michael

UPDATE 2009-11-21:

A small team of experienced Amateurs is planning a Microwave DX Expedition to Norfolk Island (1000 miles NNE of Sydney in the Pacific Ocean) from January 1 thru January 14, 2010. We are taking "everything" from 6 Metres all the way thru to 10 Ghz. Our Liasion will be principally be via the VK LOGGER Propagation Website at this URL... Anyone can subscribe.. Free of Charge ! We will also have Cell for SMS and limited HF capability. To monitor Propagation opportunities... we will be closely monitoring that excellent Tropospheric Ducting Forcasting tool by William Hepburn at this URL

Our principal focus will be on the VHF and Microwave Bands up to 10 Ghz because HF up to 6 Metres has been done many times prior from this Island !!!

Consequently, we will NOT... I repeat NOT... be chasing any HF QSO's unless there are zero Propagation opportunities on 2 Metres & up. So.. the expectation (our hope) is to work Tropo using the SSB/CW and the Digital Modes on as many Bands as possible covering 2 Metres through to 10 Ghz... to VK, ZL & the nearby Islands. If the Sporadic E appears then there will of course be 6m & 2m opportunities too. Although it would be a wonderful achievement... unfortunately, I think Tropo to the USA mainland at Hawaii/LA of circa 4000/6500 Miles respectively is an unrealistic expectation...

EME - we have already had numerous enquiries from Europe and the USA re EME using both Analogue (SSB/CW) and the Digital Modes... We expect that our Analogue EME SSB/CW opportunities will be minimal due to limited EIRP budgets at our end however, we will have with us PC's to run the Digital Modes under WSJT. So.. depending on how busy we are... we hope to be available for some EME QSO's but our prime focus will be Terrestrial QSO's via Tropo, Sporadic E and Digi Modes on the VHF and Microwave Bands up to 10 Ghz.... I'm sure you will appreciate that if there is any sign of Tropo or the Sporadic E is "in" sufficiently enough for possible SSB/CW QSO's.. then the Digital Modes will be deferred !! I have been advised the EME Window from Norfolk Island will be good from Jan 3 through to Jan 10. After that there is degradation (Higher Noise) because the Moon moves into the Milky Way...
And finally.. after about Jan 10... we expect that EME opportunities will be limited/difficult... and besides.. January 13th is our Pack the gear up Day !! We return to VK on the 14th.
Full details about this forthcoming DX Expedition can be found on the Website... Cheers and thank you
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-27]

SM/DK2ZF - JO98 Report
Rolf, DK2ZF, was back at JO98AX in the peak of the Leonids 2009
He was qrv with abt. 1 kW and 9 ele on 144 MHz and 100 W and 5 ele on 50 MHz.
Please have a look at the JO98AX LOG SM/DK2ZF:
All infos at the MMMonVHF Review:
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-11-27]

H40 - Temotu
Operators Siegfried/DK9FN, Bernhard/DL2GAC and Hans-Peter/DG1FK will be active as H40FN (CW), H40MS (SSB) and H40FK (Digi-mode), respectively, from Ngarando/Reef Islands between February 6-19th (2010). Activity will be focused on 160/80m (using their famous LOBSTER 2-element multi-band vertical), but they will operate on 160-6 meters depending on the band conditions. QSL H40FN via HA8FW, H40MS via DL2GAC and H40FK via DG1FK, please visit the following Web page at:
[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #936]

Operators Siegfried/DK9FN, Bernhard/DL2GAC and Hans-Peter/DG1FK will be active as H40FN (CW), H40MS (SSB) and H40FK (Digi-mode), respectively, from Ngarando/Reef Islands between February 6-19th (2010). Activity will be focused on 160/80m (using their famous LOBSTER 2-element multi-band vertical), but they will operate on 160-6 meters depending on the band conditions. QSL H40FN via HA8FW, H40MS via DL2GAC and H40FK via DG1FK, please visit the following Web page at:
[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #936]

LA 48 Mhz TV Off-Air.
On December 1st the last analog 48MHz TV-transmitter in Norway is shutting down.
[SOURCE: LA7DFA Per on UKSMG website]

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