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Raccolta delle News edite nel Mese di Gennaio 2009.
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KP5 DXpedition - Feb. 12-26, 2009

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has notified the team that February 12-26, 2009, will be the dates allocated for the radio operation. These dates are coordinated with other USFWS research activities scheduled on other parts of Desecheo Island as well as scheduling USFWS security personnel for the camp.

Fifteen operators will be allowed on the island at any given time. A total of 6-8 stations will be operational, including 160-6 meters.

A reconnaissance trip to Desecheo is scheduled for Friday, December 19. Three team members, USFWS personnel and an UXO (unexploded ordnance) expert will sweep and clear the assigned area of UXO and other hazards. There will be no radio operations.

The 15-man team will assemble in Puerto Rico on February 8, 2009, for mandatory UXO training. The next three days will include team operations training, and last minute preparation and staging of the several tons of equipment for transport. On February 12th, landing will commence and two stations will be immediately activated. Likewise, stations will continue to operate until the final moments before departure on February 26th.

Halfway through the operation, on February 19th, approximately half of the operating team will be replaced with fresh operators for the final week.

The team has been diligently planning antennas and propagation paths to take advantage of every possible band opening to Asia, where Desecheo is #2 on the Most Wanted List and to Europe, where it is #3 on the Most Wanted List.

Contributions are being solicited. To assist us and for the latest news, please go to the team’s website:


Justin K9MU has compiled a nice North American 50 Mhz Beacon Map, take a look.

CQ accetta eQsl

CQ Magazine accetterà le conferme elettroniche fatte con per i propri diplomi con effetto immediato. lo ha annunciato l'Editore di CQ Rich Moseson, W2VU ed il fondatore e webmaster di eQSL, Dave Morris, N5UP. Ci saranno alcune limitazioni e differenti procedure dipendenti dai differenti diplomi. Saranno accettate solo conferme da membri ad "Autenticità Garantita" di eQSL.

Fonte: OPDX Bollettino #892

4m in Norway       

70MHz will probably be available in Norway this year (spring or
summer?). Proposal is 70.0 - 70.5MHz, 100Watts and secondary status.
Some frequencies might be limited at the start due to PMR. 5MHz and
500KHz is also proposed as new available bands.
SOURCE: Per, LA7DFA via UKSMG Announce

V2 - Antigua
W4OWY / V25WY (Bob) and W9OP / V25OP (Mark) will be on Antigua March
10 through March 19. 160 - 6 meters, QSL via home calls or bureau.
Logs will also be uploaded as before to LOTW and eQSL. Tnx, Bob W4OWY
SOURCE: Tnx Bill, NG3K, via his DX-NEWS

Sunspot Plotter       

A new utility is available at website.
The sunspot plotter is easy to use. For example, select your birth date from the pull-down menus and the plotter instantly shifts to the day you were born.

YV0 - Aves Isl.       

The 4M5DX Group expedition to Aves Island (NA-020) is scheduled to take place in March, hopefully for a full week.
A large team of operators will be active as YW0A on 160-6 metres SSB, CW and RTTY.
QSL via IT9DAA (diret or bureau), or LoTW. Look at for updates.
[SOURCE]: 425DXN 916
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