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THE REPORTER - EME - Earth Moon Earth
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 17:49
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6m EME with only 100 Watt

Due to a cracked mounting plate I had to take my 6m, 2m and 70 cm EME array down in January 2007. I am in the process of building another tower for a 4 x 11 element 6m EME array with full elevation as opposed to the 60 degrees of the previous 2 stack of 11 element yagis.

Currently I have a single 11 element yagi at 15 m above ground level for MS and Tropo and hopefully, when cycle 24 picks up, some TEP/F2.
Previous experience with the 2 stack showed a difference of between 6 and 8 db in the noise level from on the horizon to about 10 degrees elevation. This is due to the fact that I live in a town and most of the town lies to the West. Consequently I never attempted any skeds below 10 degrees. After 25 months of no QSO’s I approached Lance W7GJ and asked if he would be interested in running a sked with my single yagi and barefoot Icom 756PRO.

We set up a sked for 02 February 2009 from about 20 degrees to my moonset and on this night Mike K6MYC was also testing the antenna for the E51 DX-pedition. I copied Mick W1JJ at about 18 degrees and then lost him. I suspect he was in my 2nd lobe and then the moon moved out of it.
I copied W7GJ from about 11 degrees when he started transmitting. At about 8 degrees the moon moved into my main lobe and W7GJ was able to detect traces of my 100w transmission. At about 5 degrees he copied my calls + OOO transmission at -26db and we completed the QSO with RO, RRR and 73 being sent in subsequent sequences. W7GJ then began to call CQ and I was able to copy his transmissions until the moon merged with horizon as seen on my tower mounted CCTV camera. His best signal was at -14 db. (See screen shot of QSO).

A few days later I asked Mike K6MYC if he would like to try and we set up a sked for 09 February but conditions were extremely poor. Mike’s best was -28 or -29 db and he did not hear me at all.

On the 10th we tried again from my second lobe which Mike calculated to be from 18 to 16 degrees. I was able to copy Mike at -28db but he could not copy me. As the moon reached 7 degrees Mike copied my calls + OOO and RO, RRR and 73 were exchanged in subsequent sequences. My best signal was -27 db during the QSO and and -25 db while we were mapping the lobe. Mike was able to copy my 100w down to 1 degree of moon elevation here. (See screen shot of ON4KST chat page).

His best signal was at -21db. (See attached screen shot)

It was great fun trying and succeeding with 100w on 6m EME.

73 de Paul ZS6NK

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