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Then begin the mechanical difficulties it is indeed the greatest difficulty HF amps are the mechanical
 strength because of the student temperature, ventilation, vibration we must not forget that there are equal filaments vibration breaks .I start with the greatest courage as you know mounts the simplest triodes are a cause of mounting since the first mechanical support lamp is simply a hole diameter of the grid lamp.
But still the problem of ventilation but there is not enough progress for the moment.
After pierced and set three lamps seen here is the three beautiful girls hi as planned I also set the self
 shock and bypass for the high-voltage.
You'll see the trait that determines the separation of high-voltage compartment
below is the patterns published on the web by JH0WJF

After watching this mounting quite simple but very functional I launch area has a small modification
 assembly has the base was scheduled for GI6B in absolute months are identical but powerful
Here patterns bitter modification only in the polarization of cathodes

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