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Six Meters Vatican New One

(last update February 5th, 2005)

Lista relativa a QSO tratti dal log di HV0A, da parte del log di HV3SJ e da altre liste di new one.
Ogni aggiornamento sarà gradito, inviate i dati di eventiuali qso precedenti via email indicando i dati del qso allegando un immagine della qsl ricevuta (formato gif o jpg) a Sergio IK0FTA alla mail indicata.

Vatican new-one list realized by IK0FTA for any update pse send an email with a image of your qsl of any HV station to:


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



02/11/02 1025 CW 3XY7C HV0A 3X Guinea HV0A Log
04/07/01 1600 SSB 4X1RF HV0A 4X Israel HV0A Log New one before???
04/07/01 1802 SSB 5B/G1JJE HV0A 5B Cyprus HV0A Log
29/06/03 1025 SSB 5T5M HV0A 5T Mauritania HV0A Log
07/10/00 1526 CW 5V7VJ HV0A 5V Togo HV0A Log
22/04/99 ?? SSB 7Q7RM HV5PUL 7Q Malawi Log on line
24/06/44 0948 CW 7X0AD HV0A 7X Algeria HV0A Log
04/06/94 1409 SSB 9A2BZ HV4NAC 9A Croatia Other List
17/05/00 1619 SSB 9H1BT HV0A 9H Malta HV0A Log New one before???
03/05/03 1728 CW 9J2BO HV0A 9J Zambia HV0A Log
29/10/02 1135 SSB A45WD HV0A A45 Oman HV0A Log
02/04/00 1632 SSB CE8BHI HV0A CE Chile HV0A Log
04/07/01 1622 SSB CN2DX HV0A CN Morocco HV0A Log
09/05/98 ?? SSB CT1DYX HV5PUL CT Portugal Log on line New one before???
10/06/95 1704 SSB CT3FT HV3SJ CT3 Madeira Is. HV3SJ Log
26/07/03 1835 SSB CU2AF HV0A CU Azores HV0A Log
02/04/00 1602 SSB CX2LI HV0A CX Uruguay HV0A Log
03/06/95 1528 CW D44BC HV3SJ D4 Capo Verde Other List
10/06/95 0849 SSB DJ6TK HV3SJ DL Germany HV3SJ Log
06/11/98 ?? SSB E30GA HV5PUL E3 Eritrea Log on line
29/05/93 1355 SSB EH3LL HV4NAC EA Spain Other List
04/07/01 1856 SSB EH6NB HV0A EA6 Balearic Is. HV0A Log
03/06/96 0953 SSB EH9IB HV4NAC EA9 Ceuta & Melil Other List
09/06/94 ?? SSB EI3BBB HV4NAC EI Ireland Other List
07/06/03 1616 SSB ER5DX HV0A ER Moldova HV0A Log
10/06/95 1606 CW ES1CW HV3SJ ES Estonia HV3SJ Log
07/10/00 1240 SSB ET3VSC HV0A ET Ethiopia HV0A Log
10/06/95 0911 SSB F5PDG HV3SJ F France HV3SJ Log
07/10/00 1420 SSB FR1AN HV0A FR Reunion HV0A Log
16/06/91 0829 SSB G4IFX HV3SJ G U.K. Other List
10/06/95 1233 SSB GD3AHV HV3SJ GD Is. Of Man HV3SJ Log New one before???
16/06/91 1126 SSB GI0OTC HV3SJ GI Ireland Other List
11/07/90 1739 SSB GJ4ICD HV3SJ GJ Jersey Other List
16/06/91 0827 SSB GM1ZCD HV3SJ GM Scotland Other List
10/06/95 0934 SSB GU2HML HV3SJ GU Guernsey HV3SJ Log New one before???
16/06/91 0914 SSB GW4LXO HV3SJ GW Wales Other List
07/10/00 1037 SSB HB2BIN HV0A HB Switzerland HV0A Log
05/06/04 1209 SSB HB0TW HV0A HB0 Liechtenstein HV0A Log
10/06/95 1327 SSB HV4NAC HV3SJ HV Vatican HV3SJ Log
31/05/03 0730 SSB HZ1MD HV0A HZ Saudi Arabia HV0A Log
11/07/90 1630 SSB I0CUT HV3SJ I Italy Other List
08/09/00 0828 SSB IS0QDV HV5PUL IS0 Sardinia Other List New one before???
07/10/00 1302 SSB J28NH HV0A J2 Djibouti HV0A Log
31/05/03 0856 SSB JY9NX HV0A JY Jordan HV0A Log
16/11/01 1344 SSB N4RFN HV0A K U.S.A. HV0A Log
11/07/90 ?? SSB LA9ZV HV3SJ LA Norge Other List
02/04/00 1555 SSB LU9AEA HV0A LU Argentina HV0A Log
31/05/01 1430 SSB LX3DX HV0A LX Luxembourg HV0A Log New one before???
04/07/01 1722 SSB LY2NE HV0A LY Lithuania HV0A Log New one before???
07/10/00 1348 SSB LZ2CC HV0A LZ Bulgaria HV0A Log New one before???
31/05/03 0959 SSB OD5/IK3A HV0A OD5 Lebanon HV0A Log New one before???
16/06/91 1009 SSB OE3NEL HV3SJ OE Austria Other List
10/06/95 1549 SSB OH1LEU HV3SJ OH Finland HV3SJ Log New one before???
21/07/03 1835 CW OH0RJ HV0A OH0 Aland Is. HV0A Log
10/06/95 1007 SSB OK1FAV HV3SJ OK Czeck Rep. HV3SJ Log New one before???
04/07/01 1846 SSB OM5KM HV0A OM Slovakia HV0A Log New one before???
11/07/90 1822 SSB ON4ASL HV3SJ ON Belgium Other List
11/07/90 1816 SSB OZ1BUR HV3SJ OZ Denmark Other List
16/07/90 1803 SSB PA0OOS HV3SJ PA Netherlands Other List
05/04/02 1810 CW PY5CC HV0A PY Brazil HV0A Log
02/11/02 1247 CW PY0FF HV0A PY0 Fer. de Noron HV0A Log
10/06/95 1443 SSB S57A HV3SJ S5 Slovenia HV3SJ Log
11/07/90 ?? SSB SM7AED HV3SJ SM Sweden Other List
10/06/95 1005 SSB SP5CCC HV3SJ SP Poland HV3SJ Log New one before???
03/05/03 1610 SSB SU1HM HV0A SU Egypt HV0A Log
07/07/93 0815 SSB SV1UN HV4NAC SV Greece Other List New one before???
04/07/01 1836 SSB SV5BYR HV0A SV5 Dodecanese HV0A Log
10/06/95 1600 SSB SV9ANK HV3SJ SV9 Crete HV3SJ Log
05/06/04 1427 SSB SV0ASP/A HV0A SV/A Mont Athos HV0A Log
04/01/03 1037 SSB T72EB HV0A T7 San Marino HV0A Log
31/05/03 0832 SSB TA2RC/P HV0A TA Turkey HV0A Log
26/07/03 1945 SSB TF8GX HV0A TF Iceland HV0A Log
07/10/00 1310 SSB TR8XX HV0A TR Gabon HV0A Log
10/11/98 ?? SSB TZ6VV HV5PUL TZ Mali Log on line
04/07/01 1520 SSB UR5WN HV0A UT Ukraine HV0A Log New one before???
07/10/00 1553 SSB V51E HV0A V5 Namibia HV0A Log New one before???
16/11/01 1500 SSB VE1YX HV0A VE Canada HV0A Log
07/11/02 0715 CW VK4CXQ HV0A VK Australia HV0A Log
10/06/95 1625 CW YL2DX HV3SJ YL Latvia HV3SJ Log
10/06/95 1817 SSB YO7VJ HV3SJ YO Romania HV3SJ Log
04/07/01 1715 SSB YU1EU HV0A YU Yugoslavia HV0A Log
22/04/99 ?? SSB Z23JO HV5PUL Z2 Zimbabwe Log on line
31/05/03 0952 CW Z33A HV0A Z3 Macedonia HV0A Log
31/05/03 1013 CW ZA3/IZ7CTE HV0A ZA Albania HV0A Log
21/07/03 1750 CW ZB2EO HV0A ZB Gibraltar HV0A Log New one before???
05/04/02 2115 CW ZD8DB HV0A ZD8 Ascension HV0A Log
06/11/98 1305 SSB ZS6PJS HV5PUL ZS South Africa Other List





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