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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; May 1-7, 2012

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


Pse send any update to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Apr. 30 - Morning - ES: PA, SM, OH, YL, UT, ER, ES, SV, SV5, SV9, 5B, YO, LZ. Afternoon - ES: SP, UT, ER, SV, SV5, SV9, LZ, YO, OH, LY, SM. TEP: 3B8DB, FR4NT, FR1GZ, Z2/b.

May 1 - Morning - ES: 4X, 5B, JY/b. Afternoon - ES: 4L, UT, YO (North Italy). TEP: 3B8DB, 9J2BO, ZS6, FR/b, B/S: I-I, CU. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, ZD8/b + PY2 (North and central Italy).

May 2 - Afternoon - ES: SV, G, OZ, LA, UT, EA, F, HA, YO, ON, 5B/b, DL, CT, SM, GS3PYE/P (Mull Is.). TEP: TR8CA, TJ3AY, S9/b. Evening - ES: I-I, HB9, LZ, SV, SV9, DK, LZ, YL, CT. TEP: C5YK, PY2, 9Q/b, ZD8/b.

May 3 - Morning - ES: EA.

May 4 - Morning - ES: DL. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, CN, DL, HB. Evening/Night - TEP: UR7FM/mm (IG28), ZD8/b (South Italy).

May 5 - Afternoon - ES: EA,, EA6, EA8, CT, CN, G, F. F2: OA4TT (HRD in South Italy). TEP: ZS6, Z21LV, Z21BB, 9Q/b. Evening: - ES: EA, CT, CN, SV. TEP: UR7FM/mm (IH02), ZD8/b, 9Q/b.

May 6 - Morning - ES: (Weak MS assisted) EA, CN, UT, LZ, YO DL. Afternoon - TEP: TR/b, ZS6, Z21LV. F2: OA4TT (HRD in South Italy). Evening: - ES: EA8. TEP: UR7FM/mm (HH77), Z2/b, ZD8/b, 9Q/b.


DX News about: 3D, 4X, 6O, 9H, GM, GU, KH9 - JW, J7, KL7, OH0, P4, PY0F, TF.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX.

TNX to all!


3D2C - Conway Reef - 07.05.12

(Update) - An international team of operators will be active as 3D2C from Conway Reef (OC-112) between September 24th and October 5th. The current list of operators are Hrane/YT1AD (Team leader), David/K3LP (Technical Co-leader), Aleksey/UA4HOX (Organization Co-leader), Paul/N6PSE (PR), David/WD5COV, Vasily/RW4NW, David/AH6HY, Alan/AD6E, Alan/K6SRZ (Medical Doctor), Craig/K9CT, Sergej/RZ3FW, George/N6NKT, Stanislav/LZ1GC, Al/K3VN, Alexander/RW3RN and Peter/PY5CC/PT5XX. Most of these operators were active from Rotuma as 3D2R last year. Activity will be on 160-2 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV and PSK31. Suggested frequencies were published in OPDX.1045. QSL via YT1AD, direct (w/SAE or SASE + 1 USD for normal postage, 2 USDs for Airmail) or by the Bureau.
For more details and updates, visit the 3D2C Web page at: http://www.yt1ad.info/3d2c/index.html

4X - Israel - 03.05.12

2012 sees the first DXpedition by the group of Dutch radio amateurs listed below to Israel, who, apart from making QSO's, look forward to meeting local hams and visiting places of cultural and historical interest.
We will be active from May 17th until May 30th The first 6 days we will stay in Nes Ammim in the Northwest between Nahariya and Akko in KM72nx. From there we will travel to Rishon LeZion in KM71jw.
The members of the team during May 2012 are Jaap PA7DA, Loek PA9LUC and XYL, Hans PA0JBB and SWL Aad van den Nieuwendijk.
At this moment we don't have a 4X callsign and will be QRV according CEPT-regulations with 4X/PA7DA and 4X/PA9LUC. We will operate mainly on 10, 6 and 2m.
More information on the PA7DA website (in dutch) http://pa7da.jouwweb.nl/


6O – Somalia - 04.05.12


A team of Italian operators will be active this week from from Galkayo, Somalia, as 6O0CW between May 7-18th. Operators mentioned are Silvano/I2YSB (6O0CW), Vinicio/IK2CIO (6O0IO), Angelo/IK2CKR (6O0KR), Marcello/IK2DIA (6O0IA), Stefano/IK2HKT (6O0KT) and Gino/IK2RZP (9O0ZP).
Also mentioned are Software developer Giacomo/IH9GPI and Pilot station Art/IK7JWY. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.
Suggested frequencies are:
CW     - 1823, 3530, 7025, 10113, 14050, 18069, 21050, 24891 and 28050 kHz
SSB    - 3790, 7056/7125, 14270, 18130, 21275, 24980 and 28450 kHz
RTTY   - 7041, 10142, 14080, 18103, 21080, 24915 and 28080 kHz
50 MHz - 50105/CW and 50105/SSB (probably they will have a bcn in same qrg).

QSL Manager is I2YSB, direct or by the OQRS. They state on their Web page [edited]: "The members of Italian Dxpedition Team, after the donation of an ambulance to the Galkayo Medical Center and an absence of six years from Galkayo, return to the country to help again the Somali Red Crescent Society. The same team has operated from Somalia in 2005 with the callsign
6O0CW and 2006 with the callsign 6O0N, putting in the log about 25,000 QSOs in  the first case and about 35.000 QSOs in the second one. We ask those who have already worked us during one of these DXpeditions to not work us again in the same bands/modes, thus giving more opportunities for those who have not previously worked Somalia. Thanks for your cooperations."
For more details, visit their Web page at:  http://www.i2ysb.com/joomla5 A forum for the 6O0CW operation is available at: http://www.hamradioweb.net


9H - Malta - 03.05.12

(Reminder see: Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2012)
HA5PP will be 9H3PP during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (26-27 May, 2012) and after the contest he will focus on some 6m and 12m activity. QSL via home call.


GM - Scotland - 03.05.12

(Reminder see: Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Jan. 10-16, 2012)
GM7WCO/p will be qrv from St. Kilda Islands (EU-059, Grid Loc. IO57) from 16-21 May, 2012.
QSL via GM7WCO, bureau or direct.


GU - Guernsey - 05.05.12

Look for MU/PA0VHA, MU/PA3BAG, MU/PA2A and MU/PA2AM (www.pi4cc.nl) to be active from Guernsey (EU-114) on  12-19  May.  They  plan  to operate CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK on 80-6 metres. QSL via  home  calls.


KH9 - Wake Island - 07.05.12

Colin, WA2YUN, is running a new beacon on wake island, rk39, 40w into 2 stacked  1/2 wave loops, KH9/WA2YUN/B, 50.014 mhz
[SOURCE: VK6KXW direct to Sixitalia]


J7 – Dominica - 01.05.12

Look for Ken J79KT (JN1THL) – Yoshikatsu J79YK (JK1KHT) – Yoshiko J79YL (JQ1LCW) and Misae J79JF (JF1UOX) to be active from Dominica between 10 to 17 May, 2012.
QRV on 40-10m, possibly 6m using a TS-590 and IC-706MKII + amps. CW, SSB & RTTY.
QSL all calls to JN1NDY.


JW - Svalbard - 07.05.12


Operators Karl/LA8DW (JW8DW) and Kjell/LA9HH will be active from the JW5E club station in Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen Island (EU-026) between September 12-19th. Their activity will include the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) CW Contest (September 15-16th) using the callsign JW5E. Operations outside of the contest will be on CW and SSB. QSL JW8DW via LA8DW. QSL JW5E direct. Visit the JW8DW Web page at: http://la8dw.com/Svalbard%202011
Visit the JW5E Web page at: http://www.jw5e.com

KL7 - Alaska - 04.05.12

Members of the Russian Robinson Club (RRC) with the support of the Bethel Amateur Radio Club (BARK) will activate the last new IOTA in Alaska in the Bethel County IOTA Group possibly around 10-14 May, 2012 (they postponed their 5-8 January operation due to weather earlier in the year).
Callsign will be KL7RRC/p. The group's main reason for this activation is to participate in the RSGB IOTA Marathon. The current team members are: Yuri N3QQ, and Tim NL8F, and possibly another. They plan to activate Pingurbeck Island on 40-6 metre SSB and CW. QSL via UA9OBA (Europe/Russia) and N7RO; either manager can confirm any contact. More details, updates and real time team's location can be seen at: www.na-234.com/


OH0 - Aland Is. - 03.05.12

OH8K/0 will be qrv from JP90SF during the Nordic VUSHF-Meeting 2012.
The plan from Jussi, OH6ZZ and Sami, OH9GDT will be to join the Nordic VUSHF-Meeting at Island Aland during 24-27 May 2012 (http://vushf.rats.fi/) They try to be qrv as OH8K/0 on 2m FSK/EME on 25-27 May.

P4 - Aruba - 05.05.12

Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Feb. 28 - March 5, 2012 
JA3AVO (P40X), JH3PBL  (P40U), JA3DFM (P4/JA3DFM), JA3OPB (P4/JA3OPB) will be active from Aruba (SA-036) on 8-14 May.


PY0F - Fernando de Noronha Is. 04.05.12

Ville PY2ZEA / OH2MM and Peter PY5CC / PP5XX are in Fernando de Noronha Island until may, 07.
Look for PYØFM call on all band, and also in the ARAUCARIA VHF CONTEST on 50MHz (May 5/6).
[TNx: www.50mhz.co via 9A5CW]


TF - Iceland - 03.05.12

TF3ML prepare a portable operation from south coast of Iceland (HP94AC) he wrote:
"I will be on my specially built truck with large antennas, high power on VHF and UHF and also on 50 MHz, 70 MHz and 28 MHz.
Please look at my facebook site, there I will post my locator, frequency and mode, which I will be operating.
If you have any requests on a special locator, I am completely mobile. Send me a text or e-mail if you have any requests or want to set up a sced. E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and mobile phone: 00354-8418311."

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