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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Oct. 18-24, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Oct. 17 - Afternoon - ES: CT, EA. TEP: 5N7M, TR8CA, ZS4,5,6, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, ZS4,5,6, V51KC, 5N7M, C5YK, PY.

Oct. 18 - Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, 5N7M, CE, PY, LU (mostly in south Italy).

Oct. 19 -  Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, ZS4, 6, 3XY1D/b. Evening - TEP: ZS6, PY (mostly in south Italy).

Oct. 20 -  Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, ZS6. Evening - TEP: 5N7M, ZS6, PY, LU (south Italy).

Oct. 21 -  Afternoon - TEP: TR8CA, 3XY1D, ZS6. Evening - TEP: ZS6, 9Q/b, PY (south Italy).

Oct. 22 -  Afternoon - TEP: 3XY1D, C50C, 5N7M, D44BS, ZS6, FY/b, FR/b, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: 5N7M, D44TD, ZS6, PY, ZP, LU.

Oct. 23 -  Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, JY, 4X. TEP: C50C, 6V7Q, 5N7M, ZS6, D4/b, FR/b, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: C91KHN, V51YJ, 3XY1D, D44TD, ZS6, FR/b, 8Q/b, PY.


DX News about: 5B, 60, 8Q, EA8, GU, FP, VK, XV, Z2, ZA, ZD8.


5B - Cyprus - 10.21.11

Zoli, HA5PP, will be active from the island of Cyprus (IOTA AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051) from approx. 27-31 October 2011. QRV all HF bands and 6 metres, including a Single-Op/All-Band entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October). QSL via home call.


6O – Somalia - 10.19.11

Darko J28AA / E70A plans to be active from Somalia between November 21 – 30, 2011 as 6O0DX.
QSL via K2PF or E77E
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]
Add note by Sixitalia:
He will use a vertical antenna resonante also on 6m.


8Q – Maldives - 10.19.11

8Q7DV will be active during both SSB & CW WW Contests. Note the following:
R9DX will operate as 8Q7DV for CQ WW SSB (October 29-30)
R9DX, UA9CDC, RN4WA, RA9CMO and UA9CGA active as 8Q7DV for CQ WW CW (November 26-27)
Outside both contests, look for activity on 160 and 80m. Also plans to be active on WARC bands and 6m.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


A5 - Bhutan - 10.21.11

Andy UA3AB (A52AB), Ralph K0IR (A52IR), Paul W8AEF (A52PP), Pat W0BM (A52PC) and Glenn W0GJ (A51B), along with their wives, will be in Thimphu, Bhutan, between 25 October and 1 November 2011. In the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) look for A52IR on 75m, A52PC on 40m, A52PP on 20M, A52AB on 15m and A51B on 10m. They will be on other bands/modes outside of the contest. QSL to home calls.


EA8 - Canary is - 10.21.11

Members of the Teide DX Group will be active as EG8FBN from the lighthouse Buenavista del Norte lighthouse (FEA D-2833, ARLHS CAI-004, WLOTA 1276, WW Loc. IL18OJ), Tenerife (IOTA AF-004, DIE S-012) on 22-23 October, 2011.
They will operate SSB, CW and digital modes on the HF, VHF and UHF bands. All of the QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau; direct cards should be sent to EA8NQ. Further information can be found at: www.ea8ay.com/EG8FBN/
[SOURCE: 425 DX Newsvia ICPO]


FP - Miquelon Is. - 10.21.11

Eric, KV1J, and Jack, KV1E, will once again be active as FP/homecalls from the island of Miquelon (IOTA NA-032, DIFO FP-002, WLOTA 1417, Grid Loc. GN17) between 25th October and 1st November 2011. Plans are to be QRV on 160-10 metre SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. Primarily SSB and RTTY generally on the highest frequency band open. He will try 6 metres if there are indications of
openings. Eric will also be active on the AO-51 Satellite (and other FM sats) weather permitting and if 2m/70cm mode. He will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power (500 Watts) entry. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL one week after he arrives home. Further information at: www.kv1j.com/fp/october11.html [SOURCE: NG3K via ICPO]


GU - Guernsey - 10.21.11
Members of the Dutch DX-pedition & contestgroup PA6Z are planning a DXpedition from 23 till 30 October 2011 to the isle of Guernsey (IOTA EU-114, WLOTA 0013), using the callsign MU/PA9M. They will be active from 160-6 metre CW
and SSB. The team will stay at Les Maingys the Headquarters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Scout Association (WW Loc. IN89RL). The DXpedition will operate 24 hours a day from a maximum 7 individual stations, as band conditions permit.
During the operation, the CQWW DX SSB Contest takes place (29-30 October). The team will participate in the contest on all bands, as a Multi-Multi entry.
Operators include Marcel PA9M, Frank PA4N, Jelmer PA5R, Dervin PD9DX, Arbo PH0AS, Arend PA2AWU and Dick PA4VHF. QSL via PA9M, direct or bureau. No e-QSL!
Further info on their website at: www.pa6z.nl/guernsey2011/


VK - Australia - 10.21.11

The Scout Member Amateur Radio Team (SMART) in the VK6 district has been given the special callsign, VI6CHOGM, to be active from 28-30 October 2011.
Activity is to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Western Australia (IOTA OC-001, WLOTA 1520), to discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to agree on collective policies and initiatives. They plan to operate as much as possible from the Peter Hughes Scout Communications Centre in East Cannington, although other clubs may wish to book a period to operate from their club QTH. Activity will be on 80-6 metres using the World Scout Calling Frequencies, mostly on SSB, as well as PSK31 and SSTV. There may be some CW. QSL via the Bureau or direct (QRZ.com). Website: vi6chogm.com/
[SOURCE: ODPX Bulletin via ICPO]

XV – Vietnam - 10.22.11

Retu, XU7MDY/OX3RZ/OH4MDY will once again be active from South East Vietnam as XV2RZ from November 1 to December 12, 2011.
QRV on 80m to 6m CW/SSB. QSL only direct via XU7MDY.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


Z2 - Zimbabwe - 10.18.11


We are vy sad to know thar Z22JE, Dudly, passed away some days ago. He was on 6m for ages and was worked/hrd also this year until the firsts days of october. R.I.P.


ZA - Albania - 10.21.11

Andy, LZ2HM, and a team of others will be active as ZA/LZ2HM from south of Vlore (WW Loc. JN90RI), Albania, between 25 October and 1 November, 2011. Plans are to be QRV 160m-2m, all modes. They will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) as ZA3WW; category to be decided. QSL both callsigns via LZ2HM, direct only.


ZD8 - Ascension Is. - 10.22.11

Marko, N5ZO will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest as ZD8O (SOAB) from Ascension Island (AF-003). QSL via OH0XX.
He will be on the island by 20 October and will leave on 1 November, with some CW and SSB activity on the HF bands (30, 17 and 12 metres excluded) before the contest.
[SOURCE: OPDX  VIA 425dxn]


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