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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Aug. 9-15, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Aug. 8 - Morning - ES: HA, SM, LA, OH, G, EA, EI.

Aug. 9 - Morning - ES: UT, F, EA, G. Afternoon - ES: G.

Aug. 10 - Morning - ES: LY, G, G. Afternoon - ES: ZB, EA, CT. TEP: TY1KS. Evening - ES: UT.

Aug. 11 - Morning - ES: SV, LZ. Afternoon - ES: 5B4, UT, LZ, SV, 7X. TEP: TY1KS. Evening - TEP: TY1KS.

Aug. 12 - Morning - ES: SV, G, EA, UT. TEP: TY. Afternoon - TEP: TY.

Aug. 13 - Afternoon - ES: SV, EA, CT. ESmh: CU, EA8, SV, YU, LY, ES, SM, G, CN8. TEP: TY. Evening - ES: YL, LY, ESmh: CT3, EA8.TEP: TY.

Aug. 14 - Morning - ES: SV, G, F, DL, OZ, ON, EA, CT. Afternoon - ES: EA, G, F. Evening - ES: G.


DX News about: CN, EA, G, GU, HA, LA, V4.



3D2R - Rotuma - 08.15.11

Excerpts from a press release from Acim, YT3W, informs OPDX that "a team of experienced amateurs and friends prepared a serious amateur expedition to the far island Rotuma, which belongs to the state Fiji". Their goal is to activate the beautiful island of Rotuma on all amateur frequencies from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz and all amateur modes. Their team will operate on CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, SSTV, PSK, etc... Operators mentioned are: Hrane/YT1AD, David/K3LP, Krassimir/K1LZ, Aleksej/UA4HOX, Atilano/PY5EG, David/WD5COV, Vangelis/SV2BFN, Joe/AA4NN, Paul/N6PSE, Vel/YT3WW, Victor/UA4HBW, Victor/RU4SU, Chuck/JT1CO, Badruun/JT1DO, Danail/LZ1VVV, Choi/HL5FUA, Vasily/RW4NW and Acim/YT3W. They have the landing permit and the amateur radio license for the callsign 3D2R.
The team of experienced amateur and friends will gather in Fiji on September 24th, and expect a departure from the port of Suva on the 25th of September around noon. The journey takes 36 hours. They expect the first activity on the amateur radio frequencies on September 27th, and will be active the next 10 days. Return to Fiji is expected on October 8th, in the morning. QSL via YT1AD, direct or by the Bureau.


9N - Nepal - 08.15.11

Probably the next international 9N expedition ( http://www.mdxc.org/nepal2011/ ), instead as declared before, will be active also on 6m.
Guillermo, XQ3SA has join the crew and seems he'll bring in Nepal an "extra" ic706 plus a 5 el yagi to do some activity in 6m.
[SOURCE: IZ8CCW direct to Sixitalia)


A3 - Tonga - 08.15.11

Craig, KI0SO, has been active as A35CT from Lifuka Island in the Ha'apai IOTA group (OC-169, Grid Loc. AH20te). Activity will be on 20-6 meters mostly SSB. He is using an Elecraft K3 and a Yaesu FT-450 into Force-12 C-3 antenna and an M2 6m antenna operating mostly 10 watts. He has been heard on 20 meters SSB between 0830-1030z. The length of his activity is unknown. QSL via KI0SO CBA (probably a lengthy delay in response).


CN - Morocco - 08.15.11

Ruggero 5C2P (IK2PZC), Leo 5C2L (I8LWL), Fred 5C2J (IK7JWX), Simon 5C2SG (IZ7ATN), Ampelio 5C2B (IS0AGY), Mounaim CN8QY and Belkaid CN8QX plan to be active from Herne Island, AF-068 during the period September 22 – 29, 2011.
All modes, HF, WARC, 50 Mhz.
[SOURCE: www.dx-world.net]


EA - Spain - 08.12.11

Reinhard, DH6DAO, will be active as EA7/DH6DAO from Velez, Malaga Province, Spain (WW Loc. IM86AR) between 16th August and 2nd September 2011. This includes the activation of Torrox lighthouse (FEA E-0074, ARLHS SPA-219). QRV holiday style on 6m CW/SSB only. QSL via home call, bureau or direct.


G - England - 08.12.11

Members of the Worked All Britain (WAB) are planning to activate Fair Isle (IOTA EU-012, IOSA SH09, WLOTA 1319), Shetland Islands, Scotland, using the callsign GS4WAB and GS7WAB from 16th to 22nd of August 2011. They plan to activate the rare WAB squares HZ16, HZ17, HZ26 and HZ27. Fair Isle is the only piece of land within the very rare HZ 100 km Ordnance Survey Grid Square. GS4WAB will be established at the South Lighthouse (ARLHS SCO-079, BARLS A3750, TWLHD WLH GM-028, WW Loc. IO99EM) on the island, while GS7WAB will be used for portable activations on other parts of the island, including the North Lighthouse (ARLHS SCO-078, BARLS A3756, TWLHD WLH GM-027, WW Loc. IO99EN). QSL via G4IAR, direct or bureau. More details are forthcoming.


GU - Guernsey  08.14.11

A large group of operators from the Telford and District Amateur Society  will be active as GP3ZME/p from  Guernsey  (EU-114)  on 19-24 August. They plan to be QRV on 80-10 metres, as well as on 6 and 2m and the SHF bands. QSL via G3ZME, bureau preferred.

[SOURCE: 425dxn]

HA - Hungary - 08.12.11

At midnight on August 14 2011 the Budapest television broadcasting transmitter will cease operation on VHF channel one. The termination of Broadcasting Band I transmissions after 54 years of television broadcasting will be followed by four days of ham radio activity organized by Haros Radio Club, using the antenna system of the former TV transmitter.  This activity at the special event station HG50MHZ is a memorial event celebrating more than half a century’s operation and at the same time publicizes the closure of a broadcasting transmitter which is well known to the six metre amateur radio community. The webpage of HG50MHZ http://www.hg50mhz.tv summarizes the 54 year history of Budapest channel one television broadcasting, the 6 years of HA activities on the six metre (50MHz) band and additionally provides details of the special event station. Channel one television broadcasts from Budapest are well known by radio amateurs all over the world and have in the past been widely used as a propagation indicator. This period of amateur radio activity will allow two way communications facilitating actual amateur radio contacts utilizing the antenna system of the television transmitter. The web-site http://www.hg50mhz.tv will also broadcast a video and audio stream in real-time from the station’s operating position, thus everybody will be able to listen to how his or her transmission can be copied at the former television station. The chat and guestbook pages of the site also provide another means of communications amongst the interested amateur radio community. The location of the station is at the Szechenyi-hill broadcast station of Antenna Hungaria (JN97II) Station operators are either employees of Antenna Hungaria who are licensed radio amateurs or are members of the Haros Radio Club.
The planned modes of operation are: CW, SSB, FM and digital. Besides being available for normal tropospheric and sporadic E modes of propagation EME earth-moon-earth experiments are also planned at HG50MHZ.
[SOURCE: HA5PT via Magic Band EME on MMMonVHF]

LA - Norway - 08.12.11

Will be QRV from JP60bg during Perseids. The activity will be sporadic due to family issues in the weekend. Will go there with another HAM and use his cabin. Will put up antennas for 6m and 4m on friday evening, and try to work some MS QSO's after getting antennas up. Then I will return home and will be back at the cabin on saturday afternoon/evening and start working again. If family situation allow I will try to work a little in the morning as well. Then QRV sunday morning and during the afternoon/evening. No excact times can be given. Will announce on Shout when QRV. It's a short drive from my ordinary QTH (JP50xh) so returns home for dinner etc QRG 50.232 and 70.283 +- QRM, using FSK441 and JT6M primary.
Possibly some CW and SSB.

V4 - St. Kitts & Nevis - 08.12.11

10/10/2011:  John, W5JON and XYL Cathy, W5HAM will once again be active as V47JA and V47HAM respectively from Calypso Bay, island of St. Kitts (IOTA NA-104, WW Loc. FK87PG), between 10 October and 5 November 2011. QRV on 80-6m SSB (including 60m). John will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL both callsigns via W5JON (QRZ.com)

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