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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; June 28 - July 4, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


Pse send any update to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


June 27 - Morning - ES: 4X, SV, UT, DL, EA, CT. ESmh: JA (South Italy). Afternoon/Evening - ES: Wide intereuropean openig; some interesting coutry: 4X, TA EA, CT. ESmh: A9, EA8, CU, KP4, HI, FS, V2, PJ2/DJ9ON, PJ6D, PJ76, 9Y, FM, FG, YV, K, JW.

June 28 - Morning - ES: UT, EA, CT, ON, G,. ESmh: JA, DU, BA, KP4, PJ6D, CU/b, EA8. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, LZ, UT, YO, G, SV, TA, F, 7X, HA. ESmh: VR2, 9K, PJ2/DJ9ON, PJ6D, PJ76, KP4, HI, FS, 9V, CT3, EA8, EX, UK, UN. Evening - ES: SM, LA, OH, DL, F, G, OZ, Z3, SV. ESmh: UK, EX, KP4, PJ76, PJ6D, PJ2/DJ9ON, UN, HI. TEP: 9Q/b (South Italy).

June 29 - Morning - ES: UT, ER, LZ, E7, SV, 4X. ESmh: EX, JA, BA. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, SP, SV, LA, 4X, 5B, ER, TA, LY. ESmh: CU, EX, UK, UN, BA . Evening - ES: CT, LZ. ESmh: V44, PJ6D, FS (South Italy).

June 30 - Morning - ES: SV, HA, F, G, CT. ESmh: EX, D4/b, K, CU, PJ76, PJ6D, 9Y. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, UT, SP, SV, LA, 4X, 5B, ER, TA, 7X, CN8. ESmh: PJ6, PJ7, PJ2, V4, VR2, XV, 9Y, FS, EX, UK, UN, 4L, J8/b, KP4, S21RC, VU2RBI . Evening - ES: CT, EA, 4X, 9A, UT. ESmh: V44, PJ6, PJ7, PJ2, J8, EX, FG, FM, K94, HI, FS, EA8, PY, 9Y, J68HS, V44KAI, K.

July 1 - Morning - ES: TA, 5B, UT, F, SV, ON, CN8, EA, CT. ESmh: 9M6, DU, VU, UK, UN, EX, A6, VR2, JA, S2, XV, CT3. Afternoon - ES: UT, OH, SM, LA, LZ, TA, OJ0, ER, Z3, SV, DL. EA, CT, UT, SP, SV, LA, 4X, 5B, ER, TA, 7X, CN8. ESmh: PJ6, PJ7, PJ2, KP4, JW, A9, VU. Evening - ES: LX, ON, SM, LA, UT, YO, EA, CT, TF. ESmh: PJ6, PJ7, K, VE, JW.

July 2 - Morning - ES: G, 4X, UT, SV, ER, TA, EA, CT, F, DL, TA, SM, SP, LA, OH. ESmh: A4, A6, A9, 4S6AB, PJ6, PJ7, EA8. Afternoon - ES: CT, EA,SV, OZ, DL. ESmh: 9Y, TZ. Evening - ES: SP, G, SV, F. ESmh: 9Y, PJ6, PJ7, CT3, HK, OA4TT (reported in I5).

July 3 - Morning - ES: SV, 5B, 4X, UT. ESmh: PJ6, K. Afternoon - ES: OE, DL, G, F, SV, OZ, 7X, I-I, F, C41, 9A. ESmh: HI, PJ2, PJ6, PJ7, KP4, 9Y, FS, K. Evening - ES: SV, SV2ASP/A.


DX News about:  5B, 7Q, 8Q, F, G, GD, GM, K, JX, LA, SP, TF, TI, V3, VK9L, ZD8. 

5B - Cyprus - 07.01.11

Zoli, HA5PP, will be active from the island of Cyprus (IOTA AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051) from approx. 27-31 October 2011. QRV all HF bands and 6 metres, including a Single-Op/All-Band entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October. QSL via home call.


7Q - Malawi (Update) - 07.04.11

Malcolm, GM3TAL, has been issued the callsign 7Q7MH and is currently operating from the Malawi Scout Site at Makwawa. Activity will be on 20/17/15/10m and, possibly 6m. Modes will be CW and SSB. He is also planning to monitor the Scout Net frequencies. QSL via G0IAS DIRECT ONLY, with sufficient funds for a return. The cards are already printed so NOBODY will have to wait for a card which will be sent as soon as Allan, G0IAS, has the logs from Malcolm. For more details about the Scottish Scouting DXpedition to Malawi, see:
[SOURCE: ICPO #1017]

8Q - Maldives - 07-04-11

Cesare, I0WDX, will be active as 8Q7CC from Furanafushi Island (AS-013), North Male Atoll, Maldives, between November 2-12th.
He informs OPDX that he will be active on 20-6 meters, including the WARC bands, using an Icom IC-7000 into a Cushcraft R6000 vertical antenna.
For 40 meters he will try to use an inverted V if he has enough space on his water bungalow. He mentions, "Do not know yet if I will be active on CW and RTTY, however, I'll try, but would not incur the wrath of my girlfriend because it's vacation days, hi hi hi. However there is still a long time and I will try to arrange." QSL via his home callsign. Lastly, Cesare states (on Sunday, July 3rd), "This morning I received an E-mail from Mr. Maussouma (from the Ministry of Telecommunications of Male) in which informed me that the call assigned to me is 8Q7CC."
[SOURCE: ICPO #1017]


F - France - 07.01.11

John, F4FUC, will be active as J28UC from Djibouti starting July 2011 and will stay there until the Summer of 2013. He will be using Kenwood TS 480, 100 watts, vertical antenna for 10-15-20m and a dipole for 10-20-40m. QSL via his home call.
[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin via ICPO]


G - England - 07.01.11

Kevin, 2E0LSR and Julian, 2E0DJR will activate the Isle of Skye (IOSA NH07, SCOTIA CN14, WLOTA 1626), Inner Hebrides (IOTA EU-008) as 2M0LSR/M on 1st July 2011. QSL via 2E0LSR via direct with SASE or via the RSGB bureau.
Website: 2e0lsr.wordpress.com/
[SOURCE: rsgbiota.org via ICPO]


GD - Is. of Man - 07.01.11

A group of members from the Club DARC in Germany (section P08-OV Nurtingen) will be staying on the Isle of Man (IOTA EU-116, WLOTA 0449) from 7 July till 15 July 2011 in the Eary Cushlin House, located on the south west cost of the island (WW Loc. IO74PD). Operators include Pit DL1SPH, Gunter DK1SG, Bernd DH1SBB, Gertraud DC5SAN, Guenther DG1SBU, Guenther DG7SF and Erwin DL6SBN.
QRV from 80m to 6m using PSK, RTTY and SSB, using MD/homecalls. They will also participate in the IARU HF Championship (09-10 July), using the callsign MD9Y, as a SSB only entry. QSL MD9Y direct via GD3YUM (Martyn Parnell, 1 Derwent Drive, Onchan, Isle of Man IM3 2DF). QSL others via their home calls, direct or by the DARC bureau.
[SOURCE: rsgbiota.org via ICPO]


GM - Scotland - 07.02.11

Guy G3ZHL, Ken G3YKI and Trevor G8IBO hope to be active (80-6 metres may be possible) as  GM3ZHL/p from various IOTA island groups in north west Scotland during a sailing trip from  9 to 22 July.
The route and activations will depend totally on the weather. QSL via GM3ZHL (bureau) or direct to G3ZHL's permanent address in England.
[SOURCE: G3ZHL via 425dxn #1052]


JX - Jan Mayen - 07.02.1

Announced frequencies for the 4-16 July JX5O operation from Jan Mayen are as follows:
CW 50094
SSB 50120
QSL via SQ8X. QSLling instructions and further information can  be found at http://janmayen2011.org

LA - Norway - 07.04.11

Operators Mek/SP7VC and Waldi/SP7IDX will be active as LA/SP7VC and LA/SP7IDX, respectively, from Vega Island (EU-062) between July 23rd and August 2nd. Activity will be holiday style (they plan to do some fishing). They plan to have 2 stations on the air: One for the HF bands and the other for the 50 MHz (Grid Square JP65BQ). Operations will be 80-6 meters using SSB and RTTY. They will also be in the RSG IOTA Contest.
Equipment will consist of: IC-7000, TS-450, HEX beam, R-7 vertical, 6 element yagi for 6m, 500w amp for HF and 6m. QSL via their home callsigns, by the Bureau, direct and also LoTW. Visit Mek's Web page at: http://www.sp7vc.pl
[SOURCE: ICPO #1017]

K - U.S.A. - 07.03.11

KC4QVO wrote: "I am just letting everyone know that I will once again be making my trek to EN39. The trip is from July 2-10. I do not know how much I will be operating this year. I am toning down my operation a little bit. In past years I have run all 3 bands - 50, 144, 432mHz. However, 6m seems to be the only band that gets any activity so I am confining my operating to only 6m this year. This will ease on set up as well. I will be able to raise the 6m beam much easier alone than all of the antennas. I am not sure if I will even use my rotator this year. I may just revert back to the old "armstrong method" - no rotator, (heavy) bracket, and cable to worry about = faster set up/tear down.
[SOURCE: KC8QVO via VHF Reflector via mmmonVHF]

SP - Poland - 07.01.11

Stan, SQ8X, reports that he has received an email from The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) granting ham radio license - and permission to transmit from Jan Mayen Island (IOTA EU-022, WLOTA 1454, WFF LAFF-047, Grid Loc. IQ50). JX5O will be a group callsign used during the Jan Mayen International DXpedition scheduled for 6-14th of July 2011.
Operators include Stan SQ8X (team leader), Vicky SV2KBS/LA7VPA, Bernhard HB9ASZ, Leszek NI1L, Bjorn SM0MDG, Tom SQ9C, Pete SQ9DIE and Jon TF3ZA.The DXpedition will focus on 30-6 metres, and their main modes will be CW and RTTY/PSK, with some SSB if conditions are good enough to operate as much as they wish to. QSL direct to QSL SQ8X, or use the OQRS.
Website: janmayen2011.org/
[SOURCE: dx-world.net via ICPO]


TF - Iceland - 07.03.11

G4ODA wrote: "I’m pleased to be able to report that Paul, G1GSN, and I are returning to Iceland this year. We had hoped to be there in June but because of issues with the ferry (beyond our control) that did not prove possible so now we will be there in August. As always this is to be a holiday with radio rather than an expedition so we will not be spending all of the time on the radio.  On previous trips we have taken our tents leaving a lot of room in the Land Rover for radio. This time however we will be going in my new camping vehicle (see photo) which will be used for sleeping/cooking and as the shack so we will take less radios this time. In addition the roof rack is smaller than on my other Land Rover which affects the length of aerials and poles that can be carried. The plan is to be QRV on 50MHz, 144MHZ and (thanks to Icelandic Authorities kindly issuing to me a 4m permit) 70MHz. Given the time of year when we will be there and the number of contacts made on 6m on previous trips the main effort will be on 2 and 4m.
[SOURCE: www.g4siv.com & G1ZJP via MMMonVHF]

TI - Costa Rica - 07.03.11

Greetings, I will be operating from Costa Rica 10-17 July 2011 as TI. My location will be in the northwest part of the country near the city of Liberia in the Guanacaste region. I will be on vacation with friends so this will be a "holiday-style" operation with operating mostly taking place in the late afternoon local time.
I will be operating SSB only 10m-20m and possibly 6m if conditions permit using 100w and a Buddipole. QSL via my home call.

V3 - Belize - 07.01.11

Colin, KU5B, will once again be active from Placencia (WW Loc. EK56TM), Belize, as V31UB from 5-10 August 2011, including an entry in the North American CW QSO Party (6-7 August). QRV on 80-6m, 160m possible; SSB CW and digital modes. QSL via LoTW or direct to KU5B.


VK9L - Lord Howe Island - 07.04.11

Members of the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia will activate Lord Howe Island (OC-004) as VK9HR between July 23rd and August 2nd. Activity will be for ten days with an inter-national team of ten operators operating CW, SSB and RTTY, and on 160-6 meters. Operators mentioned are Tommy/VK2IR (Team Leader), John/VK3YP, Peter/VK2NN, Raffy/VK2RF, Bruce/VK2KLM, Ed/VK2ARE, Don/N4HH, Alex/OZ7AM, Les/W2LK and Saul/K2XA. QSL via EB7DX. The operation's Web site is http://www.vk9hr.com
[SOURCE: ICPO #1017]

ZD8 - Ascension Is. (Update) - 07.04.11

German operators Wolf/DK1IP, Rainer/DL7OR, Gerd/DJ4KW, Arno/DL1CW and Werner/DJ9KH were expected to be active as ZD8D from Garden Cottage, Ascension Island (AF-003), between July 24th and August 9th (see OPDX.1009), but have now push their operation back until possibly October. The delay is due to heavy rainfalls in late April which damaged the street to Garden Cottage (their planned operating site). They have changed their plans and will now use a guesthouse in Georgetown which they state "is not ideal. We have to rely on our fiber-glass poles, as there are no trees etc... We are afraid, that we will be
handicapped on 160 and 80m, but we will do our best, of course." For updates, visit their Web page at: http://www.zd8d.de/index.php?home
[SOURCE: ICPO #1017]





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