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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Apr. 19-25, 2011


Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Apr. 18 - Afternoon - TEP: EA - TJ, TR8, CE6/b, 9Q/b. Evening - TEP: EA/SV - TR/b, 9Q/b, ZD8/b.

Apr. 19 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, PY. Evening - TEP: EA/CT/SV: PY, LU, CX, CE,TJ.

Apr. 20 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, TR/b. South Italy: D4/b, CE8/7b. Evening - TEP: South Italy: PY. EA/CT: CE, LU, PY.

Apr. 21 - Afternoon - TEP: V5/HB9PHJ, D4/b, 9J2BO, 5V7CC. Evening - TEP: PY. EA/CT: LU, PY.

Apr. 22 - Afternoon - TEP: V5/HB9PHJ. South Italy: 9J2BO. North Est Italy: D44TD, C5YK Evening - TEP: South Med. : PY.

Apr. 23 - Afternoon - TEP: South Italy: V51W, V51/HB9PHJ, 9J2BO, ZS6/b, Z2/b. ES: I8/IT9-EA-CT. Evening - TEP: South Med.: 5V7CC, D4/b, 9Q/b, TR/b.

Apr. 24 - Afternoon - TEP: V51/HB9PHJ, 9J2BO. South Italy: FR1GZ, Z2/b. Evening - TEP: South Med.: 5V7CC, D44TD, TR8CA, PY, 9Q/b.


DX News about: 9J, G, GM, I, K, MM, T8, XE, ZA, VE.


9J - Zambia - 4.19.11


Chris, ZS6RI will be active from Zambia as 9J2RI for a year or two on a 6 week on / 6 week off work schedule, ie – he’ll be in Zambia for six weeks, then home to South Africa for 6 weeks.
LOTW will be uploaded at least once every 6 week rotation, and probably even weekly. Buro cards will be sent annually.
[SOURCE: ZS6RI in dx-world.net]


G - England - 4.22.11

Tom, M1EYP, will be active on 26 April 2011 (1900z-2130z) as homecall/p from The Cloud (SOTA G/SP-015, 343m, 1 point, WW Loc. IO83WE), Southern Pennines region, England (IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841). QRV 50 MHz only, using CW, SSB and FM modes. QSL via home call, bureau or direct.
[SOURCE: SOTA Alert via ICPO Bulletin]

GM - Schotland - 4.22.11

Members of the Camb-Hams will be activating the Isle of Arran (EU-123) between May 1-8th. They will be operating as GS3PYE/P and GS6PYE/P. Activity will be on all bands 160-2 meters, and 70cm via satellites. For VHF, the island lies in IO75. More information is available at:
On Twitter at: http://twitter.com/g3pye
On Facebook at:  http://facebook.com/ArranDX
[SOURCE: OPDX #1008]


HB0 - Liechtenstein - 4.22.11

Operators Tony/IZ3ESV, Gabriele/I2VGW and Andrea/ IZ2LSC will be active as HB0/homecall between June 2-5th. The trio is planning a micro-light and holiday-style operation using CW, SSB and RTTY. The main focus will be on the 30/17/12 meters and the upper HF bands depending on the propagation. They will also try 6 meters. QSL via their home callsigns.
[SOURCE: OPDX #1008]


I - Italy - 4.20.11

If the weather will permits the crew IT9ZZO, IW9HSK, IT9EJP, will be active from Filicudi Is. (IOTA EU017) from April 22th until April 25th using the prefix ID9/... Activity in all band from 80 to 6m.



MM - Maritime Mobile - 4.25.11


Andy, GM0KZG/MM, is QRV again for Es and MS on 6 m, while on the Minna ("inshore ship") "I am now QRV on 6m from the ship. Running 100w using a 3 ele Eagle 3dx yagi, and the FT847. Some noise problems ? up to S5 at times from the ship?s propulsion system. I have about 270 degrees clear view, apart from the boom of the liferaft crane directly behind my antenna. The LNA is not working just yet, so I might be a bit deaf.
We may be heading out for IO56 today (April 23rd). I hope to use 50.168 ? for SSB and 50.260 for JT6M, during any openings, and will be QRV evenings after 1600 utc, with possibly some times in the afternoons at the weekends.


K - USA - 4.22.11

Andrew, KD5ZZK, will be active on 26 April 2011 as homecall/p from Magazine Mountain (SOTA W5/MA-001, 839m, 2 points, WW Loc. EM35EE), Ozark National Forest State Park, Logan County, State of Arkansas. He will be QRV on 14.285 USB, 50.125 USB and 144.200 USB, starting about 1500z. QSL via home call, bureau or direct.
[SOURCE: N8OFS via ICPO Bulletin]


OJ0 - Market Reef - 4.22.11


Operators Dervin/PD9DX, Marc/ON8AK and Max/ON5UR will be active as OJ0UR from Market Reef (EU-053, ARLHS MAR-001, TWLHD WLH OJ0-001, WLOTA LH-0542 and Admiralty C4472) between August 13-20th.
Activity will be on the HF bands using a Stepp-IR Big Vertical and a Stepp-IR 2 element beam. QSL via M0URX, direct (w/SAE plus 1 IRC/2 USDs), by the Bureau, or LoTW. Alternatively, QSLs may be requested using M0URX's OQRS form at:    http://www.m0urx.com/qsl-request-form
For more info, visit their Web page at: http://www.united-radio.be/index.html


T8 - Palau - 4.22.11

Look for Masa, JH4VUC, to be active as T88VU from the Palau Islands (IOTA OC-009, Grid Loc. PJ77) on 23-25 April 2011. QRV on 40, 15, 10 and 6 metres, 500W SSB only. QSL via home call. [SOURCE: ICPO Bulletin]
[SOURCE: OPDX #1008]


V5 - Namibia - 4.22.11


HB9PHJ, Hanspeter (well knowed as John) is active from Namibia on HF and 6m band. His signal it's quiete strong, every day, via TEP on southern Mediterranean area.

[SOURCE: IK0FTA, Sixitalia]


V5 - Namibia - 4.25.11


Dear Friends
On May 1 I'm travelling to Namibia to activate a 6m EME station for 2 weeks, Martin V51W is living in Namibia and operate a top class HF station, now he is expanding his operation to EME and he will start with the "Magic Band", Hanspeter HB9PHJ travel 2 weeks ago to finish the Antenna setup, now we have a 2 antennas M2 6M7 with 7 elements already installed, first E-sporadic and tropo contacts was done during last days, power will be a 400W SSPA amplifier, no preamp, no elevation but we can move manually the array to any elevation and fix that position for some skeds.
V55EME operate in a very wild area in Namibia, the place is far away from any town, internet access is very restrictive and we will not operate with loggers but we will able to update one time each 2 days our log via Moon-Net GG. I will be the operator (V5/HB9DRI) and my main job will be to teach Martin how to operate JT on 6m, he lives in Namibia means this will be a initial operation and he will remain operating regular from his place. Later a preamp and EL will be added.
I invite the 6m enthusiastic guys to contact me and pre-organize some skeds, frequency operation etc. We need as much as possible 6m EME stations on the air.


The station in Namibia will be:
Call sign : V55EME
Grid: JG88cp
Operators: V51W (Martin), V5/HB9PHJ (Hanspeter), V5/HB9DRI (Alex)
antenna: 2 x M2 6M7 (e el each)
power: 400W SSPA
Radio: Icom 7800
preamp: NO
Internet Access: NO
PC Time sync: YES; via GPS receiver
mode:JT65A , TX first
Updates: one time each two days via Moon-net GG telephone contacts only to fix skeds: +264 64 57 07 95 (not always available) /Martin Walters

Looking forward for and EME contact with you. 73 de Alex, HB9DRI coordinator/operator V55EME.
[SOURCE: HB9DRI, via MMMonVHF and via MoonNet]


VE - Canada - 4.25.11


Further to my earlier announcement re: VO1TTT/m, (note:see Sixitalia w.b April 12-18) I have decided to use 50.177.7MHz for CW/SSB operations where possible. (barring QRM, hi!) I will run a beacon when possible. Strictly holiday style. This is not a dedicated expedition. Cheers, Mike VE9AA / VO1TTT/m!

[SOURCE: UKSMG announcement page]


XE - Mexico - 4.2.11

A group of enthusiastic Mexican ham radio operators, Ismael XE1AY, Gustavo XE1KKK, Francisco Javier XE1P, Ricardo XE1RZL, Ricardo Raymundo XE1SOV, Fernando XE1VGC, Jose XE1UYU, Martin XE1UZH, Modesto XE1UZU, Juan Manuel XE2IA, Jose XE2IVG and Ricardo XE3NMC will be active from Isla de Lobos (IOTA NA-221, WW Loc. EL11JK), Veracruz State, between 29th April and 1st May 2011. They will also activate the Lobos Island lighthouse (ARLHS MEX-035, TWLHD WLH XE-016, WLOTA 0920). QRV on all HF bands, plus 6 metres and AO27, AO51 and SO50 Satellites. Modes: CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via XE1AY.

Website: xf2p.puebladx.org/XF2P/Bienvenida.html
[SOURCE: ICPO Bulletin]

ZA - Albania - 4.19.11

Mitko, LZ1UQ and Andy, LZ2HM will be active on all HF bands + 6 mtr as ZA/LZ1UQ and ZA/LZ2HM – CW, SSB, RTTY between April 26 to May 5, 2011. QSL via QRZ.com
[SOURCE: LZ1UQ in dx-world.net]



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