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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Mar. 23-29, 2011


Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Mar. 22 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, V5, Z2/B, ZD7/b. South Med.: TR. Evening/Night - TEP: South Italy: V5. South Med also: ZD7/b, 9Q/b, ZD8/b, TR/b.

Mar. 23 - Afternoon - TEP: ZS6, Z2/B. South Med.: TR. Evening/Night - TEP: V51YJ, D2CQ, 9Q/b, ZD8/b, TR/b.

Mar. 24 - Evening/Night - TEP: South Italy/Med. TZ6TR, D2CQ, 9Q/b, ZD8/b, TR/b.

Mar. 25 - Afternoon/Evening - TEP: South Italy. V51YJ, D2CQ, 9Q/b, ZD8/b, ZD7/b, TR/b. CT/EA also PY, CX, LU.

Mar. 26 - Afternoon - TEP: V51YJ. South Italy: 9Q/b, ZD8/b, TR8CA. Evening: TEP: 9Q/b, S9/b TR/b.

Mar. 27 - Afternoon - TEP: V5, TR8, 9Q/b, Z2/b. Evening: TEP: 9Q/b. South Med. TEP: TZ, ZD8/B, S9/b

Mar. 28 - Afternoon - B/S: SV, IT9, HA, EA. TEP: Afternoon/Evening: ZS6, Z2/b, S9/b, ZD7/b. - FIRST EVER 70 MHz TEP QSO from SV2DCD-ZS6WAB. Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmYZtQifI6M


A92 - Bahrain - 3.26.11

"Due to the deteriorating situation  within  the  Kingdom  of Bahrain", Dave (A92IO/ EI3IO) says, "it is  becoming  incresingly  difficult to travel within the country. Therefore please do not send QSL  requests  to my Bahrain address (PO Box 31183) until further notice. Also please  do  not send to Ireland for the time being. At present all  QSOs  are  confirmed  by ARRL's Logbook of the World for DXCC and by eQSL for WAZ etc. Sending  QSLs via EI3IO through the bureau system (not via the A9  bureau)  is  also  OK". His website is at www.connogue.com/ei3io/html/body_a92io_as002.html
[SOURCE: A92IO/EI3IO via 425DXN #1038]

D2- Angola - 3.26.11

The Algarve STAR DX Team reports that the D2CQ log online has been updated through March 22nd, at: http://algarvedx.com
[SOURCE: OPDX #1004] NOTE ADD BY SIXITALIA: It can contain some qso made on 6m in this month.


GI - Scotland - 3.27.11

Peter M0NED, Steve M6ZIX and Paul 2E0GDD plan to be active as GB1KLD from the isle of Hirta (IOSA OL02, SCOTIA DI23), St. Kilda (IOTA EU-059) between the 31st of May and 3rd of June 2011. They will have 2 stations on 80-6 metres. Some experimental FM on 10m and 6m if conditions are good. Sea conditions on the 50 mile crossing may result in a delay to station setup or extended operting days. QSL via the RSGB bureau. Updates will be on the website: http://stkilda.ukradio.eu/
[SOURCE: rsgbiota.org via ICPO Bulletin on mmmonvhf]


K- USA - 3.23.11


Brockway Mountain Special Event.
Aug 5-Aug 8, 1200Z-1200Z, W8B, Copper Harbor, MI. The Lone Wolfe Pack High Frequency Amateur Radio Society. 50.125USB. QSL. John Ponchaud, 325 Carpenter Road, Crystal Falls, MI 49920. Near Copper Harbor, Michigan, Grid Square EN67. Will be operating 160 meters through 440 MHz all modes.
SASE for QSL appreciated. Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot, abilitare Javascript per vederlo


P29 - Papua New Guinea - 3.26.11

The itinerary for the forthcoming activities from  five Papua New Guinea IOTA groups [425DXN 1027] is confirmed to be as follows:
2-7 April    P29VCX  Feni Islands    (OC-101)  QSL via SM6CVX
8-14 April   P29NI   Nuguria Islands (OC-257)  QSL via G3KHZ
15-18 April  P29VLR  Green Islands   (OC-231)  QSL via SM6CVX
22-25 April  P29VCX  Misima Island   (OC-117)  QSL via SM6CVX
26-27 April  P29VCX  Loloata Island  (OC-240)  QSL via SM6CVX

Anyone with information about good propagation to this area, or any Needs  for band/modes can write before 26 of March to sm6cvx[@]hjelmstrom.se.
The  website for the expedition is at www.p29ni.weebly.com
[SOURCE: SM6CVX via 425DXN #1038]

ST0 - Southern Sudan - 26.3.11

Antonio, EA5RM reports that "after a long way, a lot of hard work and several successful meetings with Southern Sudan  Government officials of various  Ministries", the first amateur radio license was issued by the new government on 18 March.  "Our DXpedition will start on July 9th from Juba so please stay tuned". Bookmark www.dxfriends.com/SouthernSudan2011/ for updates.
[SOURCE: 425DXN #1038]

TA - Turkey - 3.26.11

Members of the Turkish group called TCSWAT (Special Wireless Activity Team) and the Giresun Radio Amateurs and Nature Sports Club (GITRAD) are proud to announce that they will activate TC7TC from Tirebolu Castle and Lighthouse between March 25-27th.  This is the first time that this lighthouse will be activated. Activity will be on the HF/VHF/UHF bands and is also good for the EBLOTA Award: http://www.tcswat.org/awards/EBLOTA/index.html QSL via the TA Bureau or direct to YM7KK GITRAD. For more info, go to the QRZ.com Web page or TCSWAT Web page at: http://www.tcswat.org
[SOURCE: OPDX #1004]

VP8 - Antartica - 3.27.11

I am THRILLED to announce that VP8DMH is finally QRV and has a GREAT signal tonight! I completed with him at 0202Z on March 19, 2011 when his antenna was elevated and the moon was over 18 degrees high over his mountains.  His 73 peaked -20 dB in the speaker here on JT65A mode.  Mike was my 6m DXCC #165 (#114 via 6m EME). He also worked W1JJ, K2ZD, W7MEM and is still going strong working people as I write this.  Degradation is -1.1 and Kp is 0.7 ... 6m EME CNDX this weekend simply could not be any better ;-) Mike is using a K3 with PR6 preamp M2 6M8GJ yagi (with manual aiming in az and el), and an ACOM 1000 amp is email is good on QRZ.com and he is on the ON4KST EME chat when QRV PSE QSL via G0VGS and send any contributions for the 6M8GJ yagi to G8BCG, who paid for the antenna and shipping himself. GL and VY 73
[SOURCE: Lance, W7GJ via mmmonvhf]

VK Australia - 3.26.11

The VK7DI operation from Deal Island (OC-195) [425DXN 1035] has been delayed, as gale force winds prevented the team from  sailing.
Now they hope to depart around 18 UTC on 25 March, and to be QRV on the 28th. QSL via VK3DQ.
[SOURCE: Dx World via 425DXN #1038]

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