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Raccolta delle News edite nel Mese di Settembre 2009.
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JD_O - Ogasawara
JD1BLP (QSL via JO2JDJ) and JD1BLY (QSL  via  JI5RPT)  will
be active from Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara on  19-22  September.
they plan to operate on 40-6 metres  CW,  SSB  and  digital  modes.
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #958]

Wyoming on EME.
Another WYOMING DXpedition on 6m EME during optimum EME cndx!
KB7Q will be doing a quick ultra-lite 6 meter EME Dxpedition to
Wyoming (DN54fw) up on Beartooth Pass before the snow flies Sept.
15 only. Gene plans to be on the moon from 0915 utc - 2330 utc.
Frequency: 50.200 Mhz, JT65a, second sequence. Gene will not have
Internet access, but will look for stations on and above his
frequency. Equipment: 6M7JHV Yagi w/ elevation,  800 watts, K3
w/pre-amp. Gene can be reached before the trip at geneshea"at"
MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-09-11]

St. George Isl. Florida - EL79pr
The XYL and I are planning a motor home trip to St. George Island
FLorida EL79pr. Arriving Sept 11 and departing Sept 16. There is a
stand of trees south of where we will be, so I am not sure what
elevation will be needed to clear them. I would guess 20 degrees.
I will be QRV on 6 meters with ~300 watts and a 6M5X antenna.
Elevation will be manual by tilting the tripod. This is the same
brick and antenna used during K5N on EL58.
The call will be wa4ewv/4 73, and GL Al WA4EWV
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-09-11]

S79MI - Seychelles
Mauro, HB9ENI will be active as S79MI from Praslin Island (AF-024)
Seychelles on 21-26 October, CQ WW DX SSB Contest included. He
plans to operate SSB and RTTY on the HF bands and 6 metres. QSL
via home call, direct or bureau. He Will upload his log to LoTW.
SOURCE: [TNX HB9ENI] via 425 DX News #957

T61AA on EME
T61AA in MM21eo active on 6m now! Ross had a FB -25 dB signal tonight and we completed at 0520Z during his moonset. He seems to have a good ground gain lobe up around 18 degrees elevation...I went back to bed before the moon got down low enough for him to see where the lower lobe was. He seems to be hearing well though and has a good quiet location where he is now. He is using a 4 element yagi and 600w. Degradation was -4.3 dB tonight. He hopes to be active on his moonrise and moonsets next week when cndx are 3 dB better. PSE email
him for skeds! I think next month he will be gone from this grid, and may be back in a noisy location again. So take advantage of the FB EME cndx next week while he is QRV! GL and VY 73, Lance W7GJ

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