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A 50 and 70 MHz dual band Homebrew RTX!

by IK0VAQ, Alessandro



Alessandro IK0VAQ presents an homebrew dual band transceiver based on the wonderful Pic A Star project by Peter G3XJP, published on Radcom, the monthly journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), between August 2002 and March 2004 from 2002 and 2003. Alessandro has adapted the original design to work only on the 4 and 6 meters bands. The transceiver uses the DDS technology to manage the VFO with the AD9951 chip clocked at 400 MHz and the DSP to have all the signal and functions features, with the ADSP2181 processor. All the transceiver processes are managed by PIC microcontrollers or the PC. Following the main characteristics:


- 48-55 MHz and 69-75 MHz working frequency

- High dynamic range from a high level mixer and front end

- Low noise RX from E-Phent technology RF amp

- Dual conversion, first to 9 MHz and second to 15 KHz

- Variable BW filters for RX and TX on SSB and CW

- RIT, XIT and split operation

- Iambic keyer

- Noise reduction

- Noise blanker

- Manual and auto notch

- RF compressor

- Vox and noise gate

- RX & TX equalizer

- Stereo effect on receiving AF

- 20W output power on 6 and 4 meters

- Time delay external PA switching

- PC control and parameters monitoring




The transceiver is full homebrew, including the PCB’s and the external case. Thanks to Peter G3XJP for the Pic A Star design and Duncan G4ELJ, Rob IZ4BEH, Alex IK6FWK and Steve IK6EIW  for a big help and suggestions during the transceiver construction. Like all homebrew radio projects, this transceiver is always “under construction” so, many further improvements are in progress as the final documentation.

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