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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Sep. 27 Oct. 3, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Sep. 26 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, TR8CA, ZS6. Evening - TEP: ZD8/b, ZD7b. NOTE: North EU had AURORA.

Sep. 27 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, ZS6, D4/b. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, ZD7b (South Italy).

Sep. 28 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, S9/b, ZS6. Evening - TEP: ZD7b.

Sep. 29 - Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, D4/b, Z2/B, ZS6. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b, D4b, TR8.

Sep. 30- Afternoon - TEP: 5N7M, ZS6, V51KC, TR8CA, Z22JE, FR1GZ, D4/b . Evening - TEP: ZS6, Z2, PY, 5B4, ZD7/b, D4b.

Oct. 1 - Afternoon - TEP: TJ3AY, D4/b, ZS6, V5. Evening - TEP: TJ3AY, ZS6 , 9Q/b + PY (South Italy).

Oct. 2 - Afternoon - TEP: CX9AU (IT9 area). 5N7M, C5YK, TJ3AY, D4/b. Evening - TEP: 9Q/b.


DX News about: 3D, 6O, HK0, HL, K, KH0, PJ2, VK0.


3D - Fiji - 09.30.11


Seb, F8IJV, is making plans to be in Fiji during October 2011 (dates are not final yet). Activity will be limited to his free time (this will
not be a DXpedition). He has received his license and will use the callsign 3D2JV. Seb will be active from the QTH of Tony, 3D2AG, located in the capital city of Suva, on the island of Viti Levu (OC-016, WLOTA L-0055, Grid Loc. RH91), Fiji. He plans to be QRV on 160-6 metres, mainly on SSB and FM on 10 metres, and possibly some Digital modes. Seb also plans to participate to the 2011 CQWW DX SSB Contest (29-30 October) while there. If it is possible he may go to Rotuma (OC-060) by plane, if it is not too expensive. He would like to operate a few days from there. The equipment to be used will be an Yaesu FT-450, 5 band Spiderbeam, and three vertical antennas for the 160/80/40 metre bands (possibly a K9AY for reception). QSL via his home callsign, direct or bureau.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin via ICPO]


6O - Somalia - 09.30.11


Michael, PA5M will once again be active as 6O0M from Somalia between 2-4 October, 2011. QSL via PA7FM, direct preferred. Information on previous 6O0M activity can be found at: www.6o0m.pa7fm.nl/

[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


HK0 – San Andres Island - 09.27.11

Daniel, DL5YMM be active as HK0/DL5YWM from San Andres island NA-033 between 5 to 13 October, 2011.
Look for him on CW/SSB from 6 to 40m.
A detour to Providencia NA-049 will decided “last minute”.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


HL - Rep. Korea - 09.29.11


Operators HL1BDH, HL1LUA, HL2FDW, HL1QAR, HL2UVH, HL1VXQ, DS1IYZ, DS4EOI, DS1RRF, DS1RVQ, DS1SJV, 6K2EJJ and HL2/F4AAR will be active as HL0V from Anmyon Island (IOTA AS-080, WW Loc. PM36EJ, KDN F26) on 1-3 October, 2011. QRV on 160m-10m, 6m and 2m, using CW, SSB, RTTY(DIGI) and FM. Beverage for 160m RX, Vertical for 160m TX and 80m, Dipole for 80m and 40m, 3el. Wire Yagi for 30m, 17m and 12m, 4el. Wire Yagi for 20m, 15m and 10m, 6el. Quad for 6m and 7el.*2 for 2m. QSL via HL2UVH. Further information on their website at: www.qrz.com/db/HL0V

[SOURCE: dx-world.net via ICPO]


K - U.S.A. 10.02.11

Members of the Kennehoochee ARC (W4BTI) will be active as K4L from St George Island (NA-085) and lighthouse on 5-9 October. They plan to operate CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY on 160-6 metres. An OQRS  will be activated at the conclusion of the operation (details on  qrz.com).
Traditional direct requests should be sent to The Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club, P.O.Box 1245, Marietta, GA 30060, USA.
[SOURCE: 425dxn]

KH0 - Mariana Is. - 10.03.11


AH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. Kan, AB2RF/JJ2RCJ, will be active as AH0/AB2RF from the Saipan Rental Shack on Northern Mariana Island (OC-086) between November 2-5th. Activity will be focused on the low bands, RTTY and PSK. QSL via JJ2RCJ, direct or by the Bureau or LoTW. For more details about the Saipan Rental Shack, see the following Web page at: http://saipan.rental-shack.com/english/index.html


PJ2 - Curacao - 09.29.11


Andy, DK5ON (EPC #11731, DMC #03870), will be active as PJ2/DK5ON from the island of Curacao (IOTA SA-099, WLOTA 0942, Grid Loc. FK52) from 12-30 March, 2012. Plans are to be QRV on 40-6m SSB, RTTY, PSK and CW. Andy will be using TS 480 SAT at 100W, 10/15/20/40 Dipole + WARC 12/17, +Buddipole,+Buddystick, +Long Wire. QSL via home call, driect or bureau. No eQSL! Website: www.qrz.com/db/DK5ON

[SOURCE: dx-world.net via ICPO]


VK0 – Macquarie Island - 09.27.11

Trevor, VK8TH is now active (PSK31 so far) from the ham shack on Macquarie island as VK0TH.
QRV 80 – 6m using a Yaesu FT-897 and 5 band vertical / 40m dipole.
QSL via JE1LET (Direct only)
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


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