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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Aug. 16-22, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Aug. 15 - Evening - ES: CT.

Aug. 16 - Morning - ES: G, OZ. Afternoon - ES: G, F. Evening - ES: CT.

Aug. 17 - Afternoon - ES: G, EA. ESmh: EA8.

Aug. 18 - Morning - ES: OH, HA, UT, LZ, EA, DL, Z3, OZ, F, G. Afternoon - ES: G, F, DL, HA. Evening - ES: LA, OH, SM, DL, YL, G.

Aug. 19 - Morning - ES: SV, EA, F, G. Afternoon - ES: G, EI, ON, PA, F, DL, LA,OH, OZ, YL, SM, UT, LZ, YO, ER. Evening - ES: G, ON, PA, DL.

Aug. 20 - Morning - ES: UT, YO, LZ, HA, OM, OK, SP, DL. LA. ESmh: UN. Afternoon - ES: OZ, EA, G, EI, OY, ON, PA, UT, YO, LZ. ESmh: UN. Evening - ES: OE, SP, DL, ON, PA, EA, G.

Aug. 21 - Morning - ES: UT, YO, CT, SV, TA, LZ, DL, OM, OK. Afternoon - ES: TA, SV, SP, 5B, OE, 9H. ESmh: CU.


DX News about: E5, CN, K, KH0, LA, LU, V3, VK.


E5 - South Cook - 08.19.11

Bruce, ZL1AAO, plans to be active holiday style as E51AAO from the island of Rarotonga (IOTA OC-013), South Cook Islands, from 19-28th August 2011.
The property he will be staying at is located on Muri beach, a popular resort area. QRV on the HF bands when time permits - tourist activities come first.. QSL via home call.

[SOURCE: OPDX Bulletin via ICPO]


CN - Morocco - 08.22.11

Marko, S55EI, will be active as CN2EI between September 3-20th. Activity will be on mostly on 40/6/2 meters using SSB and PSK31. QSL via his home callsign.


K - U.S.A. - 07.19.11

Just an early heads up that Charlie, K3NXH, will be operating from Kure Beach, North Carolina, Grid FM13 during the September 2011 VHF Contest (10-12 September) on 6 & 2 metres. 5 elements on 6 and 13 on 2 with a Kenwood TS-2000. Also operating from FM14 between 21 August and 23 September (except for contest). QSL via home call.


KH0 – Saipan - 08.16.11

Al W6HGF will be active from the Saipan Rental Shack between September 21 – 30, 2011.
Activity will focus on RTTY, with participation in the CQ WW RTTY contest planned.
QSL via H/c.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


LA - Norway - 08.20.11

LA6Q will activate JP30 on 2 and 6 this weekend. Hope to be QRV some time on saturday, probably until monday morning.
JT6M, 1st, 50.217, no skeds.
FSK441, 1st, 144.365.
2m will be with a very modest setup.
Will be on Shouts if GSM works.
To make it simple, please answer our CQ with report (#2).
[SOURCE: WWW.rudius.net]


LU - Argentina - 08.20.11

The Radio Club Argentino will be active as LR5D from Martin Garcia Island (SA-055) on 18-22 August, including participation in the SARTG WW RTTY Contest (www.sartg.com). Outside the contest expect SSB, CW and FM activity on the HF bands, as well as on 6 and 2 metres and UHF. QSL via LU4AA, direct or bureau.
[SOURCE: LU7ADC via 425dxn]


V3 – Belize - 08.16.11

Norman, 5B4AIF will be active as V31NB from the V31MD shack in Placencia, Belize between December 16th – 27th, 2011.
He will operate on as many bands as possible; SSB only.
QSL via EB7DX.
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


VK - Australia - 08.22.11

The Scout Member Amateur Radio Team (SMART) in the VK6 district has been given the special callsign, VI6CHOGM, to be active between October 28-30th. Activity is to celebrate the "Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting" (CHOGM) in Perth, Western Australia, to discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to agree on collective policies and initiatives. They plan to operate as much as possible from the Peter Hughes Scout Communications Centre in East Cannington, although other clubs may wish to book a period to operate from their club QTH. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using the "World Scout Calling Frequencies", mostly on SSB, as well as PSK31 and SSTV.
There may be some CW. QSL via the Bureau or direct (see QRZ.com). For more details, updates and operating frequencies, see the VI6CHOGM Web page at: http://vi6chogm.com


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