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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; July 5 - 11, 2011

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Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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July 4 - Morning - ES: ER, HA, YO, EA, CT, G, F. Afternoon - ES: G, EA, I-I. ESmh: PJ6. Evening - ES: EA, CT.

July 5 - Morning - ES: G, CY. ESmh: PJ6.

July 6 - Morning - ES: 5B, 4X, SV, TA, G. ESmh: VU. Afternoon - ES: HB9, HB0, DL, OZ, EA, CT, 7X,  LY, SM, OH, CN8, 4X. ESmh: EA8, K Evening - ES: SM, OH, LA, DL, G, YL, ES, LY OY.

July 7 - Morning - ES: SV, UT, HA, OK, DL, LZ, ON, CT, EA, SV, 4X, . ESmh: A4, 4S, S2, CU. Afternoon - ES: LZ, CT, EA, G, EI, DL. SP, F, ZB, LA, C3, 3A, 4X, 7X, TA. ESmh: A4, CU, K, VE. Evening - ES: EA, CT, G, YL, LY, ES, SP. ESmh: K, VE.

July 8 - Morning - ES: UT, 5B4, JY, 4X, LA, G, LZ, EA, CT, ZB. ESmh: A6, A7, 4S. Afternoon - ES: CT, EA, G, F, OH, LA, 3A, UT, ER. ESmh: K, VE, A9, A6,. Evening - ES: YL, SP. ESmh: K.

July 9 - Morning - ES: 5B, 4X, SV, UT, EA, CT, PA, ZB, CN. Afternoon - ES: CT, EA, SV, 4X. ESmh: A6, A9, K (South Italy).

July 10 - Morning - ES: 5B, SV, YL. Afternoon - ES: DL, SM, LA, OH, SV, SP, HB9, PA, GI, EA., CT, I-I, CN8, OZ, HA, 9H. Evening ES: SP., G, DL. ESmh: PY, YV (central Italy).


DX News about: CO, ct, JT, EI, K, LA, OZ, PJ6, TI, V4, XE, YV, ZD8, ZF.


CO - CUBA - 07.09.11

Radio Club Las Tunas will participate in the CQ WW VHF Contest (16-17 July) as T48K, on 6 and 2 metres, from Grid  Square FL10mw. QSL via DK1WI.
[SOURCE: CO8ZZ via 425DXN #1053]


CT - Portugal - 07.11.11

Members of the Algarve STAR DX Team will be active as CQ73O between July 11-17th during the Faro International Moto Meeting.
Activity will be on all bands and modes. Operators mentioned are Luis/CT1CQK, Jose/CT1EHX, Toze/CT1GFK, Mike/CT1IUA, Anderson/CT2IUK, Lili/ CT2KAL and Pedro/CR7ABW. QSL via CT1EHX. For more info, pictures and online log, go to:

[SOURCE: OPDX #1018]


EI - ireland - 07.11.11

Members of the Galway Radio Experimenters Club (EI4GRC) and the Shannon Basin Radio Club (EI2SBC) will be on air from Inishbofin Island (EU-121) for the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Multi-Op/Mixed-Mode/Low-Power entry using the callsign EJ3Z. This is their second year of joining forces for this contest. Inishbofin is a small island 9km off the west coast (53.37 North - 10.14 West). On the days leading up to the contest, members will be active using their own callsigns on HF and VHF; also watch out for EJ4GRC. Inishbofin Grid Sq. is IO43VO. Operators mentioned are Pat/I9HX, Niall/EI4CF, Anthony/EI6GGB, Mike/EI2EO, Tony/EI3HA, Fergus/EI6IB, Ronan/EI8IH, Brian/EI8IU, Mark/EI6JK, Des/EI5GT, Tom/EI3ER, Adrian/EI7DMB, Michael/EI4AL and Enda/EI2II. For more information on the island, see:

[SOURCE: OPDX #1018]


JT – Mongolia - 07.07.11

Yuri, A65CA wrote ": Look for Alex UA9YAB July 8th to 18th as JT0YAB. All modes CW/SSB/DIGI all bands HF/50/VHF, focus on 2m (9el yagi). JT0YAB beacon 144.500 MHz. Possibly will attempt on 6m JT65 EME. QSL info at qrz.com"
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


K - U.S.A.- 07.05.11


K7XC will be active in his next 6M KW Rover trip startig arounf the last 10 days of july.
I think to will have stops in CM86, CN71, CN72, CN81, CN83, DN03, DN04, DN23, DN34, & DN54 squares.
[SOURCE:50mhz reflector]


LA - Norge - 07.08.11

Helge, LA1QDA will be active from Sotra Island [Store Sotra] (IOTA EU-055, WW Loc. JP20MH) on 11-31 July 2011. He plans to be QRV on 80-6 metres, mainly SSB and CW. QSL via his home call, direct or by the bureau.
[SOURCE: rsgbiota.org via ICPO]

OZ - Denmark - 07.09.11

Chris, DL4FO will be active as OZ/DL4FO from Tuno Island (EU-172) on 17-29 July. He will operate mainly CW on the HF bands  and 6 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
[SOURCE: rsgbiota.org via 425DXN #1053


PJ5 – Sint Eustatius - 07.09.11

Gerd DL7VOG wrote: "From the middle of November until beginning of December, I will be QRV from Sint Eustatius Island for about three weeks. I will also take part in CQWW CW contest.
Like always, I will use an IC-706MK2G (this time with FET-PA) into an HF9VX for 80-6m and Inverted-L (15m fiberglass pole) for 160m. Preferred modes: CW and RTTY. But, I will carry a microphone for “emergency cases”… If you need SSB let me know."
[SOURCE: dx-world.net]


TI - COSTA rica - 07.08.11

David, K2DBK, will be operating holiday style from the northwest part of Costa Rica, near the city of Liberia, in Guanacaste Province (Grid Loc. EK70). Look for him to be QRV as TI7/K2DBK, in the late afternoon local time, operating SSB only on 20-10m and possibly 6m if conditions permit using 100w and a Buddipole. QSL via home call.


V4 -St. Kitts - 07.08.11

John, W5JON (V47JA) and xyl Cathy, W5HAM (V47HAM) will once again be active from their Calypso Bay, island of St. Kitts (IOTA NA-104), hillside vacation home (WW Loc. FK87PG) between 12 July and 2 August 2011. Plans are to be QRV on 80-6 metre SSB, including both CQWW VHF Contest and RSGB IOTA (SSB) Contest. Equipment will be: Kenwood TS-590S, Yaesu FT-857D, KL-400 Amplifier (400 Watts) and 80-10m Multiband Dipole, and S9 Vertical; 6m - 3el Yagi. QSL both V47JA and V47HAM via W5JON (QRZ.com).

XE - Mexico - 07.08.11

Andrea, IZ2LSC will be active holiday style from Mexico between 26th of July and 8th of August 2011, using the callsign XE3/IZ2LSC. Plans are to be QRV on on 30-6m CW, SSB, Digital modes. QSL via EB7DX direct, or via IZ2LSC burau and LoTW.
[SOURCE: AT International via ICPO]


XE - Mexico - 07.08.11

Look for Andrea, IZ2LSC, to be active from Isla Mujeres (IOTA NA-045, WFF XEFF-020, WLOTA 1716, Grid Loc. EL61) as XF3/IZ2LSC from 9-14th of August 2011. He plans to be QRV on 30-6m CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via EB7DX direct, or via IZ2LSC bureau and LOTW.
[SOURCE: AT International via ICPO]


YV - Venezuela - 07.09.11

The Grupo DX Caracas will conduct their annual IOTA expedition to celebrate the Venezuelan Navy Day on 13-18 July. This year  a team of 15 operators will be active as YW5LR from Los Roques (SA-035) on all bands and modes. QSL via DM4TI.
[SOURCE: YV5EED via 425DXN #1053]

ZD8 - Ascension Is. - 07.06.11


(Correction). German operators Wolf/DK1IP, Rainer/ DL7OR, Gerd/DJ4KW, Arno/DL1CW and Werner/DJ9KH will be active as ZD8D from Garden Cottage, Ascension Island (AF-003), between July 24th and August 9th (see OPDX.1009). The dates have not been changed as first thought only their location on the island due to the heavy rainfalls in late April which damaged the street to Garden Cottage (their planned operating site). They have changed their plans and will now use a guest-house in Georgetown which they state "is not ideal. We have to rely on our fiberglass poles, as there are no trees etc... We are afraid, that we will be handicapped on 160 and 80m, but we will do our best, of course." For updates, visit their Web page at:


[SOURCE: OPDX #1017.1]


ZF - Cayman Is. - 07.08.11

Bob, W5UQ and Bill, W5SJ will be active from Savannah, Grand Cayman Island (IOTA NA-016, WLOTA 1042, WW Loc. EK99IG) as ZF2UQ and ZF2EZ, respectively, from 11-17th of July 2011. They will be based at the ZF1A club station. Operation will be primarily CW with an emphasis on 6 metres. Bill will operate SO in the CQ WW VHF contest. Bob will be working all other bands, CW and SSB. It is planned to be fun and relaxing - dits, dahs and the beach! QSLs for both to Jay, W5JAY.


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