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SUNDAY 06 FEBRUARY 2011 08:53

9N - Nepal - 02.06.2011 -  Activity on HF and 50 MHz

Operators Dov/4Z4DX/9N7DX and XYL Anat/9N7YL will be active between April 13-30th. Activity will be mainly 20/15/10/6 meters using mostly CW, RTTY and PSK31. Dov is going to organize the big DX-pedition in November 2011, to celebrate his 60 years birthday and 45th anniversary of being on the air. QSL via 4Z4DX. For more
details and updates, see: http://www.mdxc.org/9n7dx/ and also http://www.qrz.co.il/home.php?page=9N7DX
[SOURCE: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #996 via MMMonVHF]


CN8 - Marocco - 02.06.2011 - "NO" AF-068, Activity only from Marrakeck

5C2P - 5C2J - CN8QY are trasmitting only from Marrakech! 2011

Next dxpedition to Marocco from HERNE island iota AF-068 is annulled for a terrible accident with the car! We will active Herne is. AF-68 and CNFF-007 in sept. 2011. Follwing info to http://www.i8lwl.it at the page NEWS. We need supporters and sponsors! For donations send Pay Pall to alddavin"@"tin.it  73
[SOURCE: Fred, IK7JWX via << DCINEWS >> via MMMonVHF]

CY0 - Sable Is. 02.06.11

"Although the two previous attempts to access the island were unsuccessful, the team is  eagerly  looking  forward  to   March anticipating  improved  weather,  propagation  and a  successful landing", Randy, N0TG says. "We are pleased to  note  that  routine supply flights to Sable for the small staff on the island have been successful and on schedule during January. Hopefully, this will be a continuing trend of improved flight conditions as  we count down to an early March operation. Most of the DXpedition equipment and supplies  are stored in the aircraft hanger in Halifax, Canada, ready to be loaded onto the aircraft". Bookmark www.cy0dxpedition.com for updates.

[SOURCE: 425DXN #1031] 


S9 - Sao Tome & Principe - 02.06.2011 - DX Pedition (JI39GX)

Operators Rene DL2JRM, Klaus DK1AX, Ulli DD2ML, Sid DM2AYO, Rolf  DL7VEE, Jurgen DF1AL and Hartmut DM5TI plan to be QRV 4-17 February 2011 as S9DX from Ilhéu das Rolas (IOTA AF-023, WLOTA 1622, WW Loc. JI39GX), located in the Caué District of São Tomé Province They will have two similar stations (K3, 650w) operating 24/7 on all bands/modes 1.8 through 28 MHz (50 MHz). Focus will be on the low bands, on RTTY, SSB and CW. QSL is via DL1RTL, direct only. Further information is expected soon. Website: s9dx.hkmann.de/
[SOURCE: Harry DM5TI via Bill NG3K-DX-News & ICPO on MMMonVHF]


V2 - Antigua - 02.06.11

Dave W9DR (V25DR), Tom W9AEB (V25TP) and Dave K9UK (V25DD) will be active holiday style from Antigua (NA-100) on 14-28 June. Expect V25DR to concentrate on 6 metres SSB and CW (50115  kHz), while V25DD and V25TP will operate SSB, CW and  PSK31 on 80-10  metres.
QSL via home calls. [SOURCE: W9AEB via 425DXN #1031]


XF4 - Revillagigedo Is. - 02.07.11


Santos, EA4AK, sent out a press release announcing a DXpedition to Revillagigedo (XF4) during March. The assigned callsign will be 4A4A. The DXpedition's Web site is: http://www.revillagigedo2011.com
The team leader and DXpedition organizer is Marcos, XE1B, and the QSL Manager is David, EB7DX <see: http://www.eb7dx.com>. Confirmation will only be DIRECT and LoTW. A team of 9 operators will operate from "Isla Socorro" (officially "Benito Juarez" Island) between March 3-20th. The island's reference numbers are: IOTA NA-030, WAZ Zone 6, ITU Zone 10, Grid Locator DK48MS and located -approx- at Longitude 111º West and Latitude 18º 46´ North. Sunrise will be around 1320z and Sunset around
0100z. Currently the team consists of Marcos/XE1B (Team Leader/SSB), Santos/EA4AK (Logistic/SSB), Vicente/EA5AFP (CW), Fernando/EA5FX (CW), Francisco/EA5KM (CW), Javier/EC4DX (SSB), Edu/EA8AUW (SSB/Digi) and Alejandra Ortiz (Geology - Photography). Activity will be on 160-10 meters, possibly 6 meters, using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. They plan to have a CW team and a SSB team operating simultaneously on the air at all times. Yagis will be used for the higher bands and verticals for the lower bands. Efforts are being made to bring some linear amplifiers to the island. Santos, EA4AK, states, "Because propagation conditions are still low or average we must make a special effort to optimize the DX windows. I have prepared some 'propagation movies' (one for each band) for Revillagigedo to help those with less experience estimating the best times/bands to work 4A4A. You can see the movies on my YouTube 'channel' at: http://www.youtube.com/user/EA4AK  "
The press release also mentions: "The licenses and permits for the 4A4A DXpedition have taken long time to obtain due to the complexity of this archipelago. Revillagigedo is a natural reserve, a protected reserve of the biosphere. Only visits or expeditions of scientific nature are permitted by the relevant Mexican authorities (a prestigious Mexican geologist will travel with the team to perform studies of natural life interest while 4A4A is running). Also, it is an emplacement of military interest, and tightly under the control and supervision of military authorities. These two permits from those two mentioned authorities are absolutely necessary before proceeding to request an amateur radio operating license to the telecommunications authorities." This 4A4A DXpedition is exclusively financed by the personal financial effort of the team of operators. The team is looking for some support from sponsors, clubs or other organizations. See the official Web site (provided above) for details on how to help them. Santos, EA4AK, has also provided a few links for interest:
  * A Twitter Page for updates:     https://twitter.com/EA4AK
  * Various maps and images of Isla Socorro, and Revillagigedo, on EA4AK's
    Picassa album:   https://picasaweb.google.com/EA4AK.Santos/4A4AVARIOS#
  * All the JPG images of those propagation movies can be more carefully
    scrutinized at the Picassa album on:



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